SAP Rolls Out Real Time Data Analytics Tool to Work on Voice Commands

SAP launched the SAP Digital Boardroom which aims to simplify and contextualize performance reporting across the areas of business on a real time basis with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa.
The SAP Digital Boardroom will allow an interactive board discussion, and give decision makers an easy boardroom process, by allowing board members to analyse huge volumes of data, and categorize business risks and opportunities in real-time, said Deb Deep Sengupta, President & MD, SAP Indian Subcontinent.
“Technology is altering the rules of business and interruption is becoming the norm. As business leaders we need to understand, absorb and adapt with agility and promptness to constantly fluctuating circumstances,” added Sengupta says that this is a true business advantage all C Suite executives need in the fast moving cloud economy.
The SAP Digital Boardroom is anticipated to utilize SAP HANA Cloud Platform to provide a single source of info about a company’s critical business metrics.
The Digital Boardroom will work with any digital assistant such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple Siri or Google’s Home, said N Sekar, VP, Engineering, SAP LABS India. He also added that the data which will be made available through voice commands will be from large unstructured data sources and will include social media sources as well.

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