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We believe that innovation is not necessarily about a big idea. It is the result of continual enquiry at every stage – small incremental innovations every day

Studio Lotus: Delivering Enriching Design Solutions through a Value-Driven Process

India is one of the key places in the world where architecture has the most impact. There has been little crucial reflection on the country’s architectural landscape, and architecture firms are struggling to explain its value to the wider population. Having said that, architecture always takes into account and adapts with the evolution of society and businesses. The most innovative architectural companies are also looking into their crystal balls and pioneering the manner in which the built environment is evolving and Studio Lotus is one of them………….
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The 10 Best Architecture Consultants in 2017

IBA and Associates: Furnishing Topmost Creative Design Solutions

Architectural design is no longer an isolated domain of professionally trained architects. Nowadays, while creating an architectural design of large projects, it is crucial to consult an extensive design team that includes structural and...

inventarchitects: Pioneer in Crafting Iconic Designs with Contemporary Outlook

Planning and designing plays a vital role in crafting any landmark structure. Meticulous attention while project planning and its execution, precise material proposition, listening to client’s needs, ability to create trendy, robust and sustainable...

Architect Narayan & Associates Pvt. Ltd.: Crafting a Sustainable & Elegant World

Architecture & Interior designing is a discipline which only a few designers find success in. It’s a fierce sector and only the best, most creative & wholly artistic designers flourish and endeavor for years....

Ravi Gadre and Associates: Delivering Resolved, Dignified and Authentic Architectural Designs

India is developing very fast and the social, economic, and cultural values are rapidly changing. People are in a dilemma between ‘Tradition and Modernity’ which has created many issues and restrictions also in architecture....

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‘Bridges,’ Wonders Created by Engineers

Engineering is all about creation. Creating small things to big things, creating things for pleasure to creating things for comfort! Everything around us is a marvel created by engineers. And every small detail in...