TECHVED: A UX Design Powerhouse Bridging Technology and Innovation

Mohar V Co-founder & CEO | Insights Success | Indian Business Magazine

With the advent of digital age, the role, impact and influence of design thinking in the product development have garnered tremendous respect and attention. Today, the UX / UI industry is rapidly evolving with the latest technological advancements in the world. The combination of technology, design, and art makes the backbone of this sector. A good User experience (UX) design goes beyond the appearance and has become the market differentiator in this competitive world.
In recent years, global companies are focusing on creating a better digital experience that effectively communicate and engage with its users through their website, mobile apps and in many other ways. To stay ahead in the competition, it is important for companies to come up with the best UX/UI solutions.
With a decade of expertise, TECHVED Consulting is a leading global design powerhouse that is driving digital business transformation of global clients. Keeping users in mind, the company has developed many web and digital applications. The company’s user-centric approach to digital product design ensures that a Mobile App, Wbs, Portal, Software Product, Chatbot or an IOT App is easy to navigate and attract visitors.  With more than 300 clients and 100 plus awards, the company has benchmarked the UX/UI sector in the continent. TECHVED is in the offing of real-time apps in conjunction with a better version of UX/UI to make web and online platforms more lively and interactive.
Delivering Exceptional UX/UI Solutions across the Globe
TECHVED Consulting has already established itself as a thought-leader in the UX domain across the continent. It offers innovative solutions to its clients across various domains and geographies.   Its User Experience Design platform offers an intuitive and immersive experience for customers. The company’s human-centered UX Design across various form factors like Web, Mobile, Wearable Devices, Smart Watches, Chatbots and IOT have been a solution for many leading brands in BFSI, FMCG, E-commerce, Telecom and various other sectors.
The company has developed best-in-class Mobile Apps, Website/M-Sites, Wearable Devices, IOT, AI, Chatbots, AR/VR for their clients. On account of its immersive researches & evaluation, the company helps brands to understand the User Journey and the User Perception. It also conducts Usability Tests, Usability Audits and Mystery Experience Review (MXR) for the brands. Moreover, in this world of digital transformation, the company helps businesses to understand their competitors through Web Conversion Optimization & Competitor Analysis in Digital Space.
A thoughtful Leader
Mohar V is one of the founding pillars that bring in years of acumen and professionalism in the business. Being a Co-Founder and CEO of one of the leading design powerhouses in India, his ideas have always touched the zenith of success. His dedicated, responsive and motivating qualities have enlightened many leaders across various domains for decades.
As Business Evangelist, Digital Strategist and a UX Design Thinker, Mohar strengthened many skilled teams, helping them to conceptualize marketing strategies. He has over two decades of experience across various business verticals.  At TECHVED Consulting, he brings this vast experience on the table to multi-manage various disciplinary assignments on Digital Strategy and Business Innovation. Today, he being in the driver’s seat, TECHVED Consulting serves Digital Strategy & User Experience Design services across various domains to top-notch International and Indian companies.
Achieving Milestones
The company feels that every single appreciation from clients is an award for them. “You don’t just design interfaces, you design the very digital business for us,” said one of its clients. “In this case, we are delighted to blazon that we are numero uno”, says Mohar.
On account of user-centric design and development, the company has received numerous awards across various domains. The company has bagged 100 plus awards including some of the prestigious awards such as – ‘Digital Excellence Awards’ 2017 & 2018 by CDO Summit, ‘ Entrepreneur of the Year -2013’ & ‘Top 5 UX/UI companies in India’, ‘Top 30 Consulting Companies in India-2017’.
Standing Tall in the Market
TECHVED is dedicated to driving digital transformation with the help of cutting edge Design & Development Technology.  By focusing on user-centric design and digital transformation, the company is providing best-in-class services to its clients. The company is equipped with a skilled team to come up with new ideas and out-of-the-box designs. “We don’t compete with others, as we are just focusing on our objective”, says Mohar. The company is dedicated to keep itself modernized by upholding the business with a skilled team.
The company has successfully overcome all the challenges faced while setting up 4Ps – Product, Price, Place, and Position. Its objective was to become the best design company. Wherein, its unique design in conjunction with the technology helped them to position itself as top UX consulting worldwide. Growing and developing with time, the purport of setting up the 5th ‘P’ (People) now becomes a part of the company’s goal.
Look beyond Business
For more than one decade TECHVED is catering to UX/UI sector. With constructive design, the company has added great values and ideas to its clients and helping them to build their digital platforms across various domains.
TECHVED has initiated a meet-up in the name of UXploration for the UX Learners, practitioners and experts. UX Professionals from various domains meet and share the industry trends and ideas to stay updated. The company’s online learning edifies people about UX/UI, IOT, Blockchain, and AI Learning.
Leader’s Viewpoint on Current Scenario
Although the term User Experience was coined by Don Norman long back, it took ages to mature as a profession. Digital revolution has been a major contributor to the growth of UX/UI sector.  Currently, the UX/UI sector is certainly performing well; with responsive and user-friendly design trends upholding the digital platforms. Now, every business has begun to approach the UX/UI consulting firms.
Terms such as User-centric approach, design thinking & User Experience, sounded different to us in the 20th century.  However, India, being a developing country in the 21st century, has increasingly come up with businesses. The time of digital revolution & lack of digital presence drew us into digital transformation. The scenario of UX/UI is merely breaking the mindset of every business with the user-experience design.
“Today, the UX/UI sector has evolved to a great extent and ingrained technologies such as AI & AR in conjunction with a better solution. Therefore, this is the right time to turn a knob to stay ahead in the future by serving the brands with better UX/UI and help them stay ahead”, Says Mohar.
A journey towards Flourishing Future
TECHVED is acclaimed as one leading UX/UI powerhouses in Asia. The company will continue to be a torchbearer of technology and innovation in the future.  The company’s main goal is to become the summit of solutions to every brand and moving towards digital transformation. Progressing forward with a positive approach, the company’s goal is to be among the top 5 UX/UI powerhouse worldwide.

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