Rajat Khatri: Your Happy Life’s Architect Defining Happiness with a Data Backed Approach

Rajat Khatri
Happy Life Architecture

What is happiness, and how do you attain it in your life?

No matter what your ambitions, aims, goals, dreams, and heart’s deepest desires are, your ultimate objective is to lead a life full of joy, happiness, delights, and pleasant memories to be cherished until the end of your time. In the last sentence, all of you concentrated on the words joyhappinessdelights, and pleasant memories, while you might have ignored the keywords – your ambitions, aims, goals, dreams, and your heart’s deepest desires. All these could be summarized in two words ‘Intentfull Purpose,’ without which you wander aimlessly in your life’s journey. This aimless wandering is the biggest reason for all your worries, stress, tension, frustration, anger, rage, fury, and, ultimately, depression.

Believe me, because I’m speaking from my heart’s personal experience. It is also the secret to inspiring leadership, which you might have felt in the company of many so-called leaders. Uninspiring leadership is the biggest reason for the failure of a large group of committed followers.

I ardently believe that ‘Leadership’ is the art of motivating a group to act toward achieving a common objective.

There are numerous definitions of Leadership, but I follow the one I just stated. It’s not about just telling your team or followers to do a particular task but keeping them motivated and inspired so that they can find new avenues to achieve the goals.

In today’s world, people don’t know what they want to achieve (neither in the short term nor in the long term). So they only do what everyone else is doing. It is probably how we are raised, too, to be an Engineer or a Doctor because that’s what everyone is doing without even thinking about whether we want to be one.

Having worked in the corporate world for the last 17 years, I come across so many students or early-stage employees that they want to be part of the so-called Data Science or AI/ML or Digital Marketing profile just because those are the hottest jobs in the market when I ask them why they want to be in this profile, they have no idea what this job profile means and what they want to achieve.

That’s when I found such people extremely ‘Unhappy’ in their life because they weren’t doing what they wanted to do but living someone else’s dream. That’s when as a Happiness CoachIRajat Khatri – Data Analytics Leader, Author, Mentor, Coach, and Founder of Happy Life Architectureguide and mentor them to find their true self.

Happiness Lies Within

This Leadership quality to uncover my students/followers to find their true selves, look for their ultimate goal, keep adjusting themselves to achieve the goal and make them Satisfied not only in their professional life but even in their personal life keeps me going. It has led to a large number of followers and me being invited for talks, motivational speeches and workshops.

I founded Happy Life Architecture in 2020, during the COVID times. The aim of starting this company was to guide followers, students and corporates to get into activities that enhance the Happiness hormones in the body, which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life fuller of satisfaction and well-being.

My company’s USP is based on tools and techniques based on research conducted at some leading universities in the world, like Harvard and Stanford. Numerous studies and research have been conducted by Psychologists around the globe on what leads to a Happier life, and based on the results of all these studies, we have designed a curriculum through which we help Individuals in Designing (architecture) for their Happy Lives (thus the name Happy Life Architecture)

At Happy Life Architecture, we conduct Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops for Individuals, Teachers and Corporates where through various activities, we keep them engaged and inform them how those activities are boosting their happiness hormones and helping them be happier at the moment. The Workshops conducted with Individuals or at the corporate level vary from a few hours to two to three days and are conducted for a minimum of ten members to a maximum of 50.

The main thing that differentiates us is the true Researches and Inspiring stories that we share which help people connect with their day-to-day life. Another thing that we do is listen to their stories, challenges, and thoughts and then question them as to why and what will happen with such thoughts. It helps them to think and challenge their status quo. A small change in their thinking approach allows them to see magnificent results.

Finding a Way through Darkness

Rajat is an MBA and has been working for the last 13 years in the corporate world when he started facing stress at his workplace that hampered his critical thinking and led to job loss. With a certain lifestyle to manage, two kids, a wife and parents to care for, he was left with nothing but depression. For a few months, he lost all hope when one day, he realized he had lost his biggest asset – his smile.

In search of happiness, he found a coaching program for a Happier life that just helped him look at the positive side of the existing circumstances. He saw a significant change in himself and his life within a few weeks and decided to follow those practices. He certified himself with the coaching and then started providing coaching to people who are looking for happiness in life, either in the form of relationships or in careers or finances. Rajat manages all this with a full-time job where he Heads the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence function and ensures his team is also motivated to work.

Rajat has been invited by numerous B-schools and companies and during events for talk shows or to conduct workshops. During the COVID period, when everything was shut down, Rajat spent time writing his book – 10 Keys to Attain Happiness (based on Data backed research), which ended with being the Amazon Bestseller – https://www.amazon.in/10-KEYS-ATTAIN-HAPPINESS-RESEARCH-ebook/dp/B08B62ZCXY. His book is available on Amazon and other key portals.

Discovering Self-Wisdom

In his advice to people who want to live a Happier life, Rajat says that living a happy life is in your hands and, in fact, in your own head. No one, literally no one, can make you happy unless you yourself want to be happier. For this, you only need to gauge your inner self to find what exactly you want to achieve in life, what you want to do in the short term vs long term.

A happier life starts with a fit body – both Physically and Mentally. It begins with knowing the ultimate purpose of the day/life and working along those lines. Finally, a happier life depends upon your relationship – with yourself, your direct family, and your social circle.

“So, if you need any help, guidance, and coaching to uncover the hidden happiness in your life, you are always welcome at Happy Life Architecture, or you can contact me at any of the following – http://happylifearchitecture.com or Rajatkhatri@happylifearchitecture.com or +91 96433 21423,” Rajat concludes.

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