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Shree Krishna Hospital

For any individual, health is of utmost importance. However, the increasing work pressure, busy life, stress, and other related factors affect their health and make them prone to various diseases. Accordingly, they seek for the best healthcare providers and hospitals, which can tend to their ailments. This is where the leading hospitals step in, which focus on delivering cutting-edge facilities, keeping patient care at the forefront of every activity, and improving their health. One such hospital leading the healthcare sector is Charutar Arogya Mandal’s (CAM) Shree  Krishna Hospital.

An Inspirational Journey 

CAM was established in 1972 by the late Dr. H. M. Patel as a venture of hope and to demonstrate how a rural community’s healthcare needs can be met. With a missionary zeal and his characteristic energy, he embarked on building an institution that would fulfill the long felt need for a Faculty of Medicine dedicated to serving Charutar’s rural people.

Under Dr Patel’s able leadership as chairman of Charutar  Arogya  Mandal full range of institutions were founded under the aegis of the Mandal including a School of Nursing, Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology, the Shree Krishna Hospital, the Pramukhswami Medical College, and the Medical College of Physiotherapy.

The Exceptional Forerunner 

The hospital has achieved numerous objectives under the ardent leadership of Dr. H.M. Patel, the Founder. He is remembered for his remarkable services for the country, first as a bureaucrat and later  as a  union minister . Dr. Patel has also rendered his services in the field of health and education. When  he was  a  Chairman of Charutar Vidya Mandal, he established a number of teaching institutions affiliated to Sardar Patel University.

The Legacy of the leadership

The legacy   was passed on to Dr. Amrita Patel, who was  at the helm  for 25 years and continues to be a trustee .She  has contributed to CAM in countless ways. She has assisted in the expansion of the Cardiac Centre, Cancer Centre, Bone Marrow Transplant Centre, Knowledge Centre, Assessment Centre, Hospital Wing expansion, and the Critical Care Centre. 

A Wide Array of Services

With over 38 years’ of experience in the field of medical treatment, research, and education, Shree Krishna Hospital offers a plethora of healthcare and infrastructural facilities. It is an 850-bed multi-specialty hospital, which offers comprehensive 24×7 health care services at affordable rates.

The hospital caters annually  to over 5,00,000 patients, many of whom come from villages for annual outdoor consultations. Over 47000 in-patients are admitted to its various indoor services, and over 10,000 patients undergo surgical procedures at the hospital.   It has 150 ICUs -the largest number of critical care beds -in  any  private hospital  in the State.

Patients can avail of state-of-the-art technology and medical infrastructure. The hospital offers personalized and prompt outpatient services. It houses a Nationally Accredited Central Diagnostic Laboratory (the first teaching hospital in India with this distinction) and a blood bank.

It provides complete cancer care with services of surgical- medical-radiation oncology with a separate facility for bone marrow transplant. Furthermore, complete cardiac care is provided to patients ranging from infants to adults of 90 years of age.

Putting Patients First

The hospital always focuses on the patient’s welfare. Keeping this in mind, it introduced its most patient-friendly product, the ‘Aashirwad Wards’, which offers the maximum healthcare advantage to the needy. In these wards, free treatment is provided, except for  medicines, implants, and consumables.

450 of the 850 beds in the Hospital are now earmarked for the Aashirwad Wards.  The hospital’s very own social security scheme, ‘Krupa Arogya Suraksha’, has 32,000 members to date . The  annual premium for health coverage of  Rs 10000  is only  Rs 240   which includes medicines.

As an expression of respect and care for terminally -ill or deceased patients, a unique practice named `Code Krishna`  was   introduced .   The practice includes observing a minute’s silence at the bedside of the deceased patient by all members of the team involved in the treatment of the patient , together with relatives. A flower is placed on the body after a prayer. A condolence letter is sent to the patient`s  relatives .

Embracing Technology for Excellent Outcomes 

The hospital believes in adopting advanced technology to provide better treatment and patient care services. With the installation and commissioning of a new linear accelerator, it has become the only cancer centre in the state to have two such machines in operation.

The hospital also uses the new 3 Tesla MRI machine – a milestone for advanced diagnosis. It is the first-of-its-kind to be launched in the region between Ahmedabad and Vadodara. The new MRI machine elevates quality of treatment in two ways: first, there is increased patient comfort due to 97% less sound during scans besides shorter run-time of scans by almost a third. Then, the fourth generation MRI, with advanced features like TIM and Brain DOT provides the advantage of precise diagnosis of neurological, orthopedic, oncological, and cardiac conditions.

The Hospital is using   indigenously  developed online clinical management software SOLACE ,to create paperless procedures across all levels of care, including at the OPD level. The application is being used to record the patient’s clinical details; right from registration and examination in the Outpatients Department (OPD) to the purchase of medicines to subsequent visits or stay. This significantly reduces turnaround time, a sure indicator of efficient care.This in turn has  helped expedite treatment procedures. Also,at OPD level,there has been a massive reduction of 80% in collection of hard copies of investigation reports by patients – hard copies are now given only on demand thus helping to save paper, time, and energy .This system also  streamline the movement of OPD patients requiring CT scans and MRIs during rush hours, while scheduling non-critical and stable indoor patients beyond routine hours. This arrangement has contributed to increased utilization of equipment

Future Steps

Shree Krishna Hospital has taken premium healthcare facilities and services to a new level with the launch of The Healing Tree. Its purpose goes beyond profit; a means to achieving the greater end of treating the less-privileged with the resources generated.

The hospital is driven by the vision of becoming an example of medicine. It marches on the pursuit of 11 ethical processes across all levels, that ensure a patient’s health comes first. Furthermore, it provides personalized outpatient services, luxurious rooms overlooking a green 100 acre campus for inpatients, and preventive healthcare programs .

The Healing Tree has   branched out to Anand   with the launch of the City Clinic . The new outpatient diagnostic  City Clinic  launched  on January 1  will offer   super specialist  consultations and treatment at  the door step of Anand citizens .It has launched Home Health-care, Assisted Living and Health-Check Up Programs under the The Healing Tree.

A  proposal for establishment of a Private University was first submitted to  the Gujarat Government in 2018. With more than four decades of experience in the field of Medical Education and Health Care, the objective of the proposed Private University was  primarily be to maintain all the existing educational programmes, and initiate academic programmes in niche areas of medical specialties to provide job oriented courses in a changing health care environment.  Subsequently the  Government of Gujarat approved the establishment of the Private University, Bhaikaka University comprising the educational institutions of the Charutar Arogya Mandal, vide its notification dated  20th  September ,2019  which has been gazetted . The Board of Governors of the  Mandal has , accordingly , decided to  operationalise  the University with effect from October 01, 2019.The  Pramukhswami Medical College along with Shree Krishna Hospital, H M Patel Institute for Post Graduate Studies, K M Patel Institute of Physiotherapy, G H Patel School  & College of Nursing, Smt  L P Patel Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology, CAM Institute of Allied Health Sciences &Technology is  affiliated to the new Bhaikaka University. The new University is supported by   Charutar Arogya Mandal , Karamsad

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