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Robolab Technologies | Pratik Deshmukh
Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd

The future is the amalgamation of the past and the present. Comprehending this ultimate truth, when we collaboratively educate ourselves in the present to transform our future, we indeed progress forward as a collective society. Technological adeptness and a scientific attitude are the best solutions to erase all our limitations.

As knowledge encompasses everything, education and learning cannot happen in isolation. Yet, for far too long, minds’ academia stayed confined in the traditionally taught, statically rot learning, unchangingly adamant, un-innovatively aged, the change-resistance curriculum of walled classrooms of comatose brains. Trying to learn and upskill themselves to survive in the completely distinct, stranger-than-fictional, constantly changing, and ever-evolving reality in the outside world.

As a result, we are seeing all our socio-economic problems – of a half-educated, employment-seeking, unskilled workforce, which is neither industry ready nor future-prepared – reflected in the mirror of our everyday newsreel.

Or in the words of Robolab TechnologiesFounders’Pratik Deshmukh, Co-founder and Director, and Amol Gulhane, Co-founder and Directorwords, “Masses do not have access to the technologies. Students are not industry ready and they lack practical and hands-on experience. Institutions do not have a long-term solution platform to bring out innovations to solve the issues and tinker with creativity and interest. Very limited scope for robotics and automation education and research innovations during regular academics, less research work, no facility available to actively participate or boost co-curricular activities through which institution can get popularity, and minimal entrepreneurship spirit.”

What is the solution?

A National Award Winning Company by two alumni of the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), mentored and supported by BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (BIEL)…

ROBOLAB–A Perfect Platform to Explore, Learn, and Build Ideas 

Robolab is your very own, on-campus, Centre of Excellence in Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rapid Prototyping (RP), and Industrial Automation, tailor-made for you. It is an advanced, state-of-the-art platform to explore, learn and build robots and related technologies. Pratik shares, “We provide innovative and interactive training by experts consistent with the latest curricula and the industry requirements.”

Stating distinct product Robolab’s features, Amol says that they include,

  • Advanced state-of-the-art technical research facility within the campus
  • Hands-on practical experience along with required theory
  • Consolidation of concepts
  • Industry- Institute Interaction
  • Standard guidelines and essentials
  • Superior quality and Advanced robot study platforms
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Affordable excellence with Quick Return on Investment

Shading light on Robolab’s offerings and aspects that make it stand out in the cutthroat competition, Pratik states

For Colleges and Research and Development Centers, they have,

  • AICTE-IDEA (Idea Development, Evaluation & Application) Lab
  • Center of Excellence in Robotics (COE-R)
  • Center of Excellence in the Internet of Things (COE-IoT)
  • Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (COE-AI)
  • Center of Excellence in Mechatronics (COE-M)
  • Center of Excellence in Industry 4.0 (COE-I4.0)
  • Center of Excellence in Rapid Prototyping and Scanning (COE-RPS)
  • Center of Excellence in Pneumatics Technology (COE-PT)
  • Center of Excellence in Vacuum Technology(COE-VT)
  • Center of Excellence in Industrial Automation(COE-IA)
  • Faculty Development Programs (FDP)
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Consulting, Guidance, Mentorship

For Schools, they have,

  • Atal Tinkering Lab
  • Do it yourself (DIY) Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab
  • Rapid Prototyping Lab

For Industries, Defense, and Research Organizations, they offer

  • Research and Development Consulting
  • Product Development

Engineering Innovations

A first-generation entrepreneur and Roboticist, being Co-founder, and Vice President of Sales, Pratik Pravin Deshmukh is shaping Robolab as the best technology company. A Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication from the Government College of Engineering Pune (COEP), Pune, Pratik’s right mix of technology and business skills forms a unique blend and comes in as a great positive feature to an innovative company. He has earned experience in technology consulting and solutions in the area of business analytics, analysis, and consulting space.

Well-versed in executing technology projects, Pratik has deep knowledge of various industry methodologies. He comes with unique ideas for working with large corporations majorly in the space of sales and marketing domains. With a business development background and technical education, he has a fitting understanding of extensive areas of science. He is passionate about applying technology to solve business challenges and address larger problems in society. He is personally active in driving the development and proliferation of innovative solutions in various areas of technology.

Pratik’s vision is integral in maintaining Robolab’s leadership in its key focus verticals and in making it one of India’s best and most recognized technology, services, and business solutions providers.

He is the recipient of the National Entrepreneurship Award given by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India, Young Achievers Award (SIDBI).

Pratik is an expert speaker on Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Inspirational Entrepreneurship

With a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from the Government College of Engineering Pune (COEP), Pune, Amol has completed Executive Management Development Program from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML).

A first-generation entrepreneur and a Roboticist shaping the Best Robotics and Automation Company, Amol has deep experience in designing and manufacturing complex and task-specific industrial robots. He has a profound knowledge of educational, and defense robots and is specialized in digital image processing, embedded programming, design analysis, and optimization.

Widely respected for integrity, innovation, and dynamism, Amol has successfully established and grown partnerships with customers, partners, and industry bodies, setting benchmarks in governance, cooperation, and co-innovation. With his entrepreneurial, management, and technical skills and being an accomplished sportsperson, he implements his unique ways to motivate the entire team and get the best out of people.

He is the recipient of the National Entrepreneurship Award (GoI), Youth Inspirator Award (Sakaal), and 30 under 30 startup entrepreneurs (Hindustan Times).

He is an expert speaker on Robotics, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.

Students Own Experiential Learning Platform

Being experienced leaders, sharing their opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the Tech Solution space and how Robolab is adapting to this changing scenario, Pratik says that they are striving to solve these by providing a perfect platform for students to try and implement their ideas and convert to viable products.

According to Amol, Robolab is taking technologies to the masses through robotics and automation, imparting skills, knowledge with fun and activity and nurturing talent, nurturing and imbibing entrepreneurial skills (creating job creators instead of seekers), creating innovators, tinkerers who can learn to unlearn, increasing employability skills: practical knowledge and hands-on experience backed with necessary theory, trainees get to know how things work, how technology works, better and sensitive engineers, spreading of technology to students in remote areas, creating lifelong learners: Future of India, and empowering nation through Robolab.

Exponentially Intelligent Wisdom

In their advice to other tech business leaders who wish to make their organizational environments the best for their employees, Pratik and Amol say that the most important part of the company are the customers and your team. Both work hand in hand. You have to maintain a perfect balance between your customers as well as your team.

Being a startup leader requires you to wear multiple hats. You need to have functional as well as execution knowledge. You must be adaptable according to the needs of the organization. Also need to have the ability to observe and analyze the situation from a different perspective.

Pratik adds, “We are taking every initiative to make our products and services better. We walk that extra mile to make our customers completely satisfied with our services.”

While Amol mentions, “We keep researching and inventing so that clients can get the best value for their investment and a remarkable experience. This is the best thing that one can do to outpace their competitors.”

  • Robotics and Tinkering Education
  • Technology solutions for defense, industrial, domestic, and other social problems.
  • Innovations in Robotics, Industrial Automation, and the Internet of Things
  • Providing products and services worth value
  • Cater to customer’s requirements to the fullest

Outsmarting Obstacles

Pratik states, “There are some who are trying to establish a part of the complete solution that we offer. The reason for the existence of those companies is entirely different. We do not consider them as competitors. We have the first mover advantage not only because we were the first but also because we are giving the best possible solution for the problems institutions and students are facing.”

For now, the market is in the nascent stages of growth and competitiveness. Currently, there are only a few competitors, but their main aim is on selling just the products ignoring the services entirely. “We are sure we can outpace them. We consider this as an advantage for us as having them in the market will constantly give us the necessary push to keep developing and doing better. Our motto is to provide customers the service, along with our products and the personal touch to each and every member associated with the lab through our flagship training,” asserts Amol.

Technovating Tomorrow’s Disruptors

On envisioning scaling brand Robolab’s growth and prospects in the future, Pratik reveals that Robolab as an organization acts as a perfect amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the Internet of Things, Automation, and similar latest technologies in hardware and software. He says, “With the kind of talented workforce that we are having, we can disrupt any industry we put our eyes on. The team offers a diverse experience and skill sets to tackle the challenges.” The team is highly motivated and great at executing things at a super-fast pace keeping an eye for the details.

Amol adds, “We have developed a complete package for the Center of Excellence in Robolab consisting of various study robots, research robotic platform, tools and equipment, mechanical and electronics robot building material and experiment sets.”

With the kind of synergy and collaborations that we have with the technology leaders, we provide the best in class products and services for the technology needs,” concludes Pratik.

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