Les Transformations: Designing Result-oriented Solutions Empowering Education

Les Transformations (LT) is a pioneer in providing developmental learning services to schools across the globe. Les Transformations envision a future where learning is an effortless and continuous process. With this vision in mind, Les Transformations is dedicated to teacher education both in-service and pre-service. This is achieved through various programs that focus on overall development of pedagogical skill set of the teacher and track their learning patterns.
LT’s learning platform – SURAASA –helps teachers manage their career profile and enables them to explore work opportunities globally. The programs provided by LT are Certified by international bodies from Dubai and UK. With growing demand from various countries, the company is gradually becoming a global provider for quality and tangible teacher education.
LT started on-ground research almost a decade ago and got itself registered as a company three years ago. Their core offerings include teacher learning solutions, teacher affiliation and online certification programs for individual schools, for private group schools and government-run schools at district as well as state level.
The Proficient Leadership
Ankit Khanna is the Co-Founder of Les Transformations. Setting the corner stones of the company, Ankit has led the genesis of innovative learning environments through integration of pedagogical methodologies with data science. Through his proficiency in strategy planning and business acumen, he has developed solutions aimed at enhancing the quality of educators and education across the country.
Rishabh Khanna is the other Co-Founder and Director of the company who is focused on Education Management and Learning & Development in schools. He is a Cognitive Scientist with a research focus towards the education domain. He has a rich entrepreneurial & operational experience in diversified educational organizations while developing and leading them from scratch.
Distinctive Solutions Filling the Loopholes
Educators are the core of any educational institution and with the rapid change in industry dynamics, the need to upskill educators is growing. LT is a pioneer in tech-enabled certified teacher education with detailed analytical support for all learning programs. Its courses are accredited internationally and are based on its proprietary pedagogy to provide international qualifications. The company offers prominent programs not only giving exposure to international teaching methodologies but also unlocking global professional opportunities. LT’s programs take care of both pre-service and in-service teacher education. They are bridging the gap between the theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in the classroom. LT’s is the first company which is transforming intangible teacher training to evidence-based tangible teacher education which leads to better student learning outcomes.
Online learning can become quite monotonous if not curated properly. LT’ online learning modules are gamified and provide much human interaction during the learning process. Teacher from across the globe are connected via the courses to interact with each other and share their queries, experiences, and learnings. Acknowledging the pace of change that the world is witnessing, the company specializes in developing the full potential of one of the most valuable assets any organization possesses – Knowledge. It wants to make its contribution in strengthening the schools to withstand the complexities of the fourth industrial revolution.
Awarded as the “Best Teacher Training Company” by Indian Education Congress three times in a row, LT is embracing cutting-edge technology to give teachers and students the freedom of learning irrespective of place and time, be it school, home or anywhere else in the entire world. Company’s statistical models effectively gauge the learning levels and education leaders on the platform provide a global exposure to the participants while learning. Their products also enable teachers to connect with each other and share their experiences.
More about Les Transformations
Driven by an open work culture, people at LT come from different countries and time zones and collaborate to create a seamless experience for learners. This pursuit drives every team member to learn from each other and creates a diverse culture in the organization. This has helped LT to clinch a global perspective in all its products as well.
Enlightening the Ed-tech Entrepreneurs
Over the years, the key mantra that Ed-Tech is ‘Ed enabled by tech’ has helped the company to stand tall and relevant in its sector. In these years of experience, LT has seen some wonderful tech products not been implemented as they were unable to drill smooth Ed transactions and educator convenience. It advices the beginners to go to the educationists, understand their pain points and foresee how their products solve that problem.
A Tech-enabled Future
Ed-Tech will make education transparent and will make human capital and skillset validation easier. Cognitive technologies will create seamless education transactions that might get accounted in blockchain enabled ledgers and might make many current educational functions redundant. LT is striving to spearhead ‘Cognitive Technologies’ and tech-enabled learning experiences using AI.
Currently, the company has a presence in two countries and is all set to launch its products in two more countries in 2019. It has been chasing the latest technologies and will upgrade its products with Big Data and AI in not so distant future. In short, it has already begun the development of AI based interactive learning environments to provide a novel online learning experience.
Source :-The 10 Booming Ed-Tech Startups To Watch

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