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Gulab Rai Gupta | Chairman & MD | Manglam Diagnostics[ Manglam Diagnostics, PET CT scanner, Blood Bank, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Single Donor Platelet, Dr.Gulab Rai Gupta]
Gulab Rai Gupta | Chairman & MD | Manglam Diagnostics

Diseases and illness are a part and parcel of human life. Now and then, due to various factors, we do fall sick and need medical help. While some minor issues can be dealt with a good deal of rest and care, for some cases we need specialized help from medical practitioners. These practitioners, in turn, rely on pathologists and diagnostic services center to ascertain the cause of our illness. As such, the role of the diagnostic center, its authenticity, credibility, and services need to be better than the best.

This quest for the best brought our team at Insights Success to Manglam Diagnostics, a chain of diagnostic centers operating in the state of Haryana for more than two decades. Its head office and main processing unit are located in Hisar city. It is the first and the only diagnostic center (per se) in India with all diagnostic modalities under one roof. Manglam Diagnostics with an innovative vision established the first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Single Donor Platelet (SDP) machines in its Blood Bank along with the first nuclear medicine center with the latest PET CT scanner and a dual-head gamma camera in Haryana (except NCR). Recently, by adding Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for dental & maxillofacial radiology to its canopy, Manglam Diagnostics again became the very first diagnostic center in Hisar city to provide such services.

A Pioneer, Always

Manglam Diagnostics provides all the diagnostic facilities ranging from simple hemoglobin test to the most complex PET scan under one roof. These tests are done under the supervision of well-qualified pathologists, microbiologists & radiologists and repeated for assurance. Quality control is performed at regular intervals by utilizing quality check parameters such as internal quality check (IQC), inter-lab check (ILC), and external quality control (EQAS) to maintain the liability and accuracy of the results. The management takes special care while opening new centers in the cities which lack quality diagnostic center with an engaged full-time pathologist. These centers provide diagnostic facilities to tier III cities and nearby rural areas at affordable prices.

The quality of Manglam Diagnostics is the end product of the best machines, established ethical practices, and a team of qualified doctors and technical staff. The motto of Manglam Diagnostics is to provide comfort to its patients. It ensures the same through free ambulance service, 24 hours emergency services, home collection facility, web facilitation of report view and download,       24×7 customer care, and a wonderful ambiance at its centers. The various diagnostic facilities available in the 8 different centers include hematology, biochemistry, serology, microbiology, histopathology, cytopathology, molecular diagnostic tests, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, mammography, digital X-ray, PFT, TMT, Echo, ECG, Dexa-scan, (Orthopantamogram) OPG, and (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) CBCT along with high-end nuclear medicine services (PET CT and gamma camera). The Hisar and Hansi centers also provide blood bank services. These centers also offer timely discounts to make diagnostic tests easily affordable to the economically weaker sections of the nation.

A Visionary Leader

A great vision starts with a great visionary. The guiding force and the leader of Manglam Diagnostics is Dr. Gulab Rai Gupta. He is a senior consultant pathologist as well as the chairman and managing director (CMD) of Manglam Diagnostics, a primary unit of Manglam Imaging Pvt. Ltd. at Hisar, Haryana. He graduated in medicine from Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh (Assam) in 1989 and secured his postgraduate degree in Pathology from the prestigious Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh in 1993. As a young scholar, Dr. Gupta won six gold medals, four silver, and three bronze medals during his MBBS. He was again awarded a gold medal for his overall proficiency in the subject of pathology in his post-graduation.

Apart from academics, Dr. Gupta has a keen interest in sports as well. He is an active member of various medical organizations and has many publications to his credit. He is one of the pioneers to have modernized medical diagnostics with quality diagnostics at an affordable cost in the state of Haryana. He was the first pathologist who started an external quality control program for medical labs in Haryana; Haryana External Lab Proficiency (HELP) among all pathologists across the state. His contribution towards regulatory reforms for pathology labs will always be unforgettable in the state of Haryana. Presently, he is also the president of the Association of Practicing Pathologists (APP, Haryana), the umbrella association of all the pathologists practicing in the state and vice president of the Federation of Practicing Pathologists, India (FOPP).

Growing with a Progressive industry

The diagnostic industry is growing at a higher pace in India as well as around the globe. As per few reports, around 60,000 laboratories and 6,000 diagnostic centers are providing healthcare facilities in India currently. When Manglam Diagnostics was started in 1996, the reliability of diagnostic tests was a major issue in Hisar city but over the years the center has established itself as a benchmark for quality in medical diagnostics. Now, Manglam Diagnostics (main center, Hisar) is an ISO certified diagnostic center and the very first diagnostic center in Hisar city to have NABL accreditation for a medical laboratory and NABH accreditation for medical imaging modalities. Apart from main centre of Manglam Diagnostics, several quality diagnostic centers with qualified pathologists are poised to open up in tier II & III cities in the future. Taking advantage of the same, Manglam Diagnostics has expanded its wings to different cities of Haryana and in the next two years, it plans to be present in almost all the important cities of the state.

India has witnessed the revolution of healthcare high-end technology. Also, pathology is becoming the next big outsourcing vehicle in India. Embracing the trend, Manglam Diagnostics’ different centers are already updated and have almost all the diagnostic equipment available presently. The management will incorporate further technological advancements in the future if the need arises. Overall, the diagnostic industry is foreseeing a bright future in India for patients as well clinicians which will reduce the health burden and improve the economic status of the nation. To address the disparity in services and help all strata of society, Manglam Diagnostics works closely with government and social bodies to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and also organizes free health check-ups and blood donation camps at regular intervals. The expertise of Manglam Diagnostics in the field of investigative medicine and diagnostic testing services has come up with a strong groundwork on the dedicated setup of the organization under the leadership of Dr. Gupta and his dedicated management and clinical team along with the technical staff.

Work Environment at Manglam

To provide world-class facilities to clients, apart from technology and science, a human touch is quintessential. This is provided by the trained and skilled staff that Manglam Diagnostics deploys at its centers. The employees undergo proper and timely skill development training for handling of the instruments, sample processing, dealing with patients, and reporting. They are provided with all the basic facilities to work without any interruption. Their morale is boosted with incentives, personal appraisals, and promotions. The technical team is in direct communication with the clinical and management team to maintain work continuity. Also, the employees are motivated to maintain a work-life balance.

The Way Ahead

The diagnostic industry is further expected to grow at the rate of 27.5% for the next five years according to the Indian Diagnostic services outlook report 2020. The management at Manglam Diagnostics feels that the first step towards making the diagnostic industry accessible and reliable is to have strict regulation on the running of diagnostic centers as enshrined in the Clinical Establishment Act. This Act regulates who can run the center and the basic requirements for opening and running the diagnostic lab. For its future plan, Manglam Diagnostic will continue to expand and cater to more cities in the state of Haryana.

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