Role of Content in Social Media Marketing


In the present scenario, there is no doubt about the fact that “Content is king” of marketing. Be it in digital or real life, content has the ability to sell any product or service efficiently online as well as offline.
Today, typically every person’s action is based on the content, which he/she has previously consumed. Thus, be it a brand or an individual, everyone recognizes you based on the stories that you have created over the period of time.
Gone are the days when people used to visit cinema halls to consume content and then discussed about it in their social circles. Now in the digital era, watching web series and talking about them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc., has become a trend since everyone is digitally connected. In fact, social media is seen very trustworthy today and this makes it an authentic platform to market one’s product or services. This is true to the extent that if a user sees an ad on social media, he/she tends to consider the brand very seriously.
In this digital era, users need multiple touch points to become your customers. For example, if someone is looking to buy shoes online, he/she will do a Google search and visit various websites. And as soon as one leaves the websites, the ad starts following him/her on different sites that they browse or on social media channels that ultimately increase the brand recall value. This leads into users becoming customers. Here the ads that follow you generally project different reasons as to why you should buy any product.
This brings us to the point that social media marketing is all about convincing users through engagement, relatable and emotional content. On social media, as a marketer you should always have that content which makes the users react on it.
It is seen that content plays a crucial role in achieving business and social media objectives such as brand recognition, thought leadership, audience engagement and lead generation. Further, effective content always helps you to build long-term relationship with your audience and ultimately helps in increasing the revenue for your organization. Further, it also helps in creating brand awareness.
Here, one thing is to be remembered that you should always position your brand in a neutral way on social media.
Given that, the products or services can be promoted using different content style on social media. Currently, video is the highest consumed content format in digital media. Hence, present-day marketers should focus on creating video content, which is relatable to the target audience as well as reflects the unique perspective of your brand and is in line with the needs of your organization.
Relevant content for the target audience on social media is crucial
Businesses generally create content for promotions and selling their products and through this, they attempt to get their message across the people who sometimes might not be interested in buying the product. This could turn out to be dangerous as you are showing content to non-relevant audience who may become negative about your product or services and post negative comments on the social media platform. Thus, the businesses should ensure that their content is impressive and is relevant to their audience’s interest, goals and pain points. Not only a well-planned content is able to build trust and relationship with the user but it also helps you to support your business growth. Thus, the key to achieve your social marketing goal is strong content strategy, which helps in achieving your organizational goals.
The need for online reputation and content management
In addition to strong content strategy, companies also need to invest in maintaining online reputation as people get easily influenced after reading a review from a friend or family. For example, these days, people definitely read reviews of movies, restaurants, product or services before deciding to opt for it. Thus, content on social media influences people’s decisions to a very great extent. In such a scenario, responding to positive feedback as well as complaints is very important for the marketers as people feel acknowledged and this helps to create goodwill for your business. Thus, all said and done, delivering right content to right target audience can only give you success. What more? Only good content can help you to create a good position for your brand in the social media domain.
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