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The dawn of modern technology we see today happened back in the 1800s with the industrial revolution. It paved the way for technology to emerge and innovation has never settled to this year, this second. Our world comprises of technologies so profound that looking back on the industrial revolution seems ancient. With the invention of computers and the internet, we just passed the information age that lasted a few decades. We are now living in a world of augmented age. We are augmented by computational systems which solve problems, augment our senses, businesses and enhance our expertise.

The 21st century technologies comprise a myriad of distinctive implications. The major benchmarking technologies we are talking here about are Blockchain, AI, Quantum Mechanics, BCI, and Robotics.
The modern human is introduced to profound and intriguing technologies such as wifi, cellular devices, computers and more. One of the most intriguing and dominant technologies that I personally advocate for is the Blockchain. The blockchain is a set of ledgers that stores unaltered information that is easy to track but nigh impossible to infiltrate or manipulate. The world was introduced to the blockchain 10 years ago and since then it has become the billion dollar industry, with a potential to mount the trillion dollar mark in the upcoming years. Blockchain could be applied to airlines, healthcare, land records, government operations, banking and more.
We at ITH facilitate such practices and encourage our teammates, clientele, and others to enter this space and revolutionize the way research and development is concluded. If technology has the potential of transforming the economy, finance, and the future, it comes with its own hazards. We can speak hours about how technology is shaping our future but do we have the slightest of concern about the depletion and hazards technology carries?
While science is ushering into new horizons, industrialization is perilous to our environment. Pollution and depletion are rife while technology still has the ability to tackle and eradicate any harm. ITH keeps this in prime concern and advocates contributing toward creating models and preventive measures to lessen the damage. Technology is meant to save humans from the perils of being endangered while also aiding businesses and commerce.

While I strongly condemn to carry out any hazardous activity that could be detrimental to the environment, I put an immediate concern on technologies such as BCI and robotics. BCI and robotics when combined could without harming environment transform the lives of billions of people. At ITH we facilitate the research and development of BCI and robotic infused implications to enable the impaired to take decisions and be competent enough to carry out their daily lives with ease. ITH is developing an infrastructure to successfully create advance BCI devices to make lives much comfortable. We are delving into the technology by carrying out a significant research as to how the brain works and how thoughts are perceived. ITH’s own brand BrainAlive is creating efficient devices and wearables to aid the impaired people. ITH Technologies are in the process of incubating companies providing futuristic or interactive solutions. ‘Breathe’ and ‘Act it Out’ are two of them.
The blockchain isn’t just for bankers anymore. ITHs core lies in the blockchain to create implications which could transform and make better some of the most despised flaws in finance and business. ITH stands tall in harnessing this technology and facilitating development and helps clients to effectively stand out in the strategy we carve for better business models.

Enterprises, on the other hand, are driven by IoT, data science, Business Intelligence, machine learning, AI and more. After the blockchain, ITH pursues AI and machine learning. AI has beaten several world-renowned champions in strategy games like Chess and Go. Intuitive AIs are writing poetic phrases and building their own strategies to solve problems. Digital disruption has already penetrated industries with AI introduced to marketing and promotions as well.


Robotics is not just motors and wheels right now. We are working with an enthusiastic team engaged in devising wearable technologies under the ‘BrainAlive’ project that focuses on Brain-Computer Interface. BCI has the potential to revolutionize a plethora of decisions that a student takes in his early academic career.

Incubation, Fintech and employment
We are helping companies around the world to execute ICO offerings and blockchain solutions, and strategic development helps them achieve their goals and transform business. Deep Space exploration is a thing now and interstellar journeys are a matter of a few decades. In the near future, you could just move your pupils to control your human androids, speak without moving your lips with BCI, become a superhuman with advanced augmented brain, body, and stealth. ITH delves deeper into technology to garner worthwhile achievements and realize new strategic growth and opportunities.

About the Author
Gaurav is the founder of ITH technologies. He now sits at the desks of Director, Partner, Ambassador, and Advisor to ten Blockchain and eight other companies coming from different tech and non-tech verticals. He has invented groundbreaking personal and Enterprise utilities for VR, Brain/Machine Interface, behavior analysis, blockchain solutions.

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