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Rahul Makhija| Esto Internet

Esto Internet is one of the leading providers of Information Technology services and business solutions. It has a global delivery platform that supports an onsite/offshore model that meets client’s needs 24/7.
Rahul Makhija, Co-Founder at Esto Internet spoke to Insight Success and highlighted some of the trends and strategies they have incorporated in their splendid journey spanning over a decade. 
Kindly brief us about the company – inception and the overall journey to date.
Esto Internet, with its inception in 2009, launched their services in a small town of
Himachal Pradesh. And today after about 9 years, we have operations spread across
India. Both of the founders are very well experienced entrepreneurs in their respective
Field, Mr Manish having experience of over 2 decades in business management, while Mr
Rahul being very well profound in technical aspect with experience of about 12 years in
The same field of computers & IP networks including internet connectivity. Under the
Leadership of the founders, the company has grown to be one of the fastest growing Internet service providers.
Please tell us something about your Founder/CEO and his/her contribution towards the company and the industry.
Mr. Manish Makhija and Rahul Makhija have more than 14 years of experience in this Industry and have seen all small to big changes in this Industry. With their knowledge and experience Esto Internet today has presence all over India now.
Kindly talk about the ISP services and your strengths and capabilities in this domain.
As the name describes, Internet Service Provider, we do not sell anything to the customer. And as an ISP our job is to connect the customers to the Internet and maintain the connection in a layman’s language. But technically there are a lot of things going on in the background to keep that connection up & running. Every single day the technology is also evolving. And that’s where we stand out; we’re very agile in that context. We always ensure that our customers have the best experience possible in terms of available technologies in the market. And as a result of that we’re able to deliver services that are not possible on other networks, at-least for a while, until the rest of the market adopts the latest technology, and in the meanwhile we’re working on the next. For example in the FTTH (Fiber to The Home) is quite new to most of the people in India. Today all ISPs are working on upgrading their network to FTTH, while we’ve started the same process almost 5 Years ago.
What is your viewpoint regarding the present scenario of ISP industry in India?
The ISP industry is going to completely change not too far in the future. Unlike today, internet access will not be limited to Mobile phones & computers only. Recently, there’s been a bump in the Smart TV segment. We’ve indeed already entered into the era of “Internet of Things” where everything including your vehicles (cars, trucks), lights, air conditioners & what not, are connected to the internet. The concept is not that widespread yet, but it won’t take much long to propagate. And then, the bandwidth requirement will multifold in comparison to todays.
And we’re ready to chase that.
Kindly describe in detail about your distinct services and products.
We at Esto, believe that healthy competition is always better for the market overall. Its beneficial for consumers as well as the providers. We believe that Internet, have become an essential part of life and everyone should have access to it. With that vision in mind, we always try to offer our customers with best possible services for cheapest possible price. To let you know, we’ve recently rolled out city wide public WiFi hotspots in Panchkula, Haryana. Where we’ve covered 14 public places of the city including markets, gardens & stadium etc. And we’ve not charged anything neither from the corporation nor from the users. Everything is on us. We always try to come up with as flexible as possible modes of services. Our recently launched prepaid model follows the same footsteps
How the ISP industry has evolved over the last decade? How does the introduction of the internet, broadband, Wi-Fi, etc. has changed the industry?
The evolution is happening at a rapid pace. And a lot have changed over the decade. If we look back exactly 10 years from today, if you wanted a 16Mbps of internet connection, it wasn’t possible. And today after 10 years companies are offering 1Gbps of internet. That is over 62 times faster than that. That’s about wireline broadband. And even in the mobile data industry we were operating on 2G in 2008, which on paper have a maximum speed of 50Kbps. And now after 10 days we’re not far aways from launching 5G, which is capable of providing multiple Gbps of bandwidth to mobile users. And the Internet has not changed any particular industry, but all of them. Internet has played a key role in evolution of the world.
How are you fighting the challenges in terms of emerging market players and competitive costs?
We do not see any Challenges as such In Fact the new requirements are making it more interesting for us. In other words, today, Every Customer has their particular requirements its challenging in a way to fulfill and meet Customer expectations and resolving the same is indeed a pleasure.
Is there any specific area which you are trying to concentrate in the ISP industry? Or, have you identified any gaps in the industry which you intend to fill in with your services.
We are fully concentrated on making ourselves technically strong and matching International standards of global service providers. Our Focus is on delivering what we commit.
What is the USP of your business? Key features and highlights.
The main USP of ESTO is we are technically strong unlike any other ISP we believe in providing the complete technical support to our clients 24×7 , We have Ring protected network throughout India and Incomparable service quality
Kindly share us with your Vision and Mission of your organization.
Vision: Our Vision is to create a progressive organization matching International Standards maintaining Integrity, High Ethical Standards and Transparency. Provide an environment of professionalism, competence, teamwork, and service excellence. We have started with an objective to be the most dependable organization, providing impeccable service, premium products and comprehensive solutions to the customers.
Mission: Our Mission is to bring quality services & solution implementation of international standards, comparable with global service providers within the reach of all. We are committed to achieving excellence in communication development, for SMEs to large Enterprises.
How do you portray the future of ISP industry and how do you plan to embrace the change? 
Future of ISP Industry is really very strong as India is growing digitally hence India will experience Internet even in the smallest town. We shall be learning more, developing more and of course growing more and it sounds really exciting. We feel glad to be a part of this fastest changing Industry.

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