Ness SES: A Leader in Digital Transformation through User Experience Design & Software Engineering Services

Ness SES

For companies to effectively compete and grow in the digital economy, they need to deliver better, differentiating user experiences so that customers choose to engage with their brands over competitive alternatives. Ness Software Engineering Services (SES) helps clients deliver these compelling experiences through a powerful combination of user experience design, platform engineering, and data analytics that create truly innovative digital solutions. Ness SES enables clients to define and develop the right digital products & services faster to significantly accelerate time to market, increase customer engagement and reduce business risk.
In 2009, Paul Lombardo joined Ness SES to lead the growth of the company’s European operations, and thereafter, assumed global leadership as CEO. He has 20+ years of IT services and entrepreneurial experience across sales, delivery and business management. He has a successful track record working with global companies such as Andersen Consulting, Logica and EDS/Mphasis, and early stage, venture capital-backed pursuits. Paul has worked and lived across North America, Europe and Asia and considers Ness SES’ truly multi-cultural environment to be one of its core strengths.
Strong Product Engineering Heritage
Ness SES has a strong track record in helping organizations envision, build, and continually evolve their digital products and platforms to enter new markets, increase revenue, delight and retain customers, and gain operational efficiencies presented by the digital economy. Ness SES partners with companies to accelerate their development of new products & platforms or modernize existing solutions.
Ness SES believes product engineering requires a fundamentally different approach than providing traditional IT services or staff augmentation. The company maintains highly-collaborative, ongoing, and transparent relationships with its clients, which enables Ness SES to continually adjust and align clients’ digital solutions with their business objectives. Because of Ness SES’ strong product engineering heritage and unique ability to fully integrate UX design with software development, the company is known for building the type of complex, high-performance solutions clients need to meet the exacting expectations of their customers.
Helping Companies Capture Value in the Digital Economy
Companies, particularly “non-tech” organizations, are realizing that their products and services are increasingly judged on the quality of the digital user experience and performance that surrounds them. Many find that they do not have the capabilities or scale of expertise to develop and design everything in house, and particularly not within the accelerated timeframes and rigorous performance standards of the digital marketplace. Clients engage Ness SES because they want a partner they can trust to help them realize their digital potential. This includes clearly understanding the client’s vision and suggesting new ideas, expertly combining design thinking with platform development to create high-value solutions, and surrounding the client with a team of engineers that takes equal pride in delivering exceptional products and services to the marketplace.
Paul mentioned, “In this digital, connected world, barriers to entry are shrinking all the time enabling startups to compete with large, established companies by introducing innovative, disruptive product and service offerings. The abilities to accelerate time-to-market, adapt quickly, and introduce compelling user value enable smaller, more focused organizations to gain market share at the expense of more slowly-moving incumbents. Ness SES provides the innovation, user experience design, hard core software engineering and advanced analytics capabilities to help our clients – regardless of size – transform their digital strategies into tangible results at speed.”
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