Overseas Education: Planning for a dream career

Overseas Education
Overseas Education

With more and more chunk of the population planning for a dream career and looking for a non-traditional, practical, friendlier way of learning, the number of students stepping out to seek their higher education overseas is rising manifold, every moment. However, why are so many Indian students – both at undergraduate and postgraduate level seeking their higher education in a foreign land? Answers are pretty simple. Even though there are some excellent universities giving quality education in India, most of the students are not able to cut owing to exceptionally high competition. The population in India is still ever burgeoning, and the number of institutions has not increased at that steady pace leaving many of them disheartened. The courses back in the country are still traditional; result oriented and hardly renders a competitive advantage to anyone in the global market.  On the other hand, the global degrees are highly regarded in India, imparts a broader point of perception to a student and gifts them with an excellent global alumni network which they can rear through the rest of their lives.
Earlier, people would not even dare to think of having a global degree unless from a wealthy family. Foreign education was expensive, adapting to a foreign land was difficult, and communication with family and folks back home was almost non-existent.  A person would technically be cut off from their homeland to be able to earn a degree from a foreign country.
However, today, the entire scenario is very different. With more and more universities giving a wide range of scholarships amounting to even the full tuition fee funding, presence of active and separate international student wings , excellent telecommunication systems ensuring a connection with family back home , and ease of getting an educational loan to fund study, more and more Indian students are turning towards foreign education. On top of that, students have understood the importance of exploring a new culture and the enriching experience and logical thinking it imparts to them.  Today, studying in countries like US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, etc. are no longer an unachievable dream because of the range of information available online, the facilities and conveniences extended by the institutions, the support and sponsorship funding available with the government, the ease of visa procedures and most importantly the excellent overseas consultancies who have come forward to extend their helping hand in the entire process. The intake prerequisites in the institutions have become much more transparent, the international student bodies have become much more supportive and driven, the local people in the foreign lands have become way very friendly, and the information present at hand has become very detailed. Today, the highly competent counselors sitting at the offices of overseas education consultants have smoothened the entire process of overseas education – starting from choosing a course, to applying to the institutions, to getting an offer letter, to looking for accommodation and even the journey for the first time abroad for the students. Everything these days is streamlined and well planned of time as far as higher education abroad is concerned  – with the information present on the internet and the help from the overseas education consultants (like us at Gateway Abroad; www.gatewayabroad.com), stepping out to chase your dream of abroad education is just a thought away.
About the Author
Vikas Agarwal, CEO at Gateway Abroad, is a renowned entrepreneur with more than a decade of extraordinary work experience. In his professional journey of more than 10 years, he has served various companies at numerous prestigious roles. For displaying excellent skills, Vikas has also won numerous awards during his career. He had an outstanding academic career with his PhD in Medical Textiles from Heriot Watt University, UK and that too with a full scholarship reward. He did B.Tech in Textile Technology, Technological Institute of Textiles and Sciences, Bhiwani, India. He describes himself as “A dedicated individual with strong problem solving and negotiating skills, a good network of contacts in the higher education industry, enriched experience of recruitment counseling and marketing.

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