ML360 Educations: The Rising Star of Analyst Prabhat Shining for the Investors Delight  

ML360 Educations
ML360 Educations

When looked at from the outside, on the surface, poetry, financial analysis, FinTech, stock market, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning has no connection. Similarly, everything in the world has no direct visible connection.

But again, you are looking at things from the outside in. Looking at things from the inside out, you will know that in the ‘Theory of Everything,’ ‘You’ are the central point–You are the connection.

You don’t have to believe me. You can believe in yourself. Your power of being alive, discerning, and learning everything anew every day after your awakening. And your supremely powerful mind analyzing, interpreting, and dreamily visualizing it in the surreally virtual reality of your sleep.

Still not getting the connection. You might be trying to see and learn traditionally. You must widen your viewpoint and grasp everything with a renewed perspective. With a multi-dimensional ML 360 Education. In this Edu-Verse, Prabhat Kumar is the Chief Learning Officer and this story’s focal point of view.

The latest news from the “Business Leadership Summit – 2023” reveals that ML360 Educations has been recognized by MSME and the Government of Karnataka as one of the best Edu Tech companies of the year. This is a significant achievement that speaks to the unparalleled thought process and leadership skills of the ML360 team. Moreover, the founder of ML360 is humbled to have received this honour alongside an Honorary Ph.D. Degree in Education Service from Theophany University, Haiti (North America).

This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication the founder has put into making a positive impact in education. It is not the result of mere luck or short-term efforts but the culmination of years of hard work and unwavering dedication since his college days. The founder acknowledges that he owes his success to his incredible friends, teachers, trainers, and all those who have indirectly supported him on this journey.

Overall, this recognition is a prestigious achievement and a validation of the founder’s efforts to make a positive impact in education. The recognition by such a prestigious institution is a testament to his leadership skills and thought process, and it will inspire him to continue making a positive impact in the education sector.

ML360 Educations is an education hub for teaching and learning Data Science, Big Data, Cloud and AI, etc. But the Founder of ML360 Educations, Prabhat himself, is a CFA with a finance degree and a certificate from IIM Calcutta and NSE’s NCFM.

Hence, ML360 Educations offers FINTECH specializations with medium to advanced studies in Stock Market Ratio and Data Analysis. Due to this same, two additional wings of ML360 Education are

*Analyst Prabhat – an application that helps people evaluate their personal finance and fix any irregularities, and

*Investors Delight – “another application that helps us allocate our idle funds in various assets, including stocks and gold.

From Learning to Earning Life

Here’s the story as to how it all started.

Way back in 2007, after Prabhat completed his graduation as BTECH from VIT Vellore, he was free for two months and, after that, was to join IBM India on 31st July 2007. Between those two months, Prabhat uploaded all his poems to his blog Meri Madhushala – Even after joining IBM India, he kept appending Meri Madhushala’s blog with new poems and articles. There are now more than 100 small and big poems and articles with more than 15 lakh views so far and over 400 registered users of the blogs. It attracts users from different countries around the globe and gets comments in several languages, with more than 30k comments so far.

Why am I talking about poetry and prose when the motto is to discuss teachings in data science, AI, and finance? This is because all my poetry is about myself, my perspective towards life, and how it has shaped and is going to shape my work profile as well.”

Prabhat presented many poems in local groups in Bangalore and Pune. In some, he got awarded  Mr. Poet of the Month as well. He wrote two poetry books – namely

  • “Meri Madhushala” (2012/2017/2020 publications) and
  • “Nectars of Life” (2020 publication).

Not only that, in 2020, Prabhat started releasing songs at his own expense and made several video songs as well as 50+ audio songs or lyrical videos. Some of them with great content got viral. Also, he got quite recognition among his peers. However, he says, “My passion for poetry and music gave me a lot, but there was no output in terms of finance. So, I have always been busier with my core work and studies and took my literate, poetry, and song-based interests as a low priority.

Today, when he is teaching, those moments spent reciting poetry help him give Prabhat’s presentation a bold illustrative way of oration. His time spent in acting and studio setup gives him the confidence that he can practice and make any knowledge-based video in a short time.

Creating the Poem of Technology

Today, his area of work is Data Science, AI, Finance, and Stock Market based education, all core to the FINTECH domain. He initiated a talk called “Analyst Prabhat Talks” and released several videos on the media. Those were the core finance and business strategies that he shared with his public audience.

Today, ML360 Education has its revenue from several contracts from which Prabhat and the team get the opportunity to teach students from different colleges across the country.

Investors Delight was started with a partnership with Mr Saikat Halder and one more person from Kolkata. It is currently divided into two groups: Knwgrow Invest and Investors Delight.

Analyst Prabhat is the personal brand applicable to both ML360 Educations and Investors Delight as of now. Prabhat adds, “We are looking out for some sponsorships, external investment, and way more things that can subside our financial bottlenecks, and we can exceed at educational excellency with a good profit at the end of the day.”

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the business arena, he says they started with ‘Meri Madhushala’ as a music and motivational education-based company. But they did not get much success in terms of profit as it required a large investment per song or album, and they lacked backup in case they lost the long-term game. He reflects, “We released some 50+ songs or poems that can still be watched on the YouTube channel “Meri Madhushala”, but we quit this game.”

Conquering Challenges

Now they started with the education company – ML360 Education. The very name suggests that it stands for all operations involving machine learning. There is a story behind Prabhat’s additional activities on Meri Madhushala and ML360 Education. Once, he had a disagreement on a scientific issue regarding processed data in an application with his HOD of Data Science in the organization. His HOD clarified that his method was all right, and he was unhappy with Prabhat’s objection. Later, Prabhat was moved from the data science team unconstitutionally to a normal finance-based project.

To return to the data science team, Prabhat completed an Executive program in Machine Learning from Columbia University in 2019. “I thought that this would enable me to get back the position that I lost over a disagreement with my seniors,” he says. But later, he was moved to a still basic project where manual testing was required. This work was effortless, and Prabhat’s tension at work was gone. This gave him a valuable opportunity to create some 50 songs and poems during the corona crisis, and he got the chance to realize his verified singer profile at Jiosaavn, Apple, and Spotify. This business looked exciting, but it was all financial loss without sponsorship.

Now, after his work ended and Meri Madhushala did not run, Prabhat finally decided to launch the ML360 Educations business and parallelly worked on Investors Delight in the stock market segment. Initial challenges were setting up a framework for Course Design and then Lead Generation, consulting, etc.

The Rising Legend

ML360 Educations has gone on contract only, whereas Investors Delight generated leads as well. After a series of training cycles, they decided to have Edureka Learning Center’s branch with ML360 education as a partner of Varanda Acasia. Initially, their official did help Prabhat, and his team set up the office at their own expense.

He explains, “We also hired a few employees in October ’22. But despite a brand awareness campaign and social media campaign by us, we could not get a single enrolment. When I asked Edureka Officials about their approach to lead generation, they could not reply. They were also silent when I compared the proposed revenue scenario with actual revenue generated at the end of one, two, and three months respectively. After a deep and careful analysis, we closed this setup immediately on 31st Dec 2022. We are still discussing with Varandha Acasia about any loss in employment and rentals for two-three months. They don’t have the right answer to many questions asked by us, including the role in lead generation by Edureka Team and fallacy in revenue prediction hypothesis.”

They are now proceeding with the ‘Analyst Prabhat’ brand in all their courses. They are open for sponsors and investors to take an interest in their teaching models. They have 4.4 user ratings with 15 reviews so far in a year at Trustpilot.

Here are more details about Prabhat’s rise after the job ended and how he landed in the training landscape. He had two options, and he was bound to walk on both of them. The first option was where he mingled with his partners and started building his empire as Investors Delight. There he was constantly creating videos to inspire young people to start investing in the stock market with a long-term mindset and gain profit every year. And year after year, their fund would grow. It will go to the extent that they may get multi-bagger returns at the end of ten years.

Prabhat, a successful runner and entrepreneur, owes much of his success to the guidance and support of his mentors. He is grateful to the individuals who helped him along the way and acknowledges the significant impact they have had on his journey.

Prabhat joined several clubs, including Running Genes, 10X Club, and Startup Frat. These communities provided him with a supportive network of individuals who shared his passion and motivated him towards his goals. He credits his coach and the members of these clubs for their unwavering support and encouragement.

Prabhat expresses his gratitude towards individuals, Mr. Darshan Somaiya, Dr. Kirthana Sindhe and Dr. Rajat Sinha, for their mentorship and guidance. They played a significant role in helping Prabhat navigate the challenges and obstacles he faced while pursuing his goals.

Furthermore, Prabhat’s dedication to running and working out regularly has transformed his health and physique. He gives thanks to Dr. Kirthana Sindhe for her support and expertise in this area. Prabhat has successfully conquered six half marathons and is now setting his sights on running a full marathon in 2023.

Overall, Prabhat’s success is a testament to the power of mentorship and community. He recognizes the important role his mentors played in his journey and encourages others to seek out guidance and support in their pursuits.

Riding on the Wave

This is the principle on which he teaches people. He is a man with a technical background in Python and Finance. He has a stronghold on data science and AI concepts and teaches individuals Python and data science. He has worked on data science projects in his previous company, MBB labs. That’s why he has confidence that he can teach people how a data scientist works in an organization. Hence, he started teaching data science using Python programming language to college students and other needy people on online contracts. He took several contracts and started teaching data science to the people as the core work.

Now since he is not a data scientist, he acquired these skills right from his graduation in BTech in bioinformatics. There he completed many such projects in data science. And then, he started working on data science in MBB labs. After working in data science for a few years in MBB labs, the downturn story mentioned earlier happened. His ultimate goal has always been to teach data science to other students and professionals. So that more students can work on data science projects and build their carrier. Data Science is one of the top-most jobs of the 21st century. “We teach it on a priority basis,” Prabhat states.

An Enlightening Dawn of Knowledge

He teaches two basic fields: Data Science, Investment and the stock market. He gained enough popularity. Many people across India started knowing him as an analyst. Now, people recognize him as Analyst Prabhat. He is not a business analyst. It used to be his professional title for a long time. He is also not the Test Analyst, which he started with his carrier. But the analyst profile stands for financial analyst and also a Data Scientist.

This way, he has done a lot more things in the area of finance and data science. As a consultant, trainer, and poet, he continuously teaches people about data science and machine learning. He is running four data science batches and three more artificial intelligence batches.

And in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, he mostly talks about machine learning and deep learning technologies. How do they work, and what are the principles behind them? He also solves many complex projects around all these techniques. People are benefited. They get clues on how to solve all the real-world problems using these techniques.

With the help of all these tips and techniques, Prabhat offers them the ability to crack all difficult examinations in the subjects of advanced technologies. They can be easily employed in the industry. Prabhat enlightens the students in various areas with motivational lectures and poetry. He is further helping them master the concepts of data science and artificial intelligence by propelling them to the periphery of these core industrial areas.

Illuminating Times

There are the core values of ML360 Education/Analyst Prabhat –

  • Doing all the SMART way
  • Thinking for the LONG-TERM
  • Striving for EXCELLENCE
  • INTEGRITY at the core

“And I stick to all of them—my clients like long-term association and my theory of independence at work. We believe in a work culture that is tension free, full of humour, and empathetic. We support the transformation to students, staff, and other trainers,” says Prabhat adding that they are dynamic and progressive. Though presently they are slowly accumulating funding and support from VCs and Investors.

He states, “Our USPs are learning advanced ML/AI techniques, keeping the finance industry in mind. And despite being an EdTech Firm, Analyst Prabhat is a life coach who aims to teach personal finance, how to dream, desire and write poems, and plan and execute the strategy to achieve the target. Your blueprint of success can be your poem quite close to your heart, and you can achieve it realistically.”

Advancing the Tech Era

As an experienced professional, he advises budding aspirants willing to enter the business world to prepare well in advance. Give up watching TV shows, useless gatherings with friends, and useless social media interaction, and focus on two basic things

  • Your basic work and related study and
  • The passion that would inspire you to bring up your first business.

For example, as soon as he entered the business in Jan 2022, Prabhat also enrolled for the Doctorate in the business administration program with the Swiss School of Business & Administration (SSBM), Geneva, Switzerland.

With so many ups and downs with ML360 and Investors Delight, he feels he can write some research papers on partnership in business and pay-out scenarios in a franchise outlet. For example, profit sharing ratio or even loss sharing ratio, the event of a bad phase or winding up of business. “Be prepared for lots of ups and downs in business. High risk-taking abilities will pay off in the long run,” he believes.

On envisioning his brand’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Prabhat reveals that as a company ML360 Educations, they keep themselves updated on all the latest technologies right from ML/AI to payment systems, cryptocurrencies, and related regulations. “We are committed to utilizing and teaching or explaining all about the latest technologies from the current era,” he concludes.

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