Premier Health Center: Transforming the Diagnostic Sector with Tech-Enabled Services

Pradeep Chakravarthy | MD | Premier Health Center[diagnostic Sector, PHC, Premier Health Center, diagnostic facility, HLM industry, Hospital Laboratory Management]
Pradeep Chakravarthy | MD | Premier Health Center

The Indian Healthcare Industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the last couple of decades. The exponential rise of the middle-class segment increased spending capacity, awareness followed by the impetus provided by the Government schemes have set the right trajectory of growth. One of the most vital components that have emerged as a game-changer to this growth is the advancement of the Diagnostics centers in India.

Gone are the days when even for a blood test, we had to look out for a diagnostics center and had to wait for an entire day to get the report. Though standalone centers are dominant in terms of market shares, there is a steep increase among centers that have a PAN-India network or that have evolved as holistic providers. However, fierce competition and abundance of players have forced these players to work on niche branches which sometimes becomes a problem for the patients.

In these testing times, Premier Health Center (PHC) has evolved as one of the most trusted diagnostic centers in India. Incepted in 1980 in Chennai, PHC stands tall with one of the largest pool of qualified Radiologists and Pathologists in the southern state.

As the brainchild of Mrs. Prasanna Janardhanan and Mr. Janardhanan, PHC is the first diagnostic facility providing an entire spectrum of imaging & lab services under one roof. Conceptualized to evolve as a comprehensive diagnostic center, the biggest USP of PHC is the broadest range of laboratory tests and quick turn-around times. As the Managing Director of PHC, Pradeep Chakravarthy is the person managing the seamless running of the center.

A Plethora of Services

Equipped with the latest state of the art laboratory & imaging modalities, PHC has 30 branches in Chennai and has an ambitious expansion plan of having 100 branches by 2022, across the state. It offers a comprehensive array of tests across a wide spectrum of specializations, including biochemistry, hematology, immunology, flowcytometry, immunohistochemistry, and serology to name a few.

Right from the start, PHC is focussed towards innovating avenues that lead to streamlining of the operational services. Today, it facilitates its patients by providing online reporting, SMS notification for report collection and complaint management system CMS to record patient’s feedback. All branches have their dedicated power backups to ensure uninterrupted processing of tests and procedures.

Corporate Services

As sedentary lifestyles and stress continues to be the pain areas in the Corporate sector, PHC has created tailor-made wellness packages based on the requirements raised by the companies. Right starting from 10 to 1000 employees, PHC offers health packages that include premium diagnostic services, individual reports to employees, alongside conducting awareness and counselling programmes. The individual reports consist of their general wellness, including their physical, social and mental well-being.

It also generates a corporate level report for the HR team of a company that highlights the health status of the employees and emphasizes the special cases that require special attention. In addition to the wellness programs, it also offers ECG, PFT and eye testing as a doorstep service to corporates. With a wide array of corporate healthcare initiatives, PHC is committed to ensuring that the corporate staff remains in the pink of health for enhanced workplace productivity.

Alongside, working for the corporate fraternity, PHC also offer health check-ups at different schools  in Chennai. The primary focus is on conducting routine check-ups and record health issues specific to the needs of growing children.

HLM – The PHC Way

Hospital Laboratory Management is relatively a new term that is an innovative concept embraced by hospitals to ensure it concentrates on delivering core healthcare services. PHC has evolved as one of the most preferred partners of the hospitals by the virtue of its countless services offered with utmost dedication.

Right from laboratory services, purchase of equipment, training of manpower and other administrative responsibilities about the laboratory are completely managed by PHC. It is equipped to cater to a diverse range of medical establishments, ranging from 20-bed clinics to medical colleges with 750 beds. At present, it caters to 40 clinics and 12 hospitals in Chennai.

Embracing advanced processes and cutting edge technology has helped PHC greatly in providing efficient services and in reducing the turnaround time for the delivery of reports. Staying abreast of the advancements in the HLM industry, PHC endeavor to share the knowledge with their doctors by educating them about it.

The Mission and Vision

The journey of PHC started with a mission to become the most trusted & reliable healthcare service provider in Chennai. This today is reflected by the number of more than 1500+ footfalls that PHC has on a daily basis. “Our vision for the future is a disease-free Society through better diagnostics of disease and timely prevention through health screening”. The entity constantly looks for new ways to transform the lives of others using high-end technology.

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