OrecX: One of the Leading Recording Solutions Providers


OrecX offers recording software in both open-source and commercial applications, giving you the flexibility you need to make the right decision for your business. Either product can be easily downloaded and installed in just 30 minutes, with no implementation costs. The company believes that every organization has a right to call recording software, and makes it their mission to fulfill that need with a product that simply works every time and is extremely affordable.
OrecX was founded by 3 individuals with significant prior experience in the call recording industry, including founding one of the earliest call recording providers Stevens Communications. Recognizing that the long-term trends pointed to call recording being a functional utility like voice mail, and well aware of the shortfalls of a proprietary model, they embarked on a quest to make call recording accessible to all by using an open-source model with a dual license strategy (free “lite” software and commercial full-featured software). OrecX is growing at a staggering rate of 200+ percent and was recently ranked the highest call recording provider in the Inc. 5000.
They stated that “Perfect does not exist, but the pursuit of it does. Be open and flexible enough to see the big picture. Focus on the power of a good idea and work towards that every day, this may help young entrepreneurs to be successful”.
Oreka TR, a Powerful Recording Engine
OrecX develops an open standards based call recording platform for the commercial marketplace (Oreka TR), and they are the primary sponsor of the Oreka GPL open-source project. At the core, Oreka TR is a powerful recording engine coupled with a web-based front-end that powers applications such as Total Recording (compliance recording – captures all calls), Live Monitoring, Quality Management (captures a sampling of calls for quality assurance purposes), Screen (captures agent screen activity during customer calls) and Mobile Recording. In addition, they provide an open API for customers and partners that want to customize the solution within or outside of the application framework for data analytic, workforce optimization, and other use cases.
Open Standards and Modern Development Libraries
Remaining ‘open’ in every possible sense translates into solutions that put their customers in control, and that is in stark contrast to market competition. They focus on building software on open standards and maintaining modern development libraries. This approach encourages collaboration with customers, channels, and technology partners, further enhancing innovation. The value to customers, large or small, service providers or OEMs, is that they receive an elegant, powerful, and an agile recording solution that meets their current and future requirements at a fraction of the cost of propriety models. That’s why they differ from other companies.
An essential element of their continued success is having a strong and experienced management team. There were temptations to alter the model for short-term gains, but ultimately, maintaining the belief in the mission, and acting accordingly, has helped them to stay on track to overcome early challenges.
Scaling Platforms for Large Enterprises & Cloud Service Providers
Deploying extensible solutions are the primary concern of many companies. OrecX supports these initiatives with the continued development of an open API for the Oreka recording platform. Also, scaling the platform for the large enterprise and cloud service providers that are building web-scale architecture is high on the priority list. Interestingly enough, their GPL software has been downloaded in 184 countries and has millions of estimated users, so there is familiarity with OrecX on a global level. OrecX seeks to power the recording of the business world’s spoken communication and make the data accessible and meaningful to increase business value.
Source : http://www.insightssuccess.com/

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