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What is the key essence of the journey of self-discovery for the “New-Age CEO”? 
My roots lie in my DNA, being a 3rd gen in the family of entrepreneurs I always knew that I had leadership and confidence in me that was a fabric of all my learning from my Father and my Grandfather. Empathy and EQ taught by my mother together became a successful mix towards becoming the CEO of Social DNA. People only see the tip of the iceberg which is either success or the failure but what goes into it is a lot of patience, risk, strategy, trials, learning, and sweat. To choose this journey one must wear a metal jacket and the only enemy is the mind, which continuously challenges the wit and only the strong and persistent survive.
The chair of the CEO in this era is more of responsibility rather than a comfortable seat. The journey towards success while being in this position is like the flight of a kite, rising above all the hurdles and challenges and continuing to fly by maneuvering the strong winds.  The most important aspect of this flight is to stay grounded to the base, which comprises of strong ethics, philosophy and the carefully chosen team of people that needs to continuously be empowered for strength.
About Management skills that would drive an entrepreneur to become a leader?
I have been blessed to come across some really amazing set of people who help me in the journey. They have been the pillars of strength that hold Social DNA together. Business has always been and will be about empowering people. It is critical that A CEO understands his team and manage their skills in the right way, so as to create great leaders. The leaders that we create will light up the path towards glory that we aim to achieve as an organization. The grooming of leaders with a strong sense of character and continuous refinement of their skills takes a great deal of persuasiveness and empathy, after all, we are dealing with delicate, highly creative minds. While we are at this herculean task of carrying them on our shoulders, we need to find the perfect balance of work and personal lives for both ourselves and our people. Happy people form a happy organization.
What are the key attributes that every CEO should master?
Key attributes of a great CEO cannot merely be defined by words, but must be constantly shaped and polished like a sculpture. The most important one being agile, the confidence to make fast decisions that can affect the course of the journey of the organization. The second one is about problem-solving which needs to be based on a strong sense of empathy towards the people involved; after all, everything that we do is for them. Strategizing synergy forms the third most important attribute. Partnership and alliances that we form are what makes our journey a memorable one. The final attribute is networking; we are as resourceful as the people that we know. Our work is a product of people that we collaborate and coordinate with. With the right people, we don’t merely tread, we waltz our way to success. With all these key attributes, the thirst for reaching greater heights should drive us.
What are the major challenges faced by the business leaders of 21st century and tricks to overcome them?
The journey towards bigger goals involves overcoming great challenges and hurdles. The major challenges of a CEO in the 21st century come in various forms. The most crucial decision comprises making the best out of the arbitrage moments in the fast-changing world. Opportunities have often knocked the doors of Social DNA disguised in the form of challenges and we are glad to have made the best out of them. Dealing with the ever-changing norms and laws of the technological world is a tricky task. Effectively managing the human resource is never a breeze as identifying the most prominent skillset of person takes keen observation and time. In this wired era of knowledge explosion, a strong will to learn and unlearn every day is challenging and heavily rewarding at the same time.
Few words on future of emerging CEOs in the age of rapid change?
Future is full of sunshine for the leaders of organizations that aim to bring “Disruption” to the industry through their work. To do that kind of revolutionary innovations takes a great amount of perseverance and watchfulness for the right opportunity. Let the idea of change be a thing to look forward to. Success is theirs who look at challenges and smile before they take it by the horns.
About the Author
Aditya Raj Mankani is the Founder and CEO of Social DNA, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad. With over 15 years of experience in the areas of finance and manufacturing, Aditya combines his business acumen and passion for technology to provide result-oriented digital strategies to help clients achieve their marketing objectives. An alumnus of the prestigious Hyderabad Public School, Aditya pursued his higher education from the University of South Florida in Tampa Bay, USA where he completed his double graduation in Finance and Information

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