Neeru Bhasin – Embracing Artistry of the Eternal Simplicity

Prihana Bhasin | owner | The Atelier Design
Prihana Bhasin | owner | The Atelier Design

Simplicity is the classic Indian definition of beauty, some people say. Simple Indian beauty attires such as lehnga, sharara, garara, plazzo’s, and churidars from formals to semi-formals and smart casuals, have been the timeless fashion trends amidst the changing definitions.

But the traditional art of impeccable hand craftsmanship is waning because of the onslaught of in-bulk producing factories across the country. Thus, machination in the name of innovation and complex styles in the name of excellence is the current norm.

The Atelier Design by Neeru Bhasin, Founder & CEO, is on the quest to break that average and redefine innovation and excellence in the quintessential Indian style.

At the same time, it has also embarked on the journey of preserving and reinventing conventional art of immaculate handmade artistry. Neeru is further blending this craftsmanship with various fabrics to honour and enhance that classic Indian beauty.

In an interview with Insights Success for its edition of ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena’ Neeru Bhasin is telling us how she at The Atelier Design is providing unique and creative designs, which brings out the best in the fashion world. Her brand story has just commenced, and she humbly invites you to become a part of this journey of timeless Indian fashion.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the women’s clothing industry?

I have always been very artistic in nature. Initially, I used to paint, but then my interest expanded to clothing. I used to always get compliments on the kinds of clothes I wore, especially my choice with Indian clothing; friends would often ask me to design clothes for them, so I decided to make this into a business.

Please describe The Atelier Design in detail.

I started this firm about seven years ago, once I was done with all my household responsibilities of kids. Initially, it was all offline with me doing exhibitions and supplying to multiple retailers. But now I have also opened my e-commerce online store, namely Through this, I hope to reach a younger and wider audience. We deal mainly in Indian formal and semi-formal wear for women. We are now slowly moving to western wear also. My collection hinges on modernity and is timeless at the same time, pieces that translate easily from day to night and the aesthetic has no borders.

What were the initial challenges you faced while venturing into the clothing space?

One of the major challenges was of course building a niche for myself. I am extremely picky about the quality of the cloth used. We do not compromise on craftsmanship or fit. If we promise a handcrafted piece of clothing with Gota, Tilla, or Zardosi embroidery, we make sure that the customer gets value for money. Unlike many people out there who try to pass off machine embroidery as hand embroidery, we make no compromises on the same.

Another major challenge was finding people who still practice these dying arts of hand embroidery. Since the market for these crafts is dying, I find such artisans harder to trace as the younger generation does not want to do the work their forefathers did.

What are the USPs that highlight The Atelier Design’s uniqueness?

One of the main USPs of my brand is the handiwork that goes into making each piece. I check each and every material and finished product. It is my belief that the cleanliness and finesse with which each product is made is very important. Nobody wants their clothes falling apart or having threads hanging out, looking frayed at the most inopportune time!

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and The Atelier Design the most?

We deliver what the client wants- Value for money. People want quality products and how they want them. We customise a lot of our products for our customers. Learning their requirements and also offering advice as to which colour, cut, fabric and embroidery will go best for the occasion required, whether office wear or a wedding, give us the leverage to deliver exactly what they want.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants?

Don’t cut corners on quality. People know a good product when they see it. While it is important to be able to market a product, no amount of marketing can help if the product itself cannot hold its ground. This will reduce the number of returning customers.

How do you envision The Atelier Design’s operations eventually, concerning the changing scenario of your niche, post-pandemic?

I expect that the retail sector will come back in full swing. Considering the pandemic, everyone is fed up with staying at home and want to get out and look their best. While online shopping will of course continue, the personalization that takes place in a physical brick and mortar store is unparalleled.

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