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Dr. K Suma Prasad | Prasad Hospital

Medical Practitioners, across the globe, are revered and considered to be in one of the noblest professions. When people visit a doctor in private or in a hospital, they do so with a lot of faith and trust in them. They trust them with their and their loved one’s lives. The hospitals and doctors too, take every possible step to provide the best of medical care.

But sometimes, even with all the advances in medical technology, lack of funds and knowledge serves as a barrier between the needy and correct treatment. Basic health facility is not just a requirement but the right of every human being. Millions of people lose their lives due to poverty, and/or lack of knowledge. While some do absolutely nothing about it, some like Dr. K Suma Prasad, moved by the idea to serve and care, take steps to transform their vision into reality. With a vision for a care center where premium healthcare can be delivered at a very affordable price and where medical excellence is an inevitable daily task that has to be accomplished, Dr. Suma established Prasad Hospitals. After earning the trust of thousands, it took Dr. Suma’s determination and knowledge to start the new horizons with due emphasis on cutting-edge technology. The brand has become a household name in the locality, courtesy of caring and effective healthcare delivered under Dr. K Suma Prasad.

The Visionary Doctor

Dr. Suma is a pioneer in the field of translation oriented stem cell research. Her experience as Gynecologist has ensured that she understood the rich value of the umbilical cord and the infinite possibilities that the umbilical cord can deliver. She has developed a patent pending cell extraction and culturing protocol from the umbilical cord.

Dr. Suma has done extensive research on how to bring the cell based therapies to patient in need. She collaborates with doctors internationally in helping them understand the cell behavior different therapeutic conditions. She publishes papers in international journals in bringing the novel research to the bed.

By the virtue of a career spanning over 25 years as a surgeon and a researcher, she understands the cell behavior and its therapeutic uses in the human body.

World-Class Services

Prasad Hospitals Nacharam, Hyderabad is the first & only NABH-Accredited hospital in Nacharam, on par with the best hospitals in India for excellence in patient care. The hospital’s actions are in sync with its mission to adopt the latest technologies in the healthcare sector and offer world-class healthcare at an affordable price to reach every individual.

The hospital has 5 ultra-modern operation theaters that comply with NABH Standards, have a laminar airflow system and the latest equipment. It has multiple fully equipped emergency rooms and a high-end Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U). It sources its state-of-the-art equipment from international manufacturers. It provides 24/7 services of Radiology, Pharmacy, Lab, Emergency Service & Dialysis. The 24X7 Medical services by its team include medical professionals, nurses, allied health professionals such as pharmacists, physiotherapists, Dietician and support staff. It is empanelled with all Insurance companies and State Government schemes like Arogyasri. Employee Health Scheme, Arogya Bhadratha, etc.

Serving the Society 

In this present world where there are more hospitals and less or no information about treatment, some commercially minded hospitals/doctors are trying to en-cash patient’s lack of knowledge. Unlike them, Prasad Hospitals guides its patients in detail about the treatment which they need and helps them understand how it is important for them to take a particular treatment. Its Internationally-Trained Physicians with vast experience make sure that the patients are aware of their condition and the treatment that they need. The hospital also runs a charity program wherein it treats patients for a minimal cost who are below the poverty line.

Prasad Hospitals has all the latest machinery and equipment which help in treating the patients quickly and accurately. It has all the updated technological equipment, which are available in the market. With infection control practices as per CDC guidelines and high-efficiency HEPA filters and HVAC system. The hospital takes pride in sharing that it has 0% Surgical-Side Infection Rate. Prasad Hospitals is also offering the Latest technology of Stem cell therapy to its patients at a very reasonable cost.

Expanding Selfless Services

With its modern practices rooted in its cause for care, Prasad Hospitals is aiming to create a patient-centric medical facility where patients feel at home during the process of healing. Prasad Hospitals now aims to become a multi-specialty hospital chain comprising of 500 beds across 4 hospitals in next 5 years and continues to build upon its reputation for its humanitarian and selfless service.

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