Necurity Solutions: Transforming Cyber Security Sector with Indigenous Security Solutions

Necurity Solutions

A renowned proverb quotes, “In cyber security, the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are.
As the world has become more connected than ever, cyber security has become a necessity rather than a choice. Hacking, Cracking and other types of cyber mischief have reached a level of sophistication and it has become a profession with high stakes involved. It has gained a plenty of weight over the years as the worldwide spend for the cyber security has continued to grow by 71.1 million in 2014, 75 million in 2016 and is expected to reach to 100 million approx. by 2018.
Necurity Solutions stepped into the world of cyber security in 2016 with a strong mission to make information technology a benefit in the business industry through economical and innovative security solutions. Necurity has successfully shielded more than hundreds of companies from the varied industries be it Medicine, Jewelry, Shipping, or Hospitality, from the cyber-attacks.
Necurity Solutions is compassionate in providing end-to-end cyber security protection and preventing the sophisticated cyber-attacks.  It has flawlessly detected vulnerabilities in several companies and has reported them via their Bug Bounty Programs. The company provides innovative and universal security solutions to its customers through Security & Theft Data Protection, Cloud Security, Enterprise & IT Network security, and Web & Mobile Application security.
Creative and Enthusiastic Leader of the Organization
The giant Necurity Solutions is run by Ishwar Prasad Bhat, who is the dynamic Founder & CEO of the company and is accredited with Ethical Hacker and Information Security Expert certifications. Ishwar has successfully dealt with a serious cyber-attack on the eBay company, wherein the vulnerability in the website would allow the hackers to purchase any item for one rupee. This cyber-attack is recorded as the ‘eBay One Rupee Vulnerability’ in the Google and he is well known for detecting the threat. His splendid knowledge and vast experience in the cyber security has placed him in association with the top MNC giants such as AT&T, eBay, Blackberry and more. Additionally, he is a notorious speaker at various International Cyber Security Conferences.
On speaking about the company’s success, Ishwar asserts, “The major contributing factors behind the company’s success would be my team. We have thousands of happy customers and have successfully mitigated thousands of cyber-attacks around the globe.
Awards and Accolades
Necurity is well-known for strongly protecting the data and integrity as well as taking high preventive measures to mitigate the cyber risks. Its in-house experts thrive hard to deliver best services to their customers.
Ishwar Prasad, the CEO of Necurity Solutions, was recently recognized as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2016’ by the Entrepreneurs Council of India. He was also endorsed with the monetary awards of worth $2000 from the renowned companies like Shopify, Uber for detecting multiple susceptibilities in their system. He has recently bagged ‘Vinutna Ratna’ Award by the Akkineki Foundation of USA for his remarkable achievements in the cyber security sector.
Necurity Offering Unique Services
The company delivers a wide range of services like web and mobile app development, various penetration testing and many more. It also offers manual as well as remote network audits and vulnerability assessments for the organizations.
Necurity has built an effective way to create a website that will withstand the relationships with its peers. Its strong motive is to create user-friendly and informative websites with meaningful content, high-resolution photos and videos, and expansive portfolios. Its dedicated team is available 24*7 to assist its customers with the technical issues in updating, and fixing the vulnerabilities released by the vendors.
The Network Penetration Testing service of the company generates a complete cyber audit report on the networks, ports, and the switches, apparently mending all the susceptibilities. Also, the Web Application Security Assessment Report comprises of the complete details of the threats, explanation, references, and the cyber-threat fixing techniques.
Necurity’s biggest strength lays in the user manual and automated vulnerability assessment techniques which overcomes the traditional usage of various software or other scanners. The unique techniques of the company have led it to find the exposures which could not be detected by any other software or tools.
Visioning an Unbeatable Future
With the emerging IT environment, the intense need for the cyber security will remain the same as there will always be some vulnerability to our data systems. Necurity Solutions holds a glorious future as its primary focus is always on delivering trustful and quality security services to its clients. While sharing the upcoming goals of the company, its CEO mentions, “With the quality and trustful service which Necurity is delivering to its clients, we see Necurity Solutions to be the pioneer in the field of Cyber Security Technologies.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Cyber Threat Solution Providers

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