Miracle Magic: Standing amongst the Pioneers of Digital Magic in India

Ketan Lotia | Founder | Miracle Magic

Most of us have come across the charming faces in dazzling costumes with plumed turbans and swirling cloaks. These kohl-eyed, awe-inspiring figures attract the audience with their jaw-dropping tricks saying abracadabra. From pulling rabbits from their hats to now being the digital magicians, these professionals have come a long way in exploring various channels.

One such digital illusionist ruling the event management segment is Mr Ketan Lotia. He is spellbinding the entertainment world with his one-of-a-kind venture, Miracle Magic that offers customized magic solutions for corporate events, private parties, weddings, etc. The foundation of this venture is pillared by the consistent efforts of Mr Ketan who acts as the one-man-army converting every challenge into an opportunity.

Whirling the Magical Wand 

Mr Ketan’s performances at birthday parties, small community gatherings, and family functions helped Miracle Magic to embark on a journey showcasing magical enthusiasm. He also did various odd jobs to support his company.

With time, Miracle Magic effectively spread its wings across the magic show circuit and clients started appreciating the sleight of hand and prestidigitation of Mr Ketan. His continuous skill honing unlocked the doors to corporate entertainment, where his magic tricks left small and big crowds awestruck. The company was now on toes with out-of-the-world tricks performed seamlessly by him.

In the meanwhile, Mr Ketan visited Bahrain, Dubai and other Gulf countries, where he gained a two-year experience of performing magic thereby, transforming into a high-skilled professional. Further, he also travelled to Bangkok, Mauritius, and China for entertaining the audience with his fantabulous magical tricks.

Today, Magic Miracles is aligned with many magic clubs and societies in India. Mr Ketan actively attends numerous conferences and conventions of magicians held every year. He is the former President of the oldest magical societies – the Society of Indian Magicians and is recognized as the ‘Best Close-up Magic Performer’ at various competitions held across the country.

Casting the Spells, Rightly

Acknowledging that Digital magic was very popular in the West and there were no professionals to offer this type of entertainment in India, Mr Ketan jumped into this ocean of entertainment with an unwavering will. His commitment to learn, develop, and present vivacious magic tricks to the Indian audience made him a Digital Illusionist in 2010. 

Taking the centre stage without any additional staff and heavy props, today, he performs at various events ranging from top Corporates, Weddings, and Product launches to Family and Social gatherings, etc. across the country. 

Hypnotizing the Challenges

With technology disruption speeding-up, coming up with an engaging mix of technology & magic and exploring new possibilities was nothing less than a plate-full of challenges for Miracle Magic. It had to face difficult times, teething problems, software issues, compatibility, versions, upgrades etc.

However, the never-give-up attitude of Mr Ketan helped the company in optimizing its magical profile. Slowly and steadily, he developed a digital act, where he stands tall as a magical interface between his iPad and the audience.

This digital magic unlocked a whole new avenue for the company. Each Wedding, Social and Community gathering, Corporate conference, Product launch, Interactive session, etc. brought in countless opportunities to flourish and reach the epitome of success. Besides, the challenge to present something new, different, and digital at every event keeps Mr Ketan creatively engaged and be at the helm of Prestidigitation’.

Round of Applause 

Digital Illusions is a new-age genre of magic that is successfully breaking the shackles of traditional magic shows. However, creating a niche in an industry where clients were unaware of Digital or iPad magic was not an easy task for Miracle Magic. They were confused and even hesitated to approach Mr Ketan.

The imperative which added an extra plus to its existence and subtracted this spreading confusion was Mr Ketan’s spectacular videos. Getting up, close, and personal with his clients at every event performance, he offers customised magical solutions especially for product launches, special occasions, anniversaries etc. 

Besides, Magic Miracles also deals with issues concerning expectations v/s delivery. It surpasses these issues by rolling out a special act coming close to the clients’ dream and quenching most of their demands with utmost excellence.

For Mr Ketan, digital magic is all about going beyond the horizons of excitement and consistently strive to deliver the best.

To get charmed with such a magical treat visit www.ketanlotia.com.

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