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A firm believer of “Quality outrage is the key to success”, Rachana Chowdhary, founded MediaValueWorks in 2011, offering a cloud based service for Global Public Relations enabling ‘Local Businesses to Communicate Effectively with Global Media’, while specializing in Global PR Campaigns, Global Media Research, International Editorial Meetings, Organizing Press Conferences, Moderator, Media Consulting, PR Strategy, Content Creation and Content Management.
A professional media relations and Corporate Communicator with an outlook to connect with the next-generation audience, Rachana has worked with the African Press Organization, Indo-African Business, PR Newswire, Business Wire India. Being in the media for 18 to 19 years, Rachana has gained mammoth of experience working in the media industry.
Starting off her career with The Times of India, and exploring various departments of its, Rachana got the inside and outside view of how the media functions are managed at the various levels.
Also, she was an active part of the language media team – Maharashtra Times, Navbharat Times, along with Business News Team at The Economic Times, The Times of India, Appointments team – Times Ascent and with the retail team at Bombay Times.
Rachana says, “When you get this kind of exposure at a very young age, you grasp many things and it probably helps you envisage many more things over the years in sort of work experience and managing clients conversations.”
After gaining every insight into media, Rachana decided to start off her own venture in the year 2000, but called it quits soon. But this end was a beginning of a something new and flourishing, because it was then in May 2011, Rachana started MediaValueWorks. Being a mother, fulfilling all the necessary responsibilities Rachana started MediaValueWorks, by her own, which now has multiple offices across the world, with many awards to its name.
In the concern of content, there is one more important factor and that is, lack of originality. In this digital world, this is a question of high point today. Rachana reflects on it, “Observing at by and large maximum usage of copy paste and maximum usage of reusing content is actually taking place. We are abiding to making things run quick and simple, just pick up a topic somewhere, just tweak it a bit, put it up.”
Rachana got the perfect nerve of media, as to how it should be managed all the way. She says, “While working in the media there are some key things that should be emphasized- first is knowing your target audience, second, what is the key messages you want to disseminate? Third, of course, the key messages should have a NEWS value.” Because if it’s not newsy, it will not have any value at all. Rachana noted, “There has to be a News element and a News element only arrives when there has been any kind of remarkable development at somebody’s end.” It clarifies that you can not just manufacture news and this is the reality. MediaValueWorks strengthens on researched, well-written and fresh content.
While reflecting on MediaValueWorks’ future, Rachana says, “One of our forte is International outrage. We want our own business development and media relations staff operating from multiple locations in the next five years.”
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