OKSir: Creating Choices for Customers and Businesses for Service Experts

Arun Kapoor , Founder and Director , OKSir | Insights Success | business Magazine

Established in 2016, OKSir is a 24 X 7 on-demand service market platform that brings vendors –‘OkMan’ from different service streams with an aim to quench the day-to-day needs of the clientele.  Converting challenges into opportunities is what best describes the company. Since inception, the company is striving hard to outshine the market complexities by acknowledging customer complaints and rolling out exceptional menu of services for their betterment.
OKSir is one of the pioneers in the e-commerce industry in India, which is clear in its intentions that ‘consumer should get the right price at right time.’ It offers an entire e-commerce services package that prominently holds the reins of ‘standardized pricing.’
Setting the Cornerstones Right!
Arun Kapoor is the Founder and Director of OKSir. His father and Elon Musk are the two iconic personas whom Arun idolizes in his personal as well as professional life. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with acclaimed business acumen. Since childhood, Arun has been into and completely dedicated to do something in electronics. With the same vision, he joined Vodafone and then switched to Panasonic. However, being an entrepreneur and starting something of his own was always the first thought!
The electronic industry was at its embryonic stage in 1999-2000, there were hardly any electronic stores available. As such, setting up something, at that time was too expensive. Foreseeing that online industry was coming up and the internet was taking pace, Arun decided to start something online and that’s how gadgetsguru.com was established. He bought the domain and his journey as an entrepreneur took a new turn in the ecommerce industry.
One fine day, on his way back home, the door of his house slammed-shut due to the wind and he was locked out. This real life incident of being stranded and unable to find the locksmith ignited him with the idea of rolling out an on-demand service platform called OKSir. That was the time in 2013-2014, where Amazon and Flipkart were exploring the electronic industry to its core. With similar visualization, Arun bootstrapped into the industry with his company and is contributing to the electronic industry with sheer dedication till date.
The Company’s Take on Current Scenario
There are a lot of regulations which has not been followed in the Indian e-commerce industry. The newspapers highlight a lot of norms which are actually coming. Moneyed-powers are taking over the industry. More monopolization is happening because people are ready to spend funds and small markets are actually burning up because of this budding scenario. The e-commerce industry has a lot of potential to transform the world for better, but it gets segmented into one or two players. OKSir has taken this challenge as an opportunity to enhance its expertise and is all set for future challenges.
What’s so Unique?
“OKSir is nothing else but a platform to market you. Think of a service that comes to the mind, we can actually organize and start marketing in that particular location and that’s our expertise,” says Arun.
OKSir is an AI-based service platform that caters the services industry as a whole. As a serviceman, one has to just put a service, select a service menu price and the company will start marketing it automatically. At OKSir, any person can come up as a vendor, as a dog walker, etc. The USP of the company include 300+ services at ones doorstep – Certified Vendors, Free registration, Transparent Dealings, Professionally Trained OkMen, Secured Online Payments, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and 15 days no-question-asked money back policy.
OKSir believes in adapting to changes and is consistently evolving to stand tall amongst its peers. It is a podium defining the true essence of ‘Quality.’  An organization well equipped with certified vendors. The company also organizes classes, every Saturday to brief these vendors on delivering quality and on-time services.
Enlightening the Novices
It is very easy to start but it is thousand times more difficult to run an organization. OKSir advices the beginners to ‘Be Obsessive and Love the work they do.’ The company believes that being passionate is the key to a successful startup. Possessing these skills would help individuals to achieve milestones and be a one-of-its-kind entrepreneur.
A Long Way to Go
Being a tech company, OKSir is bound to go into the algorithms and leverages between the platforms of Android and iOS. The company is all set to expand its wings and go to places where there’s scarcity of suppliers, demand is high, and the supply chain is low. For example, a doctor addresses ten-twenty people in a day, but there are other queues looking for more doctors or carpenters or probably any other service. Acknowledging that people cannot really promote and market themselves, OKSir aims to segregate and create a better world by overcoming these challenges in the best way it can.

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