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Indian business sector is scaling new heights as majority of the sectors are transforming themselves to cope up with the ever-evolving scenario and ever-increasing competitive market. One such sector which is witnessing robust growth pattern, by the virtue of increasing manpower, market demand, and change in reforms, is the Indian Electrical sector. The ever growing customer base and increasing penetration have provided enough air for the sector to prosper and flourish.
Acknowledging the contribution of one such prominent player, this edition unveils the journey of Power Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd. (PMX). Standing tall as one of the leading power quality solution providers in the Indian sub-continent, PMX was established in the year 2000. Since then, PMX is committed to evolve as a complete solution-provider and eventually be one of the major contributors towards the betterment of the Indian electrical sector.
The Success Story
Specializing in three core areas – power quality improving devices, harmonic filters, and power quality studies, PMX works to increase the efficiency of the systems, and also plays a pivotal role in saving power by improving the Power Quality. As a seasoned player, PMX is walking the extra mile to keep the planet in an utmost manner.
Along with embracing innovation and best practices, the company emphasizes continuous learning through focused Research & Development. This ‘structured’ approach has enabled PMX to fortify its knowledge base and acquire stupendous engineering expertise to deliver best-in-the-industry solutions. This has also empowered the team to manage the clients with ease by crafting customized power quality solutions that serve the specific needs of the clients.
As PMX celebrate nearly two decades of inception in the coming years, the company has built itself into a position of repute in the industry that it aims to consolidate and transform itself into a complete powerhouse of all Power Quality Solutions under one roof. In its continued endeavor to deliver premium services, it offers a plethora customized solutions ranging from power consumption/compensation to offset the harmful effects of new-age electrical polluting devices.
The Leader
Sony Jacob is the Co-founder of PMX and has been the torch bearer of innovation and excellence in the organization. As the founding member, he has worked in various capacities with the company and had embraced several opportunities to develop and implement effective and cost optimized solutions in the field of harmonic filtering. Under his affluent leadership, PMX has evolved into a reliable provider of harmonic filtering solutions in India and overseas and has grown from having zero installations in 2001 to over 6000 systems installations till date.
After attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Sony worked as a ‘Research Assistant’ at the University of Missouri, Columbia for a short span before aligning with PMX. Currently, he is focusing to increase the global footprint for PMX products and solutions,. On the product front, Team PMX constantly endeavors to increase the quality of its Product Offerings and solutions. Governed by its ‘First Time Right Manufacturing Methodology’ & ‘Fit & Forget Theme Policy’,PMX ensures 100% customer delight in all its clients 
Flagship Products & Services
One unique quality that differentiates this sector from others is that electricity does not distinguish between any genres of customers. There are only large, small, industrial, and residential consumers. What works for one definitely works for the other, but the sizes are different, and hence if the solution is working on the right path, scaling up becomes easier. PMX focuses to deliver world-class solutions for reactive power compensations from the Indian shores. The company markets various models of harmonic filtering solutions under the brand of ‘maxPower’, they are:

  • maxPowerPS – Passive Harmonic Filters
  • maxPowerAS – Active Harmonic Filters
  • maxPowerHS – Hybrid Harmonic Filters

These solutions are designed to be deployed for network voltages of 200V, 400V, 480V, 1000V, and up to 33000V.
Mission Statement
To achieve domestic market leadership by March 31st 2022, in the domain of Power factor correction and Harmonic filter solutions for Low voltage and medium voltage up to 33 kV. 100% indigenously manufactured solutions and components built under the PMX PQ simplified 4D methodology ensuring zero product failure
Converting Challenges into Opportunities
Business is a continual game of uneven challenges and hence, growth is not easy for anyone. Every organization goes through different aspects of challenges during their growth cycle and every phase ends with a unique learning curve.  PMX has gone through its share of challenges – getting its first customer, selecting the right technology, marketing communication, client relations, people to work for PMX, retaining talent, content for talent, financial stability, expansion, innovation, and the list continues! The best part of this entire process is that at the end of every successful cycle, it creates ‘success story’ that is to be shared with the team and industry at a later point of time.
Pillars of PMX
Founded in 2000, PMX boasts of a sound backing from a reputed American company and of having technically sound personnel in its ranks. Motivation has been a strong factor that has contributed to the success of the company, as it gets motivated to identify ideas for improvement and implementing the same in a methodical manner. The most significant asset of PMX is its competent and robust team who with their technical expertise and dedicated team work always endeavor to lead PMX to its desired and deserved goal.
Future Prospects
The company holds a positive viewpoint for the future as it has cemented itself as a reputed contributor in the industry.

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