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M2M communication is an important feature of warehouse management, remote control, robotics, traffic control, logistic services, supply chain management, fleet management and telemedicine. MAVOCO, one of Europe’s leading independent M2M connectivity service provider, provides M2M connectivity that cannot be beaten in terms of cost, flexibility and quality.
MAVOCO’s M2M connectivity services are available to companies faster than any other source and can be blended into their products and processes with much less effort than any other. MAVOCO’s connectivity services are based on a portfolio of international wholesale agreements with Network Operators for global and local needs.
Believing that IoT will change everyone’s daily life more than the Internet, MAVOCO has invented M2M connectivity services
MAVOConnect – It provides M2M, IoT Connectivity and an Application Enabling Platform optimally adapted to the clients geographical needs.
MAVOControl – It provides a securitylayer for every SIM card delivered, the customer, who can specify, what can come in and what should go out.
MAVOCenter – It’s management portal is designed to create any organization’s hierarchy according to the client’s requirement, they can also design their own hierarchy, including country organizations, affiliates and teams etc.
MAVOVoice – It provides a carrier-grade, high quality white labelled VoIP / GSM Callback Service that can be used via smartphones, tablets, desktops, smart TVs, etc.
Business Services – There are two services included in it, Billing as a Service and Amazone Sales Enabling Suite.
Proactive’s, Helmut W. Lehner & Anton Cabrespina
With the belief of, “Everything is connected,” Helmut W. Lehner & Anton Cabrespina, Co-founded MAVOCO. With a computer science background, Helmut, Co-founder, CEO / COO of MAVOCO, has worked for WANG, ESG and nearly 12 years for Nokia in various management positions. Having proficiency in M2M, IoT, MVNO, Cloud Computing and Business Process Design Engineering, Helmut have a technology vision which drove MAVOCO to become a global IoT connectivity provider.
Anton Cabrespina, is too from the computer science background, Co-founder, CEO /CSO, worked for Phillips Speech processing, Siemens and also around 11 years for Nokia in various management positions. Anton is having proficiency in M2M, IoT, MVNO, Wholesale and Sales Management. With the target to create the most valued and most popular company on the earth, Anton loves to talk and to work with customers as responsible for customer operations.
Belief in themselves and most importantly in their ideas, are two important values which led MAVOCO to the success. With the mission to enable IoT by connecting billions of things safely and cost efficiently, MAVOCO is marching towards its vision to become the most important B2B marketplace for IoT- connectivity and – business services.
In the Future World
With the frame of reference that data is the new oil and IoT will change everybody’s lives even more than the Internet, MAVOCO wants to metamorphose to a trusted partner who manages the data flow between machines and humans provides the cloud where the data is stored until it is used. Daily changes and surprises keep us young, having belief in yourself is important. What one should do is adapt when it is needed very fast and without vexation.
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