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The Google Partner Program for AdWords is just getting started in a big way in India – last year saw a lot of action and many Premier Partners and Blue Badge Google Partners got into the field. Google Partners are from different technical backgrounds from website development, SEO to pureplay advertising to integrated digital marketers. Globally, Google runs a more involved Partner program with a lot more trainings, workshops, conferences and summits like “Partner Acceleration Summits”.
Optimus PPC is a Google AdWords Certified and a Google Partner Badged Agency, providing Internet Advertising (PPC) Services, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization and Consulting Services, to enable Small and Medium Businesses across the globe to grow profitably. Optimus PPC provides multi-platform internet advertising services including Search Engines (AdWords, Bing, Yahoo) and Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest) along with a few private networks, to ensure complete coverage of the target customers and a higher ROI.
Meet the Team            
Subash Bidare and Pallavi Mohan are Co-Founders of Optimus PPC Services. Subash Bidare has close to two decades of experience in Management Consulting, Marketing and Digital Advertising with exposure to various industries, brands and regions (North America, Western Europe, Middle East, and South Asia). On the other hand, Pallavi Mohan brings in a decades’ experience in life sciences, pharma and nutraceuticals.
Strategies towards Success
Optimus PPC is a process driven organization and has taken elaborate efforts in testing and fine tuning its processes to deliver the best value for its clients. Team Optimus PPC begins with understanding the client’s business, the goals, the aspirations of the management, the products and services, the customers and competitors. This forms the core input element of their Campaign Strategy.
The campaign strategy will detail out the use of different channels, mediums, structure on a macro level, to what messages, what ad types to use, budget allocations, etc. at the micro level. The ad strategy will be completely data driven and customized to the specific requirements of the client. Then team Optimus PPC gets into campaign development including AB testing, ad copies / creatives, targeting, bidding, etc.
Cost savings are built into the campaigns through processes like AB testing, targeting, ad creatives, bidding strategy, continuing optimization post campaign launch, etc. – Team Optimus PPC will give the best message, in the best possible way, at the best cost per lead/sale. Clients save costs as there is no wastage in terms of ads appearing in the wrong place or for the wrong intent and testing the right campaign elements – all of which are built into the campaign design. On the other hand, once the campaign is launched – they keep a hawk eye on the campaign data to optimize the campaigns – pause the parts that are under performing and scale the ones that are performing. They use a lot of software in their processes to save time and cost for the clients.
Benefits for Clients
Clients see sales and leads growth while the cost/lead and cost/sale come down from when Optimus PPC takes over Campaign Management. For example, Optimus PPC re-worked and optimized shopping, search and remarketing campaigns for an e-Commerce client who was already using AdWords for three years. In just four months, the client was able to achieve 584 % growth in sales, with a reduction in average cost/sale by 70%, and a 15x ROAS (return on ad spends).
Journey of Improvements and Achievements
There was a huge talent shortage in digital advertising at the initial stage of Optimus PPC. To circumvent this talent shortage – Optimus even offered fundamentals and certification training for the staff. But what worked for them at scale was moving to software and automation, today their processes save clients time and money.
Initially, Team Optimus PPC struggled managing client expectations. They realized that its very critical to educate the clients, especially the first-time internet advertisers, about – internet advertising, processes, results expectation, metrics, time frame, etc. So, they incorporated client education into their processes and also started a Consulting Service for clients who wanted advise on “going digital” or had other strategic and marketing consulting needs.
Keeping pace with the changing internet advertising landscape was another challenge. With Google and other ad platforms, making changes frequently the internet advertising landscape is very fluid and the goal post is moving all the time. Optimus PPC incorporated 30 minutes of training on a daily basis and one day in a month dedicated for learning sessions, workshops, etc. The Google Partner program also helped with training sessions and advanced workshops. All this helped them to be on top of the curve and that had an impact on the client successes they were able to deliver.
Very early, Team Optimus PPC realized that they have to take a result driven approach and only media buying services weren’t going to achieve this – so they added services like analytics and conversion rate optimization to their portfolio. This way they can take full control of the variables to deliver the best results at lower costs for clients.
Future Prospects
Optimus PPC is looking at moving into middle and top of the funnel services like programmatic, content marketing, brand building, etc. In terms of geography, they want to better cover North America and UK markets and also setup affiliate offices in USA and UK. And they are aiming at handle media budgets in the USD 4-6 million range in the near future.

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