Prasanna Venkatadri: A Visionary with a Knack of Confronting Challenges Head-on

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Prasanna Venkatadri | Founder | DRK Enterprises

Everybody likes a little challenge in their life once in a while. A little risk always tempts us. But what about those people, who are always jumping on the opportunity to tackle the adversities with a flare of courage? Such people set a benchmark in taking calculated risks which enables them in having a great experience, life-learning or otherwise. No wonder it is more prominent in entrepreneurs. They are the risk takers who go above and beyond to ensure that their business scales up rapidly ensuring them a great success in their life.

One such fierce leader who likes to play with challenges is Prasanna Venkatadri, Founder of DRK Enterprises and Sun Auto Tech Car Accessories. Through this exchange of words presented below, we could get some insights on how impactful has been his business for him as well as the community:

What is your definition of leadership and how do you make an impact through your leadership qualities?

Leadership is an important aspect or element of Direction or Management of people to influence them in working and leading them towards the collective object or goal. A leader should be a good listener also. A Leader should have some qualities as follows:

  1. Ordering
  2. Guiding the Subordinates
  3. Supervision
  4. Motivation by Techniques
  5. Communication
  6. Co-Ordination
  7. Humanity

In connection with the above subject, a good leader should understand how to EXTRACT the work from subordinates/employees and he should also understand capability or intake capacity of the subordinates. A leader should know how to manage, how to motivate, how to co-ordinate with the teammates also. A leader is responsible for handling the projects by Planning, Implementation, Action, and Impact/Result. Each point has to be discussed with the teammates and then only a leader can handle his team towards any and all kinds of projects.

Tell us more about your company/start-up/organization.

I have two start-ups namely, Sun Auto Tech Car Accessories which includes services like 9H Polishing, Coatings, Modifying Interior of the vehicles, etc. The other brand is DRK Enterprises. It is a C&F for Clean Mart and Hunter Mosquito bats, and we have plan for addition of Fragrances, Lifestyle, and Home Decor products also.

How do you lead your company towards sustaining its competency and innovation?

Competency and innovation today is a common phenomenon. If I have to sustain in the market, I have to be more Competitive, Quality Oriented, Creative, Presentable, and have an extensive experience in Supply Chain Management along with Deliverability. The 3Rs are very important in this aspect according to me are Right Person, Right Product and Right Time.The continuous R&D, new product development activity towards the customer’s needs, product survey, and market survey can help us in innovating new things.

What were the challenges you came across in your career as a business leader?

Customers can’t understand the problems and they come with more expectations. To satisfy the customer is a big challenge for every business, may it be product based or service based. I also faced the same problems in earlier days of my start-ups. Customer satisfaction and understanding of the customer’s needs is a huge challenge according to me.

What is that one aspect or emotion that drives you at work or keeps you motivated?

I have a dream to be a reputed Industrialist/ Businessman like Vijay Sankeshwar of VRL, Rathan Tata, and N Narayan Murthy. These personalities are my inspiration to choose the business field. When I was working in Revannas Marketing, my boss R Sandesh And N Mohan were inspiration to me.

As an entrepreneur, what is your opinion on the current landscape of start-up culture in India?

India has great landscape and geographical condition.  According to me, the utilisation of resources is not proper. Most of the start-up problems include lack of financial backing. Most of the start-ups fail due to the lack of financial support because they can’t compete with the big shots. The government needs to support the start-ups, especially the manufacturing industries to develop more quality materials and innovative product pipeline in India only. Made in India and make in India is the only solution.

According to you, how important is it to be updated with novel technologies as per your industry sector?

It is a very good platform to achieve or make one’s dream come true. Technology can help strategize, support, co-ordinate, and develop a good long term relationship with clients. My dream project is sheep farming, then manufacturing of FMCG products, and availing electric vehicle charging stations.

How do you strategize on scaling your career and your company in the future?

Each project has different strategies and operative methods. As per the requirement, I will formulate essential strategies with the help of my core team to achieve my dream project.



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