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SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (SQUAD’) is Mumbai’s first dedicated Professional Training Center for Software Testing. It was founded with a mission to provide highly skilled and trained Software Professionals to IT companies.
In the following Interview with Insights Success, Maneesh Jha, Director shares how the team is fine tuning the learners as per the professional needs.
Q#1. Kindly brief us about your company and its initial journey.
SQUAD Infotech is a training and placement company. It was incorporated with a dream to make training easier and approachable while taking care of career of students. Founders of SQUAD are in education field varying from min 15 years to 30+ years of experience. It was impossible but we achieved it, as a company starting with nothing but achieved target of approx 8 corer (a year) in a pre-dominating big brand world with almost a negligible investment of Rs. 1 lac.
Q#2. Brief us about the Founder/CEO and the motivation behind choosing E-learning platform?
Founders of SQUAD are four different thinkers of four different specialization.
Rohit Sharma:- A common person just with huge dreams, a learner, experimentalist and a risk driven person.
Bhupinder Kumar:- A well organized and time dedicated personality with enormous knowledge in software testing field with multiple international certifications.
Ritupanna Mohan:- An exceptionally knowledgeable person in the field of software development / networking with great sense of dedication and an army in himself.
Maneesh Jha: – A world in himself, great leader / motivator and positive person with deadline meeting attitude.
E-learning simply stands for online learning. Today the world is integrating with the technology as it has the solution to almost every problem.
Following are certain points that highlight the motivational factors for SQUAD.

  • Judicious utilization of technology for the betterment of Indian society.
  • Digital India campaign triggered the SQUAD Infotech to integrate technology in educational field.
  • E-learning platform can act as a good interconnect between students and teacher, thus taking a care of best teaching faculty’s availability to each and every student, independent on where (s) he reside.
  • Success stories of many online platforms instigated to come up with new innovative ways to have a better teacher-student connect.
  • Learning gap between rural and urban areas due to unavailability of good teaching resources motivated squad to go online in order to cater their needs.
  • It is predicted that online education system in India will grow by 52% which influenced us to be a part of dynamicity.

Q#3. What are the key points that you consider while developing the E-learning content?
Following are key points from the student’s perspective which are necessary to keep in mind while developing the E- learning content

  • Quality: – SQUAD has ensured that quality of the content will never be compromised while developing the content.
  • Personal attention: – SQUAD takes the care of each and every student’s need by allowing them to ask doubts through doubt on chat module.
  • Optimal length of single lecture:- Over here every chapter is divided into different types and duration of each video has been kept as small as it can be in order to retain the concentration of students towards learning
  • Making students super-ordinate:- SQUAD takes the care of this particular aspect where student can come up with any doubt without revealing his identity to others. This will boost the confidence of students where no doubts will remain unsolved
  • Flexibility:- A dedicated all round video lectures provided by SQUAD will give the flexibility to study according to student’s availability

Q#4. Brief us about the services that the company offers.
SQUAD Infotech acts as an intermediary platform between candidates and corporate world to better connect them according to their respective demands. So, following are the services that we offer in order to support the above mentioned cause.

  • Training in Software Testing, Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Digital Marketing & Spoken English
  • Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) program
  • Placement on IT Job Profiles through SmartHunt4u.com
  • Global Certification Preparation and Exams, such as ISTQB and Oracle.

Q#5. What are the challenges in the Education Sector in India?
Following are certain challenges in Indian education sector

  • Unavailability of good teaching faculty
  • Syllabus of Indian education system is not updated on time.
  • Diversity in syllabus, teaching quality across different educational institute.
  • There is a huge educational gap between urban and rural areas due to indifferent attitude of educational institutes towards rural areas where 70 % of population resides.
  • High fees often act as a barrier for those living under poverty thus leaving many of them out of educational zone.
  • No proper exposure to innovative ideas leading to brain drain
  • Inadequate budgetary support from government.

Q#6. Please share the latest technology that the company is utilizing to offer better learning solutions.
We are using web based open source technologies to offer online contents. SQUAD Infotech believes in basic and advance technology learning methodology. We use LMS (Learning Management System), learning portal like SQUADonline and training delivery through goto-meeting.
Q#7. How does the firm intend to handle its Societal Responsibility? Please mention any special charity or program as such.
For the growth of any business Passion to build a better society act as fuel.
The main aim of the Squad is to be a reason for the success of Indian youths and to be a part of inclusive development. Following are key points that highlights our attitude towards Societal Responsibility
Quality:- Squad ensures that each and every student gets good quality of education material designed by high quality faculties at minimal coast
Scholarship programs:- Our Scholarship programs will create an opportunity to avail best of knowledge at free of cost
Awareness program:- Colleges and underdeveloped districts would be selected to create awareness among youths about importance of education.
Q#8. What would be your advice for the budding start-ups and entrepreneurs in the industry?
Following are certain points which I would like to suggest

  • Focus, Will, Determination & Ability to take Decision
  • Prepare for the best but be ready for the worst.
  • Never forget WHY?
  • Long term planning followed by short terms targets to achieve the final goal
  • Not to be afraid in odd situations, Finance is just one figure, be proactive, team is best asset, who sees the same what you see.

Q#9. Brief us about the company’s future perspectives.
SQUAD Infotech has carried vision to build-up strong technology leadership training delivery in different part of country and outside country. SQUAD Infotech has taken multi-project to start E-SQUAD across country with online learning model to penetrate in tier 2 cities to minimize training cost with world class training quality. Being NSDC partner we have taken our placement number very strong.

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