Rachna Lulla: Creating a World-Class Culture for the Workforce

Rachna Lulla
Rachna Lulla

As a young professional in the human resources industry, being recognized as part of the “30 under 30” list by the Human Resources Association of India (HRAI) is a truly thrilling experience. This recognition is not just a testament to Rachna’s hard work and dedication but also highlights her impact and the potential for growth within the industry.

Being part of the “30 under 30” list has allowed her to network with other young professionals in the HR industry and learn from their experiences and insights. It has also provided her with exposure and visibility, which she is eager to leverage to further her career and pursue her goals.

As an HR professional, Rachna is dedicated to creating a world-class employee culture. She understands that a strong and positive work environment is essential for employee satisfaction and overall business success. She strives to align the values, goals, and vision of the company with the needs and aspirations of the employees. By fostering open communication, promoting diversity and inclusion, and providing opportunities for growth and development, Rachna works towards creating a work culture that is supportive, engaging, and empowering. Her goal is to create a workplace that inspires employees to give their best and achieve their full potential.

Rachna was inspired to start the Jobseeker Hub platform with one of her founding partners when she saw the impact of cancelled pre-placement opportunities of the candidates during COVID. She wanted to give back by creating a platform that connects job seekers with all the available job opportunities in one place. Today, she is proud to say that Jobseeker Hub has a community of over four lakh members.

In addition to running the platform, Rachna has also been actively involved in mentoring job seekers to help them succeed in their job search. 

She is grateful for this recognition, as it would not have been possible without the support of her colleagues, mentors, and family. She has learned that success is not just about individual effort but also the support and encouragement of those around them.

As she moves forward, she is reminded that this recognition is just a milestone, and the work continues. She will continue to challenge herself and strive towards even greater achievements in the HR industry. Rachna is also committed to giving back and supporting others in their journeys toward success.

In conclusion, being named to the “30 under 30” list is a great accomplishment and a source of pride. Rachna feels honoured to be part of this prestigious group of young professionals and looks forward to using this recognition to further her career and make a positive impact within the HR industry.

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