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The Indian manufacturing industry is undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to the Indian economy. Alongside delivering a plethora of services and products in the Indian sub-continent, companies are progressing towards the international market and identifying new geographies to expand their market share.
Earlier, because of the restrictions imposed on the thermal power generation in India along with the countless issues with the solar and wind power generations, the market had been going through a lean phase. However, by the virtue of new entrants in the private sector to the reforms and initiatives introduced by the Government, this sector has set the right trajectory of growth. KVTEK Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one such leading premium manufacturer of Electrical Testing and Measuring Equipment with primary focus on High Voltage Testing.
KVTEK stands for Kilovolt Technologies. As an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Company, KVTEK has evolved as a complete testing solution provider rather than just supplying the test equipment to the clients. Along with the test equipment’s, it also assists the customers in selecting the right location for the test labs in their manufacturing plants, offers complete design of site preparation including earthing design and RF shielding designs. The manufacturing plant is located in IMT Manesar, Gurgaon and is approx. 50 Kms from New Delhi International Airport.
An Invigorating Frontrunner
As the CEO of KVTEK, Anil Uppal is a seasoned professional in this domain and has played a substantial role in putting KVTEK on the global map. Anil carries over three decades of experience that has fuelled his motivation in accomplishing numerous milestones over the years. With a mearge investment of 35K in 1990, Anil has successfully managed to cement KVTEK as one of the major players in the industry. One key attribute that has attracted and fascinated Anil is the fact that there are no competitive players within the Indian market as KVTEK is the only manufacturer. The competition is from the Chinese players who score the brownie points on pricing; however, they fall much shorter when it comes to delivering premium quality products along with seamless after-sales service.
Weaving the Success Web
The initial business model was based on importing high voltage test equipment from the US and Europe and market them in India, along with providing installation, commissioning and after-sale service for the imported products. However by the year 2000, the Chinese industry started to explore the market, this model became unsustainable to continue. By 2005, the company shifted its gear and instead of trading products, started to manufacture them in India only and since then it has progressed steadily. Today along with manufacturing, KVTEK undertakes complete turnkey responsibility of setting up the test labs that has ultimately resulted in solidifying its customer-base. Some of the major products offered by the company are listed below:
-HV AC Series Resonant Test System
-HV Partial Discharge Detection System
-Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Set
-Impulse Voltage Test System
-Transformer Loss Measuring System
-Static Frequency Converter
-Capacitor Banks required for transformer testing
-HV AC Dielectric Test Sets
-AC/DC Kilovoltmeters
-Ratio and Phase Angle Error Equipment for CTs/PTs/CVTs
Alongside, the associated accessories also help KVTEK to offer complete turnkey test lab solutions to the manufacturers of various components that include:
-HV PD Test Labs
-Impulse Test Labs
-Transformer Loss Measuring Test Labs
-Ratio & Phase Angle error and Capacitance & Tangent Delta Test Labs
These labs can be created in the factory for pre-dispatch testing, third-party test labs and can also be a mobile test facility to conduct on-site testing.
Industry Challenges
Talking about the challenges and hardships, Anil asserts that “Major challenge for growth is the complete lack of basic infrastructure required for this industry. For every small thing we need to rely on foreign countries. Not enough labs to provide basic calibration of these equipment’s. Most components, raw material needs to be imported. No Trained man power readily available in this field as a result of which we have to hire fresher’s, train them for few years before they become useful to the company”.
Future Augmentations
The ultimate objective of KVTEK is to evolve as the market leader at the global platform. Over the last few years, the company has explored new territories that include Vietnam and in the US. In its endeavor to maximize its footprints, it continues to establish channel partners across the globe to market its products at the global market. The company holds a very optimistic view of the future. As the majority of the buyers who had gone for Chinese products have faced multiple issues related to the product and after-sales services, these companies are now tuning up with KVTEK for better products and services. Additionally, as the US and European products are expensive and also have minimal advantages, these markets are also losing the dominance which is actually assisting KVTEK to tap new opportunities. Combining these favorable market scenarios, the future perspective looks bright as the company looks forward to creating new markets along with increasing its prominence in the existing markets.

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