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Romil Jain | Director & Co-founder | Quest Global Technologies

In this era of information sharing, where data is flowing at a very high rate and the life-cycle of a product/service is short-lived, there is a need to keep innovating and to stay ahead of the curve. This situation has also presented numerous opportunities as industries are being automated at an unprecedented level. With such advancements, one can envisage loads of opportunities in data sciences, blockchain-based IoT services, and AI/robotics. Opportunities like these tend to create their own challenges like Cybersecurity, Data Breaches, and Privacy. Living in a developing country like India, there are numerous inefficiencies in the system which hamper country’s growth and corruption is also rampant. Switching to the latest blockchain technology eliminates corruption from the system, with more transparency and lesser middlemen to make system and processes stronger.
One such company disrupting the blockchain technology industry is Quest Global Technologies (Quest GLT). It is a Global Information Technology company that focuses on enterprise development solutions. “We are ranked No. 5 across the globe by and TOP Company as reported by Appfutura,” claims Quest GLT’s team. The firm has served several high profile clients from sectors like Healthcare, Education, FMCG, Finance, and Real Estate. With an aim to provide innovative and cutting edge enterprise automation solutions, the company has  expertise in blockchain and data lake configuration services. Quest GLT provides end-to-end solutions to clients, along with the motive to maximize Return on Investment as per the cost incurred by the clients.
Overseer of the Quest
The company’s founders consist of UHG, Healthcare SMEs, S&P Certified CMBS Analyst and a team of experts having in-depth knowledge of providing IT automation solutions.
A charismatic Director/Co-founder and Quest GLT’s key strategist is Romil Jain. His know-how makes him a great resource and along with the ability to read between the lines, he is great at number crunching. He developed these skills while working as an S&P certified CMBS analyst, where he was a core member of the counter-party risk evaluation team. He has evaluated various business models across industries like FMCG, Finance, Healthcare, and Education. Through this Romil has acquired deep knowledge of bottlenecks and operational problems faced by organizations in these sectors. Such kind of hands-on experiences is crucial in devising use cases on blockchain and has helped the company’s clients for delivering innovative automation solutions. His inclination to using blockchain technology for securing the business processes is a way of making an organization more secure and reliable. He has orchestrated blockchain-based online Certification, Notarization, Product Authentication, and Land Records Management.
A Helping Hand
As the company’s tagline suggests ‘Your Partners in Success’, it believes in working as partners and helping the clients to devise effective, long term automation strategies. “We go the extra mile consulting the requirements, and give our suggestions at every step, which provides us a definite competitive advantage as compared to our competitors,” proclaims the team of Quest GLT. The client retention rate of the company is exceptional and most of the clients become long term customers due to the exceptional services provided by the team.
Some of the services carried out by the company include:

  • Blockchain/ Cryptocurrency development
  • Data Ingestion framework (Big data, Hadoop, SCALA)
  • Customized ERP/CRM
  • Cloud/Mobility Solutions
  • Salesforce Customization & Development
  • E-commerce end to end development

In general, blockchain-based start-ups are faring well, with a lot of new entrants. But there is a real dearth of quality developers working on the customized blockchains. “We have already established ourselves as leaders in implementing blockchain solutions,” tells Romil. Now, building capabilities on Enterprise Data Lake solutions seems to be one of his new goals. “Our aim is to grow the company 10x in the next three years by providing cutting edge innovative solutions to our clients,” he further adds. Quest GLT would continue to explore synergies globally and build marketing channels across the globe to propel its clientele. The company has already opened subsidiaries in the USA and Canada. It has also acquired stakes in Australian companies. “We plan to open offices in Europe, Middle East, and Singapore in the next couple of years while enhancing the quality of our products and services,” states Romil discussing expansion plans.
Rising and Shining
Focus, Perseverance, and Innovation were the key attributes that have helped the company so far in overcoming numerous challenges since inception.
It becomes a challenging process where the blockchain guidelines are restrictive and there are no clear guidelines when it comes to operating in India “We need to educate the client about the policies, which is a daunting task. However, our focus and perseverance help us in creating effective automation solutions for the clients,” tells Romil.
Quest GLT has helped various private and government organizations in implementing automation solutions and to include data sciences in processes for maximizing efficiency. Following are some of the examples:

  1. Creating a wallet for Dinar Dhiram Koin (DDK) in-order to support and facilitate a complete audit of the code for the DDK Blockchain, DDK Website, Staking and Voting process of DDK.
  2. Whizleads is a Sales App designed and developed by Quest GLT. The app creates quick and easy profiles of the leads and customers. With the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the personalities, mood, and values of the leads and customers, it helps in closing the next deal.
  3. Rowan Energy Club is the world’s first community fed green energy company where members can buy and sell their green energy from each other peer to peer. The company is implementing a Price on Application (POA) based custom Blockchain for Rowan where-in peer to peer energy trading would be done.

While discussing workplace efficiency and maintaining the healthy work environment, Romil suggests a few pointers which his team at Quest GLT implements and follows.“To enhance creativity and innovation, we have an open-door policy, where anyone can discuss their ideas,” expresses Romil. “We also promote Flexi-timings and have an easy work-from-home policy,” he describes. In addition to all of this, the team is constantly being upgraded by participating in various developer meetings and knowledge sharing seminars.

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