Kognitivus Training and Consulting: Redefining Innovation in its Own Way

Siddhartha Dubey | Founder & CEO | Kognitivus Training & Consulting
Siddhartha Dubey | Founder & CEO | Kognitivus Training & Consulting

Innovation has always been a driving factor for any individual or a firm. Without innovation, there can be no growth prospectus and without any opportunity of it, life itself becomes stagnant. If one wants to realize the essence of existence, innovation can be a key to unlock the doors of unseen and unexplored potential one has. To imbibe innovation and deliver innovative solutions in-turn is the ultimate way to discover and reach the highest of our own limit.
Incidentally, reshaping and transforming the definition of innovation itself is, Kognitivus Training and Consulting that was founded in May 2015 with the sole purpose of helping people unleash their potential. By helping organizations build a culture that unleashes excellence, promotes connections & catalyzes growth; leading to a highly engaged workforce that drives value creation for their clients, Kognitivus has set a benchmark. There are three central offerings facilitated by the company, one of which the primarily mentioned point elaborates how the firm has an innovative approach amongst other:

  1. People Strategy offerings – The issues addressed in this type of service are typical organizational challenges like the reduction of attrition, leadership level alignment along with the organization’s strategy, and designing of the organizational structure enhancing the intrinsic motivation of employees, etc. These problems require a very holistic solution and not tactical fixes. Our offerings are totally culture-centric, context centric and people-centric; using the key ideas of behavioural changes from neuroscience and psychology.  That too coupled with latest management trends, industry trends with a solid grounding of human philosophies, states the team of Kognitivus. The approach is very unique and leads to comprehensive and detailed solutions that are sustainable and impacting. The contextual approach by the company has differentiated it from the rest of its competitors in this particular offering.
  2. People Development offerings – The services in this vertical includes targeted learning and development programs in order to solve a particular people related problem. These services are offered as workshops, capsule learnings, 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching, and online sessions to the participants. Our programs like ‘Being in Demand’, ‘Being World Class’, ‘Lead with Compassion’ are detailed, well researched and thorough programs for different levels of people in the organization,” states Kognitivus’ team. The essential and differential factor that is brought into L&D is the content created meticulously as per the Indian mindset so that an immediate connection can be made with the participants. Another factor which acts as a differentiator is an immersive approach of conducting the sessions that Kognitivus utilizes. It is not only experiential but also helps the benefactors to observe the content thoroughly and reflect on the actions and teachings in their daily activities or situations. Also, all the content and sessions ensure prompt adoption of the teachings by the end-users, which is the biggest challenge of the L&D programs. We not only share the knowledge of ‘WHAT’ should be done but also the ‘HOW’ part of it, that is how we imbibe the learning in their day to day life within their constraints. This has given us an edge in our offerings,” describes the team.
  3. Innovation Culture Development – Under this the type of offering the company works with various client organizations or teams within those organizations. It helps them create a culture of innovation by re-developing the process of the operations cycle. The process includes developing the mindset for innovation, releasing the potential for creativity and assisting the teams through an innovation cycle. It is a unique offering as not many consulting firms in India are offering such kind of innovation-oriented services or teachings.

Distinguished Offerings
Kognitivus is working on some specific products and new frameworks that will make it easy for the clients to define and execute the people strategy simplified by the team. Since the culture of an organization is going to be the next competitive advantage, it will become imperative for organizations to consciously build their culture.
There are some upcoming offerings like ‘Dhruva – 5D culture model for alignment’ and ‘Coffee with Kaaran’ (a reason). Coffee with Kaaran is an offering where the company offers consulting free of cost in a coffee shop. Also, another new offering ‘6 Core for Inclusion and Diversity’ is entitled to help organizations create a truly including and diverse culture. This offering is based on the concept of Neuroscience and Vedantic Science of empathy and inclusion.
Our products and offerings will help the clients in achieving better results in whichever area of work they are and hence the next decade looks very bright and optimistic for us,” says the Founder and CEO of , Siddhartha Dubey. He is passionate about building innovative and sustainable organizations for the future. Through Kognitivus, he aims to achieve just that. Siddhartha believes that ‘people’ are the most valuable assets of any company and are major contributors to the success of it. He has worked with several multinationals in India and abroad. Over time he realized that the high performing team is not just about having the exceptionally talented people in the organization but it’s the culture of the teams that decides whether they are highly efficient or under-performing.
At Kognitivus he works with CXOs, Senior Directors, and HR heads to design and execute organizational transformation to ensure business goals align with people development, business strategy aligns with people strategy and innovation capabilities at all level. Siddhartha has more than 15.5 years of Industry experience in the areas of business intelligence and has worked in companies like Infosys, PepsiCo in the USA, IBM and ZS Associates. He has also been involved in Innovation, People Strategy and People Development initiatives all along in his career and now all this has culminated into this company called Kognitivus. Our business so far has grown through our network and communication”, concludes Siddhartha.

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