JobsPikr v3 Launched to Deliver Fresh and Tailored Job Listings by Title, Location and More

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Job feeds based on geographies, job title, job types and set of keywords that get continuously updated with fresh data.

Bengaluru, India, 22/04/2019 – The first version of JobsPikr was launched by PromptCloud in April 2017. It was aimed at helping online job boards, recruitment firms and labor market research firms in accumulating data pertaining to job openings from websites of various companies in a ready-to-use format. Following this, the second version of JobsPikr, was launched after carefully considering improvement suggestions obtained from various early users of the job data delivery platform. This included putting internal data to use and insightful suggestions from communities like ProductHunt and Betalist. Following this release, the third version of the platform, JobsPikr v3 has been launched with a major overhaul in job feed creation, and complete changes in UI/UX. The following sections below, elaborately discuss what is different with this upgrade from the earlier versions.
The present users of JobsPikr operate under domains like software, healthcare, communications, etc. The first iteration of JobsPikr provided a definite number of sites from which users can seek for collecting job data. The second update, job boards from all the geographies were added which gave a huge boost in the data volume. In both of these versions, clients used geography and industry as filters to create job feeds based on sites (both job boards and company sites).
With the launch of JobsPikr V3, clients can now use data fields such as location, job roles, job posting date and keywords to create search queries with an easy-to-use query builder, which is an implicit part of the platform, to acquire job listings data from local and global job boards and portals. Once queries are framed that could sufficiently suffice user requirements, data is made accessible in CSV format for download after the payment is made.
The pricing for the job data extraction services have undergone alterations as well. Four different pricing models have been framed for the users. These plans start from $19 and go up to $999 for enterprise requirements which is dependent on the job listings volume, API-based automated download and latency in data delivery.
About PromptCloud (parent company):
PromptCloud is a Bangalore-based company that specializes in custom and large-scale web data extraction and has been operating for close to 8 years. As a data solutions company, PromptCloud has clients from all over the world. Vertically agnostic, clients include enterprises, start-ups & SMEs from various sectors like E-commerce & Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Marketing & Business Research, Analytics etc.
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