Priyanka Bhatia: Conquering the World with Her Rising Queens Caravan of Success

Priyanka Bhatia
Priyanka Bhatia

We, the other half, never realize how difficult it is for women to become successful yet self-empowering, joyous, happy, delighted, and enjoy amazing lives at their own convenience, comfort, time, and terms. True, in corporate jobs, women get money, power, prestige, professional success, and an opportunity to contribute, but still, it leaves them with a glass half empty. The feeling that something is amiss remains with them, constantly nagging their psyche.

Most times, they find themselves without any time for their children, families, friends, relatives, and even ‘me time,’ which are the basic prerequisites of any individual for a healthy and happy life. Further, there are no opportunities, avenues, or platforms for women who want to help others, especially women, achieve their personal, professional, and financial freedom and self-independence.

Priyanka Bhatia, too, felt trapped in a squeezing cycle of living a life that was leaving her exasperated. Her earlier corporate job, where she served international clients, left her with no time to ‘live’ her life to the fullest with family and friends. She comes from an HR background and has worked in the Recruitment industry for more than eight years for domestic and international clients.

Empowering Women to Become Self-Sufficient

Over the years, she realized that a lot of female professionals have to quit their jobs for multiple reasons, like marriage, family ways, elderly parents at home, and the like. “There is a massive pool of talent under the walls of our homes who want to be independent. That was my inspiration to provide them with such a platform – Rising Queens,” adds the Founder of Rising Queens – A team of Two Lakh enthusiastic Queens with a pan India presence with a clear mission of empowering women daily to help them lead a better and secure life.

Empowerment and Supporting people have always been Priyanka’s desires and goals. Throughout her career as a senior HR professional for an international consulting organization and as an Entrepreneur with Oriflame, she desired to empower and bring out the best in the people she works with. It helps improve their talent and skills and helps them achieve their goals. With the help of Oriflame, she started connecting and supporting thousands of females monthly in pan India.

Reflecting on her journey with Oriflame, she says that when she started Rising Queens in Jan 2016, her income was ₹2000. Then by March 2016, she became Senior Manager, and her revenue increased to ₹30,000. Then by October 2016, her earning went on to ₹55,000 + ₹50,000 CA, and she became the Director. By May 2017, as a Senior Director, her income went up to ₹75,000 + ₹70,000 CA. Later, by October 2017, as a Gold Director, her earnings became ₹1,50,000 + ₹1,00,000 CA. By Aug 2018, as a Senior Gold Director, her income became ₹2,00,000 + ₹1,50,000 CA and ₹3,00,000 + ₹2,00,000 CA by October 2018 as a Sapphire Director. Then on Jan 2020, she became the Diamond Director with an income of ₹4,50,000 + ₹3,00,000 CA, and as a Senior Diamond Director, by Oct 2020, her earnings increased up to a whopping ₹6,50,000 + ₹4,00,000 CA.

Working From Home, Winning Over the Globe

Today, she is the fastest growing leader pan India with the fastest growing network pan India, being North India’s Fourth Top Leader and Seventh Top Leader at the pan India level, and the winner of the Women Achiever Award by IDSA​.

Furthermore, she won the Europe Cruise in 2017, the Paris Cruise in 2018, 17 Queens Goa Cruise in 2018, five Queens Sweden Cruise and 50 Queens Hyderabad Cruise in 2019, 27 Queens Spain Cruise and 250 Queens Bangkok Cruise in 2020, and 287 Queens Dubai cruise in 2022.

Priyanka is also the feature of a bestselling video book, ‘How To Make 6 Figure Income from your Smartphone,’ by Supreet Batra.

She informs, “I have a strong team called Rising Queens where women work online from home and earn five-six figures income sitting at home taking care of their responsibilities.” They are a community of women with a pan-India presence who are doctors, teachers, architects, digital marketers, recruiters, and social media experts who left their jobs because of one or the other financial responsibility.

She furthers, “We train them, coach them and allow them to learn, grow and realize their dreams with Rising Queens while working for a better future for themselves and thousands around them.”

How Dreams Come True?

Priyanka discovered the Oriflame opportunity over a cup of tea with Chaitali Misra in Jan 2016. Her unique style of narrating stories of various fast-growing Oriflame leaders motivated me to be the next one.

She says, “With Oriflame, I enjoy the freedom of an entrepreneur, flexibility to spend time with my friends and family, fun events with my team, earn money and grow quickly. It gives me great satisfaction to see my team members grow. I dedicate all my time and energy to ensuring that they succeed. My success, in turn, is a bonus!”

There is a saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman. However, Priyanka says that behind her success, there are so many women.

She follows the three E’s these days – Enjoy, Enable and Empower. She sees herself spending all her time empowering her team leaders while enjoying with them. The 4th E – ‘Earn’ is happening automatically.

Sharing the saga of her reputed business since its inception, Priyanka says she started “Rising Queens” in 2016 with a focus on empowering women across the country while they continue to be the primary caregiver for their families.

Today, her brand has over two lakh women associated with it from different spheres of life who are successful entrepreneurs and have changed the life and lifestyle of their loved ones.

Surmounting Obstacles

Telling about the initial challenges that she had to surmount to ensure her business’s success rate reached greater heights, Priyanka reveals that Rising Queens is associated with Oriflame India Pvt Ltd as a Channel Partner. Her foremost challenge was enforcing trust in people and how she and her team were different from others. Reaching the masses nationwide through social media and creating a foundation without much in-person interaction was another challenge they faced. It’s quite different when you can’t meet someone in person.

According to her, ‘Transparency, Team spirit and excellent quality of products’ are the professional values and qualities she believes her clients’ value in her and Rising Queens the most.

Together We Can Be Triumphant 

Furthermore, she says the biggest USP for Rising Queens is the spirit of its leaders to help everyone prosper and grow with continuous training and assistance.

As an experienced professional, her advice to budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is genuinely inspirational. She says, “Believe in yourself, your purpose and your dreams. I am one of the first digital entrepreneurs in India for Oriflame India Pvt Ltd, a 55+ years old Global company, and this belief in my purpose got me this far.”

On envisioning Rising Queens’ operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, she divulges that their business model is highly based on social media as they are digital entrepreneurs. “I feel the automated tools would help expand our reach and save time to focus on more concrete things,” she concludes.

For more information, you can click the link or connect with Priyanka at or +91 98730 92411.

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