Sangeeta Kalyani: Replenishing Nature, Mother Earth, and Farmers with INDR Agrotech 

Sangeeta Kalyani
Sangeeta Kalyani

When we think about it, the mighty mother earth mesmerizes us with its enormous energy of producing life. And an environment and ecosystem to sustain that life. The power to aid that life evolves. And the ultimate force of construction, destruction, reconstruction, production, annihilation, and reproduction. Also, the fact that our mother earth has been doing it for aeons is enough for us to be in her gratitude for always and eternity.

Moreover, mother earth forgave us every time we behaved erratically or unwisely. In the name of artificial progress, we always take our dear planet for granted. The repercussions of our many past mistakes are now staring us in our faces.

In the form of imbalanced climatic conditions, unpredictable weather patterns, global warming, climate crisis, and barren lands of inhabitable fields created because of our extensive farming exclusively based on excessive use of hazardous chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers.

The recent catastrophic events on a global scale, however, compelled us to step back and rethink the way we wish to progress forward. The kind of harm we have inflicted on nature will lead us to our own falling if not stopped in time, and took some drastic steps in the form of adopting sustainable ways of conducting our activities.

According to Sangeeta Kalyani, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of INDR Agrotech Pvt Ltd, excessive use of chemical fertilizers has made soil hard, and the earth has lost its Ph. value. Also, farmers continuously use harmful chemicals, such as insecticides, fungicides, etc., to protect plants from bacterial and virus attacks.

Eliminating Harmful Chemicals from the Soil

Besides increasing air and water pollution, using chemical fertilizers in farmlands causes the worst soil erosion we have ever seen. It is the most serious problem confronting rural habitats entirely reliant on agriculture and farm produce. Increasing land pollution and soil erosion are causing a lack of seasoned and matured earth-beds for farmers to sow their crops and yield high-quality seasonal yields, reducing their annual income.

Furthermore, crops grown and nurtured in such conditions are more susceptible to pests, insects, worms, and diseases, compromising their long-term production and sustainability. In most cases, such produce deteriorates quickly and becomes ineffective when exposed to even minor adverse weather conditions. It is one of the most serious problems faced by people involved in farming, agriculture, and other related activities regarding land and soil qualityDegraded soil produces low-quality yield, the consumption of which is leading to deteriorating immunity in humans.”

And as it is known, humans’ diet plays a very important part in increasing their immunity. A person with higher immunity is less prone to diseases. Similarly, if plants are provided proper nutrients depending upon their stage of growth, climatic conditions etc., then they grow strong, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

The first major step in saving our farmlands – that has been left infertile and the soil quality eroded to its worst – is using premium quality organic fertilizers. It was also Sangeeta’s inspiration to join the saga of INDR Agrotech. To help Replenish Nature in the form of Good Soil Conditions and aid farmers in growing nutritious crops with minimal or no harmful chemicals. “This way humanity is also benefited as they will consume pure crops and remain away from harmful chemicals and thus from various diseases.”

Most Reproductive Soil and Human Immunity

INDR Agrotech is a DIPP Registered Startup MSME Company in manufacturing Organic Fertilizers. “We manufacture Organic Fertilizers and Multi-nutrients for agricultural use. For ages, we have been using land recklessly and deprived soil of its nutrients,” adds Sangeeta.

Considering the two points: soil and plant immunity, she says their expert team has developed Soil Conditioners and Nutrient Management for Soil and Plant immunity after years of study. They are trying to prevent nature by minimizing harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers. Soil has become softer, regaining nutrients and Ph. value helping plants grow strong. She claims their dirt charts have helped plants grow with increased immunity and are less prone to any attack.

Erasing Issues

Sharing the initial challenges that she and her team at INDR Agrotech had to surmount to ensure their business’s success rate reached greater heights, Sangeeta says that farmers in India are not so educated, and it was very difficult for her and her team to make them understand to opt for preventive methods of crop cultivation instead of old protective techniques.

Yet they combated the challenges with their professional values and qualities, which Sangeeta believes their clients value most in INDR Agrotech. “What we say is what we give. Never compromise with quality. Our products are oriented and guaranteed, and farmers are very happy with them.”

Enhancing Plants and Crop Immunity

Highlighting the USPs that the brand INDR Agrotech showcases, Sangeeta says their products are unique as they have been developed after years of study of soil, plants, climate, plant stages, temperature etc. They created Diet Chart for plants depending on various stages of plant development. If followed properly, plant production is almost doubled as plants are safe from any attack as they are highly immune. These are the USPs of their products.

As an experienced professional, in her advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world, Sangeeta recommends ‘Focus on plant and soil improvement using preventive techniques instead of protective techniques. Try to save nature and help the farmers.’

A Logical Step towards Sustainable Future

Lastly, on envisioning INDR Agrotech’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, she reveals that they are also mixing their knowledge with the technology available today to give the best quality products. Technology is at its prime today, and it helps to develop new products efficiently and effectively. “We are leveraging technological advancements to develop better products,” concludes Sangeeta.

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