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With the advancement of technology, the knowledge resources are becoming an open source by boosting students and researchers to learn more about Cyber Security. The new era of Cyber Defense in India has grown to maximum from personal to corporate level, social networking, social media; knowledge sharing websites that are very rapidly growing in securing the people. As security is the major aspect for every nation. The government of India has secured ambitious plans to raise cyber connectivity with various activities related to e-governance and e-commerce that are now being carried out over the Internet. Even the country is planning to prevent Cyber War which is now been treated as another nuance apart from Army, Navy, Air force and Space War. The private sectors along with the Indian government which is also providing many critical services related to cyberspace ranging from banking to electricity to running airports and other key transportation infrastructure. The government can necessarily work closely with the private sector, particularly in promoting cyber security practices and hygiene.
One of the leading IT Security Firms in India, Sytech Labs is well-known for providing business solutions to their clients in terms of training, systems integration, consulting, outsourcing, application development, and networking. Sytech Labs services line include Information Security Training, Seminars & Workshops, Cyber Crime Investigation & Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VA/PT), IT Security Consulting & Auditing, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Network Solutions etc.
Renowned Ethical Hacker & Cyber Security Expert
A Cyber Crime Investigator and Consultant with Hyderabad Cyber cell,  Sandeep Mudalkar  the Founder and CEO of Sytech Labs establishedSytech Labs in 2014 with its headquarter based at Hyderabad. With the Motivation from his father Mudalkar Kashi Vishwanatham (Deputy Conservator of Forest-Retired), today he is a trainer & researcher of cyber security. He was interviewed by several news channels including The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, The New Indian Express, Zee TV, Zee News(Hindi), TV9, NTV, Eenadu Etharam, T-News, Express TV, CVR News etc. He was even rewarded by IAS & IPS officers for solving cases of cybercrimes, identifying bugs in government sites, & helped them to improve security and safe transactions and Cyber Forensic Investigator.
Under the leadership of young entrepreneur Sandeep, the team has always copped up with Crime Branch Departments of various states for Investigating Cyber Crimes. In a short span of time, Sytech Labs has improved the infrastructure by conducting plenty of seminars & workshops across India. He has also conducted awareness on Cyber Crimes for more than 200+ schools, Intermediate & Degree Colleges &more than 100+ workshops on Ethical Hacking at various engineering colleges. Many students and professionals got benefited by his lectures.
Obstacles Faced at Ignition Point
At the beginning of the journey, while establishing the organization, Sytech Labs faced several difficulties over a year in finding a good team for sorting out issues in their projects and there was also a tough task in forming cyber security expert’s team which is very rare especially in India. They also faced multitask Investigation across critical cases from various police department regarding Fake profiles of Social Networking Cases, Credit & Debit Card cloning, Cyber Stalking, Fake Lotteries, Data Integrity, Phishing, Email Hacks ,Denial-of-service (DoS) ,Programming flaws, Spoofing attacks, Virus & Worms in Networks, Website Hacks, Leakage of Private information on blogs etc.
Contributing Various Sectors through Cyber Crime Solutions
Being a Cyber Crime Investigation & Law Consultancy,Sytech Labs provides consultancy services to Cyber Law issues, helping Cyber Crime Victims and how to carry out Cyber Crime Investigations, etc. For this purpose, they have a panel of advocates/consultants specializing in Cyber Law matters and practicing at various levels over India.
The company focuses on VA/PT & SEO Projects in which they check websites for bugs and whether the website is vulnerable to hackers, later they solve the problem of the website administrator by protecting the websites from cyber criminals. Apart from this, Sytech Labs also focuses on SEO projects and even work on main and mini with academic projects.
The organization includes team of experts from most of the states in India. They have also helped the society by offering consultancy services on cyber laws & cyber-crime investigation for victims. Sytech Labs qualified team of Software Developers & Web Developers is been always appreciated by the clients for providing them with best Web Solutions and also keen to outsource web solutions to foreign clients. They have always been keen to find the right processes to fix security issues of the Web Applications and have been appreciated by major corporate companies for providing them VA/PT reports.
Spreading Awareness of Cyber Security
As the world is facing increased number of cyber-crimes, the company’s training department is working hard to deliver their best IT Security knowledge to the students to make them best for the IT industries.
The uniqueness of Sytech Labs is sharing their knowledge with students by conducting various workshops across globe. They also provide Vulnerabilities Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) training programs along with job assistance for eligible students. They are also creating awareness about the scope of this in the market by conducting various workshops & seminars.
The organization conducted two weeks of training program for Indian Army on Cyber Security and it’s best practices, Cyber Forensics, Information Security & Legal Compliance.
Certification programs offered at their training center are Certified Ethical Hacking, Certified Forensic Expert, Certified Information Security Expert, Certified Network and Its security Penetration Testing, Certified Cyber Law, Cyber Sense.
SecuredFuture of Sytech Labs
The cyber threats will certainly pose a significant challenge to IT professionals across all sectors with the increase in technologies such as cognitive computing, and big data analytics. Besides the IoT is further influencing the increasingly connected world in unprecedented ways.
While talking about the future steps that are taken on cybercrimes by the organization,Sandeep states  “Our goals is to be one among the best cyber security experts over India, trying hard to get tie-up with various governments across India as there are many flaws in government systems & apart from this we are focusing on M-Commerce & E-Commerce projects etc.”
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Cyber Threat Solution Providers

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