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Pune’s startup | Sunny Sharma | Pune’s Startup Ecosystem
Sunny Sharma | Senior Sales Manager | Elite landbase

Pune, an educational hub is manufacturing intelligent brains, innovative generations year after year. Ideas that today’s generation are coming up with is creating havoc in the business world. The future for today’s developing India will be much beautiful than what we could imagine. Young generations are known for being pillars of the nation and these responsible entrepreneurs are framed uniquely with an idea of not finding an opportunity but creating the one!
A startup is not just a company but it’s an idea which immerses from anxious, unbelievable thoughts and immense dedication, hard work then hit a bull’s eye to define new standards. It is an audacity to face objections, take up new challenges, welcoming mind-blowing theories for life-changing possibilities.
The Pune’s startup universe has taken a super high grade since a decade. The exciting growth rate has been a talk of the business ecosystem. It is grabbing the attention of the public towards them by creating a tremendous opportunity and opening the doors for new ideas, new minds and new oozing blood. It is creating employment opportunities across the industries. The players in these industries are now continuously keeping themselves updated with the changing customer demands and focus on efforts toward developing new solutions to meet up the pace. They are developing potential to become major contributors. The spirit of innovation and the intention of filling the gaps in the market are at today’s need.
Educational streams in the city are taking new turns by improving the quality of education and introducing various courses. Right from Commerce, Engineering, Medical sciences to the interior designing, food industry, hospitality, creative writing even shoe designing including event management and many-many courses are being introduced to the students. They can be attuned to their passion as career. This creates new ways for ‘Startups’. Why to be fashionable by promoting brands, why not create brands and raise the bars… must be the basic essence of today’s entrepreneurs.
Proliferation of the web services, online knowledge, higher rate of literacy and brighter exposure to the world has given opened doors over all sectors. Every aspect in the business is connected with new set of challenges and as a result this gives new opportunity to invent a startup to create a middleware for these challenges.
Even awareness to the environment has led number of startups in the field of waste management, water conservation, energy conservation, renewable resources, electric automobiles, small and medium scale industries. The marketing age has developed new ventures for digital marketers many startup has been setup for branding and selling. The ways are opened up one just need to select the correct path and create new branches in the form of a new startup. As innovation and creation has only sky as the limit.
The city is now becoming a new breeding ground for innovative culture and evolving with opportunity. The people in Pune are accustomed to the good culture which they follow in their offices too. Startup is not just another company but it’s an attitude to stand differently and Pune is known to stand differently since ages!!!
About the Author
With a brilliant planner, a genius manager with excellent strategies by our senior sales manager, Sunny Sharma, our company{Elite landbase pvt Ltds } is breaking our own records in sales. He is focused on helping the company, with a well planned, motivation skills and always strive for that one more extra mile to take up the company to new heights.
Over years of his distinguished experience being connected with everything and everyone is building a strategy shift in the organization. He is a man with a golden heart, and can be rightly stated as ‘Charity begins at him’, he is an instrument in helping and building future of underprivileged and unlighted people. Sunny is known for his most powerful outlining strategies, high goals, motivated skills and self- esteemed boost to achieve those targets

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