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As a vast nation, India houses over 1300 law schools. Herein, an average of 50,000 students graduate every year. Although these figures are astounding, the standard of education in these schools is not the same, with just 3-5 percent of the schools offering quality over quantity. In addition to that, as far as the technology is concerned, law is one discipline that has been the slowest to respond to the transition.

Hence, there is a dire need to fill this gap of quality education and technological advancement where students can learn from the very best and couple the studies with the comfort of their place and time.

This is where Raunaq Kakkar, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and a writer, comes into the picture. Mr. Kakkar, when he failed his law exams, realized that there was no way for him to go back and learn from his teachers. While he referred to some books and online mediums, he did not find anything credible and structured. Despite the lack of knowledge in the subjects, he did eventually graduate. Though, this resulted in a couple of years being wasted.

It was the moment when Mr. Kakkar perceived the need for a reliable and structured platform that should cater to law students. Thus, Lawpreneurz, a digital learning platform for law students, was born.

Lawpreneurz is a first of its kind digital platform that helps students to understand the key subjects that lay the foundation of their journey as a lawyer. Lawpreneurz teaches compulsory subjects such as constitution, criminal law, civil subjects through well-defined video lectures, exhaustive notes, and sample papers. This content serves students for overall understanding or a last-minute revision before an exam.

Mr. Kakkar has been the guiding force behind Lawpreneurz, instrumental in getting the organization up on its feet, and he was well assisted by a great team who shared a common vision.

Built for Students

At Lawpreneurz, students learn via video lectures and notes prepared by the in-house faculty members who not only have the skills to teach the subject but are also enthusiastic about imparting knowledge to the future legal minds.

The faculty at Lawpreneurz are chosen carefully from having 40 years of experience, working with the United Nations and other noteworthy organizations, true masters in their respective fields. Not only that, the platform also helps students answer commonly asked questions in the exam.

The platform further enables students to communicate directly with their experts, allowing 1:1 learning not just for clarification, but also for students to monitor their progress and a more personalized learning process. 

Not a Random Student, but a Family Member

Mr. Kakkar believes that the only way to grow and sustain is by listening to the customers. Hence, in addition to providing quality material, every subscriber at Lawpreneurz is considered as a family member. Mr. Kakkar personally keeps contact not just because it helps prospective students get a clear picture, but also to communicate with future lawyers and change-makers.

This setup is something that most students find suitable when it comes to asking questions and not redirecting them to customer service or automated texts. Every suggestion, every request, even the new feature that students ask is taken care of because Lawpreneurz has been started for students, and it would only be fair if they are heard.

“For us, whatever little we have achieved in the last 1.5 years of existence is only because of our students. Students who are not customers but family members and listening to your family is the only way to succeed and sustain,” shares Mr. Kakkar. 

Student Satisfaction rather than Rewards

Mr. Kakkar cites customer satisfaction as the most prominent award for him. According to him, the video testimonials available on the platform are clear evidence that a structured digital law learning platform is the need of the hour. In fact, students have reinstated his mission of Lawpreneurz.

He asserts, “From students studying in reputed colleges to cities where the quality of education is not at par, we have achieved what we have set out to do. Though the journey has just begun, but we know we are on the right track, and the credit goes to our family members.” 

The Forthcoming Years

The future blueprint of Lawpreneurz reveals the plan to be a one-stop platform for legal education. For the time being, it will continue to offer and enhance video lectures and notes. The plan also entails transforming the conventional learning of 1:50 and provide a 1:1 learning module with the help of technology for students not just in school but also ones appearing for competitive exams.

But most important of all, Lawpreneurz will continue its mission to help students learn and understand at their own pace, help them decide when they want to study and how they want to study.

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