Keshav Singh: Match-Making Top Talents to their Dream Professions

Keshav Singh
Keshav Singh

Talented people with zealous enthusiasm, genuine ambitions, and exceptional mindset must find their true passion through their dream jobs and fantastic professional careers. This is only one side of the coin. On the other side, enterprises, industries, and corporates will only progress and prosper if they could find the right people with the right mindset.

All they–the job seekers and job givers–need is an opportune moment and Keshav Singh; the perfect matchmaker is the Founder and CEO of KalonGens–an agency that aims to connect talented people with their dream professions in esteemed organizations. Keshav expresses, “I honestly believe if you are the best in your place, you must be placed with the best.”

KalonGens – Humanity at Work

Today, KalonGens offer recruitment solutions to an unfolding range of industries, across the globe. The agency employs specialist recruiters to work worldwide and has privately owned offices in the United States, Dubai (UAE), Singapore and India.

Keshav feels that with recruiters working across these countries and regions “We believe; we can offer you a level of service which matches your ambitions. At KalonGens, we trust in combining our passion for people with smart investments in intelligent technology to help organizations and talent realize their true potential. We are a global provider of Staffing and Recruiting Services with a legacy of years in the market.

Keshav says, “We as a recruitment agency that provides a winning combination of expertise, insight, and agility.” Moreover, he adds, “We are dedicated to matching top talent with the right company and jobs in the best locations.”

KalonGens will not make any posting or employment decision that does not comply with applicable laws relating to labor and employment, equal opportunity, or employment eligibility requirements. “We work with all levels of professionals, from entry-level to senior managers, on both permanent and project-based assignments,” he adds.

Singh is the King

…of the perfect talent-profession matchmaking. A Law graduate, certified Project Management Professional, Certified Human Resource Professional, National Boxing Medalist, and National Rifle Shooter, a highly experienced and multi-talented person, personally and professionally, Keshav has six years of experience before he is barely even thirty years of age.

At such a young age, he has already worked for various companies and served them in multiple roles from Recruiter to Business head.

It was his experience, expertise, and compassion that since the launch of KalonGens in 2021, the team has served 100+ clients in over 25 industries. To date, Keshav has helped hundreds of talented professionals connect with the right people and organizations.

He has been successful in providing search and research recruiting, collaborative sourcing, screening, smart job profile, and some other key solutions using military intelligence gathering techniques like OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), HUMINT (Human Intelligence), and traditional sourcing techniques.

Outlandish Aspirations of Shooting Stars

Talking about his inspiration, Keshav says, “I’m really inspired by Elon Musk and Ratan Tata. I think they get people to think bigger and shoot for these outlandish feats that are good for humanity.” Having people thinking about ideas that are audacious is a good thing to spur people on.

I’m not shooting to land people on Mars, but it’s good for people in general. I’m also inspired by good citizens, people who contribute to their communities.” So much of society relies on good citizens to function. They’re everywhere in the country, filling holes that our government can’t fill.

And, after working for different organizations over the span of six years, Keshav was tasked to close and make the money rather than focusing on the real need of job seekers or hiring companies.

A Big-Hearted Calling

He recollects, “When I was hiring a developer for a black woman-owned, small IT Firm based in New York City, I was told to source and close this role ASAP and get our fee but we were not sorting out her problem. She was wearing all the hats and had put everything she had into her company. When I talked to the lady, I felt she really need help in recruiting. After the call, I started making a blueprint for her company and guiding her on how recruitment should be done. I was warned by my then CEO, that this is not our job, we are here to make money, etc., etc. I felt bad and left the company and started my own where we can honestly help companies who are struggling with their hiring needs and job seekers who are finding difficulty getting jobs. So, with this thought process, I established KalonGens.”

The decision of launching KalonGens was further substantiated while Keshav was talking to his ex-army friend about the challenges the friend faced in finding a new job at that time. Since then, Keshav and his firm have grown considerably through their dedication to providing quality service to people and being cognizant about what they want from their career; “Taking care of people’s needs both professionally and personally is our number one priority,” states Keshav.

Conquering the Challenges

However, everything was not that hunky-dory. There were many challenges Keshav has to tackle before emerging as a stalwart. When he started KalonGens, Keshav was running the show alone, wearing all the hats for the business. His six years of experience was in recruiting but not in the other pieces of stuff like sales and marketing, accounting, IT and research and development, etc.

To be honest, I started learning a bit of everything through books, online platforms like YouTube or LinkedIn Learning tools, etc. My initial challenge was to bring the clients with us, build trust and deliver what I had promised them,” reveals Keshav.

Presently, KalonGens’ palette of services and solutions include

Direct Hire: KalonGens helps you connect to your new teammates with professionalism and efficiency while ensuring that you are getting the best candidate for your company.

Contract Staffing: KalonGens helps firms in saving time finding and submitting their talent solutions by quickly getting matched to the best fit for them. “Hire the right people on a temporary basis. Work with us today to find a skilled professional for your specific needs,” says Keshav.

Temp to Perm: KalonGens also aids firms in transitioning the temporary hire to permanent position through career coaching and guidance. “We work with private companies as well as public institutions, offering our clients friendly consulting services, recruitment process and execution, career coaching and guidance for jobseekers,” ensures Keshav.

Executive Search: Keshav promises, “Save time and money by allowing us to recruit, screen, and refer qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs. You pay for our services only if you hire a candidate we provide. The hired individual is protected with a signed T&C.”

Resume Writing Services: Resume building is a specialized service offered by the KalonGens team to their job-seeking talented professionals. It is one of the many facilities offered by the agency.

Hire The Best

Conveying the immersive benefits offered by KalonGens’ many services and solutions, Keshav shares, “We save the cost of our clients.” Initially, Companies might think that hiring a recruitment agency will cost them extra. But in fact, it costs even less than what companies would spend on doing it on their own.

When starting a new project with KalonGens can save the cost of a new HR or Recruitment Manager that the company will hire to manage the new team. Keshav explains, “We give pre-screened CVs which will reduce the cost of posting your job on various job boards.

We increase the hiring speed

Closing any position quickly is not possible; some profiles may take the time up to one or two months. But, “We at KalonGens have a bulk database, specialized team, and strong software that will shorten the recruitment process and we can provide relevant profiles quickly,” assures Keshav.

Screened and qualified profiles

Keshav guarantees, “Hiring us will make the recruitment process easier and faster. We will do all the hard work for you, we will pre-screen the candidates and give the profiles that are the right fit for our clients.”

Quality Over Quantity

All these assurances, promises, and guarantees are done by Keshav because he believes that there are many exceptional professional values and qualities admired the most by the clients whom they have served so far.

Keshav says, “We believe in creating a system where we can bring value to each other with the belief Humanity First, Character Matters, Each and every time. We respect their time and the only reason we are hiring to fulfil is the cut the Time to Hire. We believe in Quality over Quantity. If we are sharing two applicants, then both of them should be the best fit rather than sharing 100 applicants and wasting the time of the hiring managers.”

According to Keshav, KalonGens USPs are their result-oriented timely processes. He adds, “Our submission rate is low but the closure rate is high, that’s our uniqueness. Apart from following the traditional methodology for sourcing, we follow Military Techniques to gather information which include OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and HUMINT (Human Intelligence). We are also building a JOB Portal/board which is going to be in the air in Jan 2023 which will reduce our dependency on different job portals/boards.”

A Break-Free Passionate Wisdom

As an emerging leader in the dynamic business arena, Keshav’s advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is passionately honest and transparent. He says that a lot of young entrepreneurs start their ventures to make money and have an easy life but as far as he is concerned, every entrepreneur should start only if they have a desire to create value for society.

And, yes, if you really create value in someone’s life, you’ll make money but money shouldn’t be ever a motivating factor to start a business. Work-Life balance, forget about it. If you are enjoying and loving what you are doing, you will never feel you need a break,” he believes.

Connecting with the Human Factor

When probed about how he envisions KalonGens’ operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Keshav shares that technologies are always good if used in the right and smart way.

“We use a lot of automated tools for business development, hiring, sourcing, recruiting, accounting, communication, etc. But in our industry, we deal with humans and AI or any tool is not so much trained or developed to deal with a human. In recruiting, if the human factor is missing then you are not hiring the right one. Tools, no doubt smooth line the process but any hiring companies shouldn’t totally depend on the tools only. At the end of the day, we are hiring humans, not robots,” concludes Keshav.

Clients’ Testimonials

“Keshav possesses a deep knowledge of every sector and works with a wide network of well-qualified individuals across a range of job disciplines. What I value the most is that he always listens but is never afraid to push back when he feels that someone is the right fit for our business. Having a partnership with KalonGens has significantly improved our time-to-hire on several key roles over the past six months.” – Janny Tora, A1 Brokerage Inc.

“He’s such a nice person, focused and always keeps to his words, I experienced an easy transaction with Keshav. It was nice doing business with him, trustworthy and reliable.” – Julia Hunt, Charles Schwab

“As a candidate, Keshav was outstanding to work with. He was communicative and transparent. He provided regular updates and checked in often throughout the process. If you are looking to provide an outstanding experience to your candidates, Keshav and KalonGens are the way to go!” – Tawny Hernandez, R&R Partners

“I had the opportunity to work with Keshav on a position he was recruiting for. Coming from an HR professional, Keshav did an outstanding job screening candidates for his client. His process was thorough because he understood what his client was looking for. As a candidate, Keshav was extremely responsive to any of my inquiries and always kept me updated. I highly recommend Keshav and KalonGens whether you are looking to fill a position or need to find one.” – Lela Hansen, Kelly Brothers Painting Inc

“Keshav was great to work with. He was professional, responsive, and honest. Both as a candidate and a client, Keshav and his team provide fantastic support throughout the process.” – Linda Lawrence, DIS Inc

“Keshav has become a friend, and someone I can count on to be a cheerleader in our industry. He is caring, knowledgeable, communicative and professional. The staffing industry can be volatile and very competitive, so it’s refreshing to know someone like Keshav who only wants success for all his connections. His endless curiosity and commitment to constantly improving are an inspiration. I wish him continued success!” – Alicia Gordon, Chewy

“Mr Keshav is a motivated, hard-working, genuine, and kind human. A broad-minded CEO, who welcomes changes and is motivated to do better every day. He always kept the team motivated and shared knowledge. I believe he is one of the best CEO I ever had, as he responds to every question and query calmly and thoughtfully, and later he even follows up to make sure my issues get resolved or not. His patience and willingness motivate me to give my best.” – Pankaj Pandey, Manager, KalonGens India Office

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