OAASA Technologys: Providing Advanced IT Solutions to Safeguard the Businesses

OAASA Technologys

In this digital world, technology has involved in everything we do, in one way or another. It plays a big role in the success of the businesses too. The usage of technologies has increased in daily affairs of the organizations, whether it is small or big. With this, the number of organizations hit by cybercrime is also rising each year. No business is safe from the cyber-attack; it becomes necessary to fight back against the cybercrime. Effective cyber security tools and systems are needed to protect the confidential data of the businesses. With an aim to make a clean and safe cyber and robotics world by removing threat of cybercrime, OAASA Technologys was incorporated. The company is also working towards creating internet security awareness through their skill-based trainings and IT services with products to a huge number of organizations.
With the change in manufacturing world, the need for the technologies has also changed.  Adaptable automation and security system has become a priority around the world, as companies seek new and cost-effective ways of responding to dynamic customer requirements. Also, the sophistication of cyber-attacks from worms and viruses to enhanced techniques such as Zero-day attack, Dynamic Trojan Horse Network (DTHN) Internet worm, and Stealth Bot drove led the IT security service providers to design advanced security software and solutions. OAASA Technologys provides cutting edge advances in technology and securities, through innovative thinking and revolutionary ideas. The company offers a web-based programming architecture for robots and security system, offering a security based web interface that allows users to type their robot control programs.
The Startup Journey
The journey of OAASA started in the year of 2011 when nCircle Inc. was formed at New Orleans, Louisiana. In the year 2014, to provide web and software services globally a sister concern ZenX Software was introduced in Kolkata. Later, they started Cyber Security, Robotics and IoT Services and successfully served more than 400 clients. In the year 2016, OAASA Technologys, formed in Kolkata as a parent company and became Indian cyber security partner of a Denmark-based Company Heimdal Security. In the year 2017, they have introduced IoTKeep.com is IoT data security platform, AnnyMart.com is e-Commerce platform for IT, Cyber Security, Robotics and IoT products and Careersion.com platform for IT career and training.
Tremendous Leadership of the Company
Sobhan Bhattacharya, CEO of OAASA Technologys, successfully served as a renowned Chief Engineer for long years in the USA, France, Canada and the UK with International Maritime and Aviation industries. He is holding two master’s degrees MBA and M-Tech (IIT Kanpur), also fellowships of many International organizations and authorities. He has even launched low cost Ultra Smart IoT data security platform and many domestic & industrial robotics products in the market. He has implemented many exceptional initiatives in the IT industry those are very useful in the present scenario in terms of accessibility, low cost & security point of view.
Extensive and Innovative Services Provided by OAASA
OAASA Technologys is a web-based control, robotic engineering, cyber security based, and ISO 9001 – 2015 certified Company located in India. They deliver IT security services for the businesses and shield them from the manifold of cyber-attacks they are exposed to in their daily exercises. They provide solutions to protect against information theft, security breaches, hacking, network vulnerability, virus attacks, framework trade off, system compromise, frauds etc., through audit and assurance, IT administration, data security and business innovation warning. OAASA Technologys are working for the most recent decade with professionally licensed ethical hackers and ISO 27001 Auditors.
OAASA also offers training and education based practices on complete web; android security based technology, ethical hacking, cyber security, cyber forensics, wireless engineering, robotics, VLSI and embedded systems. It has arranged many workshops for cyber security, IoT & data security for general awareness. They have recovered many companies from cybercrime through Information Risk Assessment, Security Audit, Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing, Cloud Security, Managed Security, ITIL & ISO27001:2013 implementation.
Potential Segment for Cyber Security from OAASA’s Point of View
Advancement in the field of information technology, up-gradation of existing weapons with intelligence, and increasing dependency on internet network by the military organizations raises the threat of organized cyber-attacks. It became necessitated the use of reliable and enhanced cyber security solutions for the defence industry. The cyber security market remains as the key driver for the growth of cyber security solutions for the defence industry. The defence and the homeland security agencies are expected to cover around 75% share of the global cyber security market in 2018. Growth in investments on military programs and allocation of resources for research and development of cyber security solution for the battle field communication systems; is expected to remain as the most upcoming trends in the cyber security market for the defence industry over the coming years.
Company’s Next Move for Future
OAASA Technologys is about to release International Standard Cyber Security and IoT products in the global market. The next goal of the company is to enter the domestic life of individuals to provide cost effective, secured Cyber security and IOT solutions. They have already developed many products into the global market in terms of wearable, Tabletop, and fixed units.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Cyber Threat Solution Providers

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