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Mr. Bomi Bhote | CEO | Ruby Hall Clinic[Ruby Hall Clinic, healthcare services, hospital management, cardiac surgeons, healthcare industry]
Mr. Bomi Bhote | CEO | Ruby Hall Clinic

India has and will always be a powerhouse when it comes to healthcare. Not many people are aware that, in India, the healthcare industry is even bigger than Information Technology (IT). Healthcare is an area where unlimited new opportunities exist especially relating to new modalities like artificial intelligence, smart health devices, healthcare delivery systems, financial aid for health and telemedicine. The time has gone when the healthcare industry was just based on doctor-patient interaction. It has now reached to real-time engagement without any geographical limitation. The entire Indian healthcare ecosystem, in general, is experiencing a new wave of opportunity.

Tapping into this abundant opportunity, as healthcare providers for over half a century, Ruby Hall Clinic is doing everything in its stride to deliver value-based healthcare. Known to be Pune’s first nationally accredited multi-speciality centre, it is amongst the handful of centres in India to be accredited with 9 NABH and NABL certifications and a Green OT certification for its operation theatres.

Ruby Hall Clinic(RHC) has been committed to those who seek its care. From a four-bedded nursing home under the stewardship of Dr. K.B. Grant in the heart of Pune, this medical institute has grown into a cluster of 800-bedded multi-speciality medical centres. The primary building is the 600-bedded unit at Sassoon Road, with a 130-bedded unit at Wanowarie and an 80-bedded unit at Hinjawadi. All of these are manned by a team of 300 consultants, over 650-panel doctors and 2000 paramedical staff. This is besides the 24 peripheral centres across the state of Maharashtra.

The Change Maker

Spearheading the wheels of change is Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic. After having worked for over 20 years in the corporate world, in 1997, Mr. Bhote left a plush corporate job to lead the hospital. In the last twenty-two years, his countless initiatives have made Ruby Hall a name to reckon with on the global healthcare map.

A firm believer in continued education, Mr. Bhote initiated first-of-its-kind hands-on learning to retain staff and upgrade their skill sets with several initiatives. Even the lowest-rung employee is encouraged to benefit from the advancement of technology and contribute to an employee-friendly transparent HR system.

Under Mr. Bhote’s leadership, one of the biggest risks Grant Medical Foundation took was the foundation of a branch at Pune’s southern-most area in 2013 in the form of Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie and a satellite unit called Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi catering to the IT part of the city. Both units have proven to do wonders for their part of the town.

Organic Growth, Powered by Technology

The late founder of Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr. K.B. Grant entrusted the hospital management with a unique legacy which continues to pave the path and inspires them to strengthen and grow. Enhancing its position as a recognised leader in the country, the hospital has strived to make quality patient care their priority. Commitment to quality is an integral part of care at RHC. With the promise of best-in-class technology and quality, the hospital has seen several unique initiatives over the past few years. These range from a state-of-the-art cancer centre with three linear accelerators, Pune’s first da Vinci Robot for surgical precision, India’s first complete Einstein Vision 3.0. — an advanced 3D laparoscopy machine, Pune’s first cardiac cath lab, a multi-organ transplant centre with the city’s first heart transplant unit and Asia’ s first IGRT to name a few.

The clinical specialist systems at Ruby Hall Clinic have a track record of excellence. When it comes to investing in the latest technology or even promoting organ donation in the country, RHC has the first-mover advantage further strengthening its position in the healthcare market. The hospital has always believed in thinking about tomorrow’s healthcare today. It has also left no stone unturned when it comes to procuring the latest in medical and surgical technology. For instance, the da Vinci surgical robot makes even the most challenging surgeries a reality ensuring that nothing but the best care is provided to patients.

Over the years, the organisation has won numerous national and international accolades, placing it on the global healthcare map. These range from the ‘Best Organ Transplant Centre’ by NOTTO, ‘Best Hospital to Work For’ and the ‘Best Medical Tourism Facility’ by the Government of India amongst others. Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie is Pune’s first hospital to receive a LEED Gold Certification for its green elements.

Collaborating for a Healthy Ecosystem

Healthcare, in general, is influenced by an array of factors – the most formidable being the existence of top-notch medical institutions. The management at RHC believes that collaborative approach within the medical community is one of the key ways to improve the way healthcare is delivered to patients. As part of a broad outreach network, RHC’s peripheral set-ups connect people in the nooks and corners of Maharashtra to experts at the hospital.

Very recently, Ruby Hall Clinic tied with the prolific Rela Institute of Chennai for this very purpose. The institute now provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary and specialised services for liver diseases, cadaver and live liver transplantation under the guidance of Prof. Mohamed Rela, a world-renowned liver surgeon. The same goes for its association with esteemed cardiac surgeon Dr. K. R. Balakrishnan for heart transplants. Additionally, virtual clinics are another way in which the hospital has managed to reach out to the remotest parts of the country creating a safe ecosystem for the patients.

Patient First

As a socially responsible hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic feels a deep sense of pride and commitment to all those who place their trust in its care. Its ‘patient comes first’ policy has been a part of this very philosophy. As per the policy, the hospital has tied-up with financial institutions wherein any patient with medical insurance walking through the doors of the hospital can avail a loan for their hospitalisation costs within a matter of minutes. Another hurdle patients usually face is the lack of insurance coverage for OPD facilities. Addressing this hurdle, the hospital has partnered with a well-known insurance brand wherein cost-effective finance options are provided for OPD patients.

Gearing Up for the Next Wave

The new year calls for a new way of work. Mr. Bhote feels that the only way a complete change in the industry can be brought is by moving to proactive care instead of reactive care. Historically, both healthcare systems and patients have viewed reactive care as the only option, mostly because of perceived financial barriers. Through the years, Ruby Hall Clinic has established itself as pioneers in reactive healthcare delivery. But somewhere, this needs to change. The hospital is now set to bring about holistic wellness and a shift in patient perception. Mr Bhote adds, “In general, healthcare is moving towards smart wearable technologies with which disease detection, prevention, and precautions become easier. From remote health monitoring to the prevention of chronic diseases, every healthcare paradigm has consortiums for IoT and wearable technologies. This is where proactive healthcare comes into play.”

While patients must be compliant and commit to self-care, Ruby Hall Clinic’s role as partners in their wellness will extend to proactively managing their health — prevent diseases, detect them early, and improve healthcare results.

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