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A product is as good as it is designed won’t be an exaggeration when it comes to User Experience(UX). As users, we want an application or a product that is self-explanatory, easy-to-use, flexible and makes the whole experience worthwhile. Partnering with companies operating in the Business-to-Business domain to help them increase the ROI from their products through its expertise in UX is Koru UX DESIGN.
A specialized Enterprise User Experience (UX) Design company, its team of passion-driven professionals has successfully designed and delivered over 350 projects across industries and geographies. Whether it’s an overhaul of an existing application or conceptualizing a new idea, it partners with its clients to craft the UX strategy that is right for their need.
A Design Thinker
The company was Founded by Bansi Mehta who leads the organization as its CEO. With over a decade of experience in the field of UX, she aspires to transform workforces through user exprience. Guiding, mentoring, and leading a team of over fourty passionate UX and UI professionals, she has empowered many businesses. “UX-ify workplaces” is her motto. She believes that the User Experience for the workforces should be tailored to meet the needs of employees, managers and business owners. A better Enterprise UX will not only result in a happier work environment, but also boost performances, productivity, and subsequently the revenues.
Exclusive Services

Koru’s services range from UX Audit and UX Research to UX design and Front-end Development. It works on the belief that the users of enterprise applications want flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-adopt software that helps them do their job better. Koru’s underpinning for being an enterprise UX design company is infusing user-centric approach to these systems to manifest the boons of the information age. Today, its reach spans 3.5 million users across the USA with its solutions built for healthcare, finance, telecom, manufacturing, and travel.
The company acknowledges that new technologies have immense scope for an intuitive User Experience. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IOT) which are blurring the line between digital and physical can be used effectively to deliver great user experience. But, with new technology comes a new set of challenges like – scaling, continuous innovation, data-driven decision making, optimizing utilization, and many more. While these challenges can often be tiresome, it also instils thrill as one makes continuous efforts to innovate to solve them!
The Growing Industry and Competition
While experiencing an application, the user doesn’t just expect it to guide towards the next steps but also know well where the next steps lead. Moreover, UX is not just limited to screens but has already started widening its scope to incorporate smart gadgets, voice interface, personalization, and automation.
This growing demand has also fuelled opportunity and competition. When it comes to growth strategies Koru’s mantra is, ‘Be focused on setting Koru apart and securing brand loyalty by staying ahead of the curve. We strive to provide our clients with the right solutions by anticipating the trends, thinking out of the box to give them what they need.’ The company continuously tries to improve its offerings by having direct dialogues with the customers as it goes ahead. Bansi adds, “We don’t let the competition overtake our vision.”
A Happy Client Makes the Day
Koru has worked on hundreds of projects for its clients in healthcare, finance, and telecom industry. It has pioneered UX design projects in companies, where it was able to provide the clients with the value measured in different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant for them. One such client was a US-based investment bank looking to overhaul the UX for their CRM. The company had a functional CRM portal. However, it was dated. The users faced long delays in accomplishing basic tasks and the application wasn’t scalable for future adoption. Through user & stakeholder interviews, and process mapping, team Koru was able to zero in on the focus areas that needed improvement. The team brainstormed concepts around workflow optimization and provided the company with a fresh and standardized User Interface (UI). After using the new interface, the company reported an increase of forty-three percent in user productivity. Additionally, the designs achieved an incredible System Usability Score (SUS) of 67. The CTO of the company quoted, “The whole team loves the new interface, and we’ve since expanded our capabilities significantly.” Feedbacks like this motivate the team to take more challenging work and solve more complex UX challenges. It was recently reviewed with a five-star rating by one of its clients on Clutch review platform.
Designing the Future
The company’s vision is to become the world’s most preferred company that exists to help businesses with enterprise applications unleash the power of UX. Bansi adds, “We want to be a household name for enterprise UX design and for that we are working hard. Additionally, we also want to grow our team further to get an ever-growing bouquet of right talent with the same goal as us: UXify workplaces!”

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