Lexicon Group of Institutes Launches ‘Thinkerplace’- An Ed-Tech Company To Introduce S.T.E.M [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] based learning To Children


Pune, March 17, 2022: One of India’s leading education hubs, the Lexicon Group of Institutes has been renowned for the top-notch education it provides to create citizens of the future. With its legacy that has been running for decades, the Group of Institutes has extended themselves to tap into a new form of education with the launch of ThinkerPlace.

ThinkerPlace, an Ed-Tech company was established with the sole purpose of bringing the most popular S.T.E.M methodology of learning to the children of India in the form of toys. S.T.E.M, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is one of the most in-demand form of learning that is futuristic, concept-based, and popular in the world today. With the motto of “Learning Beyond Books”, ThinkerPlace aims to bring practical learning through its unique, one-of-a-kind DIY toys and kits.

“Applied learning when implemented through fun techniques becomes interesting and helps kids to develop their skills in a better way. My vision for ThinkerPlace is to cultivate a scientific mindset and encourage experimentation into the lives of young innovators and have blended it into our unique pedagogy that enables personalized learning to each child at their own learning pace – says Deepti Sharma, Director, ThinkerPlace

The Lexicon Group of Institute’s philosophy ‘Believe in Yourself’ and ThinkerPlace’s ideology of ‘Learning Beyond Books’ is a perfectly seamless blend. The drive to bring nothing but the best type of education and learning to the children of India is the legacy that the Lexicon Group of Institutes wishes to continue with its new venture – ThinkerPlace.

 Research shows that the future of the world is dependent on S.T.EM. As such, 90% of future jobs will be based on S.T.E.M. To meet the demand and supply requirement of the future the Lexicon Group of Institutions have taken a stand together through the introduction of S.T.E.M labs in all of their schools. The S.T.E.M labs of ThinkerPlace have been designed keeping in mind the age and the learning capability of a child. With the introduction of new gadgets, tools, and materials that fall under the S.T.E.M category, children can bring out their inner innovators and start their process of learning by doing. The concept is an ideal amalgamation of fun learning while having hands-on experience with different futuristic equipment.

All of the educational toys that are provided by ThinkerPlace are DIY. DIY or Do-It-Yourself is a great way to teach children to be independent with their learning. The toys are packed with a number of learning principles that all have a practical output to them. Children are provided with a complete holistic type of education through their experience with the toy.

ThinkerPlace focuses on providing S.T.E.M solutions for children between the ages of 6-12+. Now, with the positive response from parents and children alike, the company is stretching itself to tap into the creative minds of pre-schoolers. Their soon to be launched pre-schooler kits and toys are a much-awaited feature that is anticipated by many.

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