Key Points to Shortlist Right 3 PL Service Providers for your Company

Abhinav Jain

In the fast-growing global economy, cross-border logistics plays a pivotal role in the growth and success of the company. Most essential part of international logistics is to find the right 3PL service provider. Working hand-in-hand with 3PL brings immense difference and value to the company’s supply chain. While deciding on the right 3PL service provider, the company should always consider below key points:

  • Knowledge & Experience: Consider a 3PL service provider that understands your business and its requirements. This is very important as different commodities have different requirements. So 3PL must have expertise in handling shipments of your industry. Only when the 3PL service provider has in-depth knowledge of your industry, then only they can offer the most economical and fastest solutions for your requirements.
  • End-to-End Services: 3PL service provider must provide End to End services. Different buyers have different shipment terms like CIF, DDU, DDP, DAP, etc. and every time you cannot search for a different vendor. So chose 3PL company that can take care of all your international logistics requirements and can offer complete end to end services.
  • Credibility and Financial Stability: Having your 3PL service provider suddenly fall apart could be one of the most devastating challenges your company can face. Finding a partner that has provider their financial stability will at least keep your operations from being brought to a screeching halt in case of certain financial crisis.
  • Scalability: You need to be sure that the 3PL company you choose to outsource your logistics management needs can handle both the ups and downs of your business’s supply chain. This means that the provider you hire must be able to scale their operations to your company’s needs.
  • Innovative Technology: Logistics management is not low tech operation. That is why 3PL companies that use cutting-edge technology can create more efficient and cost-effective solutions for your company. Your ideal 3 PL service provider should have the latest systems to provide you with real-time data and feedback on supply chain operations.

About the Author
Abhinav Jain is the Director of ABS Logistics Pvt Ltd. ABS is highly acknowledged and a reputed global freight forwarding and cargo service provider based in New Delhi that has carved its niche in the logistic industry. Abhinav is a B.Tech, Electrical, and E&C Engineer. At ABS, Abhinav with is extensive experience and sound expertise, render comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to efficiently cater the relocation needs of both residential and corporate clients. Under his leadership, the company has attained good international links and strong association with its network of partners that made its presence conspicuous in the logistic industry. In conversation with Abhinav, he highlights the key points while choosing a 3PL service provider.

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