RapidQube Digital Solutions: Harnessing Digital Technologies, Enhancing Businesses

Raghunadh Vaddadi, CEO & Co-founder | Muthuprakash Ravindran, CTO | Mohanraj Polurbalu, Chief Digital Strategist | Umashankar Somasekar, Head of Development | RapidQube Digital Solutions
Raghunadh Vaddadi, CEO & Co-founder | Muthuprakash Ravindran, CTO | Mohanraj Polurbalu, Chief Digital Strategist | Umashankar Somasekar, Head of Development | RapidQube Digital Solutions

In today’s digital world, while technology advances and customers being/are involved more than ever, it has become important to understand how to harness the power of digital technologies. Taking control over this power enhances work prospects, raise brand awareness, and reach out to target audience in a way that produces results. And, addressing this very complex needs comes easy to RapidQube Digital Solutions. With the/its establishment in 2016 and only three years in operation, the firm has become a preferred name in/among new age technology companies. Headquartered in Mumbai, RapidQube takes on the digital world with offerings of Blockchain along with expertise in AI, ML, and Data Inter-Operability.
Au Courant Leaders
Being a boot-strapped start-up, RapidQube is the brainchild of three founders with vast experience in the IT services industry. Backed by the ambition of these three, RapidQube has emerged as a niche service provider in the emerging technology industry.
Raghunadh Vaddadi, the CEO and Co-founder, is an IT Veteran and has more than 28 years of experience in Comprehensive Software Project Management with strong hold on worldwide IT Development and Integration fields.
Prior to this position, he led the BI practice in Hexaware Technologies on a global basis and felt a strong need to do something in this future technological field. That’s how he embarked on RapidQube’s quest and developed new agendas to help the company in becoming more stable and more efficient with constant inclusion of new clients and their requirements.
CTO of RapidQube, Muthuprakash Ravindran leads the company’s technical initiatives and has worked in various MNCs at leadership roles delivering world-class solutions and services for them. Muthu is a PMP and an agile leader who brings the project management expertise needed for a services company.
Mohanraj Polurbalu is the Chief Digital Strategist of RapidQube. He is also the head of delivery and innovations for the company. Mohanraj has rich experience in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. He is well-versed with project management and excels in delivering emerging technology projects. Mohan heads the company’s delivery teams.
Umashankar Somasekar is the Head of Development for RapidQube. He completes the leadership team by bringing in the technical expertise into the group. He leads the product teams and the consulting part of the business and is focused on designing innovative solutions for the customers.
Becoming RapidQube
Blockchain as an emerging technology set up plenty of hurdles for RapidQube to become a prominent name in the industry. When the firm began as a business, there was little expertise available in the market and it had to begin by finding a platform to work on training associates in Blockchain implementations. The first year of the company’s operation was focused on developing resources with technical skills to improve the customers’ experience. The next major challenge for the firm was to persuade the customers of its capability and to ensure that it will live up to their expectations.
However, against all odds, the team at RapidQube never backed down and delivered exceptional services to do both. Adding to that, the past year has been an exciting one for the organization with the present on-going diverse nature of the projects.
Customer-Oriented Services
With expertise in Blockchain, RapidQube offers customized solutions for clients scattered throughout diverse industries. The firm goes beyond just providing services and addresses specific deficiencies and problems that the clients are facing. The organization further builds products extensively for Insurance, Healthcare, Government Services, and Manufacturing, which can be customized and scaled as per implementation. “Our capabilities are primarily towards customer project delivery from initiation to implementation through some of the latest delivery methods using the latest technologies and processes”, says Raghunadh.
The offerings also include the provision of education for government agencies through the prestigious National Institute for Smart Governance (NISG) and corporate development through its other affiliates. The firm also has a strong academic outreach program collaborating with some of the top universities in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
High Fives All-Around
RapidQube’s portfolio speaks for itself and includes services rendered for a large-scale deployment of Electronic Health Records for the State, a Certificate Certification Program for the Education Department, a robust application of Government Citizens Programs for the GCC Member country, and an automated medical claims management system – all of which use Blockchain technologies.
It is indeed a matter of immense pride for RapidQube to have carried out repeated requests from the Governments of the State and to continue to pursue their strong association with them. RapidQube is a member of the Maharashtra Innovation Society, the AP Innovation Forum, and a part of the Blockchain Policy Forum with the Tamil Nadu Government. As a NASSCOM start-up member, the corporation is proud to be a part of the Start-up India initiative from which it has received a number of incentives and subsidies.
Because of its global reach and technical excellence, RapidQube has been able to pick up some prestigious initiatives from India’s tech-savvy state governments in the Electronic Health Records, Education Certificates Certification & Multi-Citizen Services, and successfully implementing them in the states as well.
Scanning the Future
RapidQube aims to become a truly global product in the new technology arena and to have 75 percent of the business coming from international customers. It also envisions to hit the USD 10 million mark by the year 2024. “Although having a goal is helpful, we do feel that our future lies in the strengths of our employees as well as in the capacity of our organization to respond to changes in the coming years. We see an exciting future for Blockchain in all fields of business, and we want to be the vanguard of that riding wave”, signed off Raghunadh.

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