Ravin Group – Surging on the Path to Progress

Electricity becomes a part of our lives the day we are born until the day we breathe our last. Take a look around and you will find Electricity being used everywhere in every nook and corner of our offices, homes, schools, colleges, hospitals, airports, industries, and the list would go on and on. Now imagine living one day without electricity! Can you?

This has made the electrical industry the most dynamic and ever challenging. The production, transmission and distribution of electricity have undergone several transformations in the past years compared to its humble beginnings. And these ups & downs meant several policy changes, some in favor and some against it. But all in all, this has provided tremendous impetus for growth in this sector.

Ravin Group is a 70-year-old global conglomerate that has been at forefront in the Power & Electricity Industry, since 1950. With a vision to offer most comprehensive solutions across electricity value chain, from urban transmission systems to rural electrification projects, Ravin started manufacturing electric cables at its 1st plant in Ankleshwar, Gujarat in 1978. Followed by a second plant in the name of Ravin Cables Ltd. at Pune in 1997.

Ravin Group was among the first few cable manufacturers to have established a manufacturing unit on foreign soil. Ravin successfully set up its third state-of-the-art plant in Fujairah, U.A.E in 2009 under the name of Power Plus Cables Co. LLC. with the help of the Government of Fujairah and H. H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammad Al Sharqi, the Ruler of Fujairah.

Driving Force behind the Edifice

Recognized as the Game Changer of India in 2018 and listed amongst India’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs, by The Economic Times, awarded as one of Asia’s Most Promising Business Leaders, Vijay Karia, Chairman and Managing Director at Ravin Group of Companies is a visionary with a vast knowledge and experience in the Power and Electricity sector.

With an experience of more than 30 years, he has played an important role in identifying the importance of harnessing technology in the field of electricity & sustainability to make electricity more accessible & cost-effective and promote clean and green energy.

The BIG Idea that seeded a dream

We Indians have always been enchanted with foreign products, and since early days Mr. Karia had always dreamed to make this organization into an Indian Multinational, which would be reputed over the world.

A few decades ago when exports from Indian Electrical Manufacturing Industry was not seen as viable, Ravin went out and started exporting to counties including UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, UAE; the number which has grown to over 100 countries around the world. Putting India on the Global Map as far as electrical products & services were concerned, was the collective vision & in fact it is a matter of pride for Ravin today.

“When we started our exports in 2000, it was full of apprehension and with very little expectation of success. But in hindsight, it only strengthened my resolve to succeed in areas where no one had ventured before. Proving the naysayers wrong and accepting their challenges, somehow brings out the better in me.” exclaims, Mr. Karia.

A View on the Current Situation

Mr. Karia believes that technology today plays a pivotal role in the wire and cable industry. There is emphasis on application of specific products and much higher emphasis on safety, for e.g. Fire survival cables are being used in a lot more areas than they were earlier. And many companies, including Ravin, are developing technologies better suited for safety & security of modern living.

Awards and Accolades

Mr. Karia has been honored with several awards across various platforms. He was awarded with the Game Changer of India by The Economic Times in 2018. He has also been awarded as a patron at the 34th Global Awards by Priyadarshini Academy, Asia’s Most Promising Business Leader Award by Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed the Hon. Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia at the Economic Times Asian Business Leaders Conclave. He was awarded with Distinguished Fellowship Award in 2016 by the Institute of Directors to recognize his experience and expertise in corporate affairs and public service. He was recently recognized as ‘A Leading Industrialist’ at The House Of Lords, UK.

Mr. Karia feels that it is the vision and the hard work of the entire team that has won Ravin many awards and accolades over the years. Ravin Group constantly strives to analyze customers, markets and be future-ready. The values or core philosophy is not motivated by a quest for market share or for profits, but to make a difference to the lives we touch.

“We do not compromise on our ethics and principles of business. And this is the reason why we have remained strong as a brand even 70 years after we were established,” says Mr. Karia.

Understanding the Industry Dynamics

India is poised to become a $10 Trillion Economy in which electricity will have a huge role to play. And innovation and thinking outside of the comfort zone will be the key to stay ahead.

Ravin is at the forefront of spurring technological changes that are occurring across the world which has made it a pioneer in many ways, including the conception of XLPE cables at price of PVC cables, PP filled cables as against hollow cables, introduction of colour changing wires which warn when overloaded or heated, scratch proof cables, and variable frequency drives, known as VFD cables and Ignamo fire safe cables.

“The advent of advanced technology – AI, IoT, IIoT, electric vehicles, smart cities, etc. has also provided the required boost and these perhaps are the most ‘electrifying’ times to be a part of the electrical industry in our country,” asserts Vijay Karia.

Surging towards a ‘sustainable’ growth

According to the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry, the government expects 25 percent of the total vehicles on roads will be electric vehicles by 2030, necessitating to erect robust electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the country. These will mainly be technologies based on & powered by renewable energy. Ravin aims at focusing its efforts in this area with respect to efficient tracking systems and mobile solutions to make electricity more cost effective.

“Our strategy is to have tracking systems installed for majority of ground mounted megawatt scale projects. This will increase the yield by almost 35 to 50%. This coupled with grid solutions, cheaper storage and simpler rules will make solar installations even more attractive field for all players”, says Mr. Karia.

Industry Challenges – overcoming barriers 

Some simple things like removing the regulators, simplifying the cumbersome processes and bringing in more quality and regulation in the installation will speed up projects and help players attain the targets much before set time. Ravin has been market leader in terms of strategies and sees a growing concern towards safety and quality as well as T&D losses. Manufacturing of better products with added safety features, better quality and added longevity and standardization will, in the long run, benefit both the consumer as well as quality producers.

A Brighter Future Beckons

It is necessary to stay young as an organization, in its thinking and believing, to give more weight-age to young ideas, no matter where they come from.

“Our young minds are our assets and are constantly ideating and thinking of newer solutions that are bold but important. The key, we believe, is to be socially relevant and innovative yet accountable. As far as future is concerned, Ravin Group wants to be a preferred Partner across the electricity value chain and known for its technologically advanced approach to electricity”, adds Mr. Karia.

Harnessing the power of naturally available, greener resources and lacing them with technological innovations like artificial intelligence, IoT, IIoT and bringing efficient, safe and accessible solutions to the world will be Ravin’s ongoing endeavor.