Sangeetha Patel – Budding Innovations of the Softest Hygienic Cotton

Sangeetha Patel | Owner & CEO
Sangeetha Patel | Owner & CEO

In a world with immense competition, the list of top hundred innovators of all time is now being driven by innovative women.

At times, women have been enabling innovations in many industries, highlighting their moral ethics, masterclass working principles, exceptionally good ideas, and adept organizational skills. Moreover, this list can go on and on.

Sangeetha Patel is one such personality who precisely comprehends newfangled ideas with an avant-garde mindset. She is the Founder and CEO of Flosee Enterprise.

Established in 2020 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, ‘Flosee Enterprise’ is a proprietorship-based firm, fully and independently managed by women.

In the span of fewer than two years, it has emerged as the foremost manufacturer of cotton buds, cotton swabs, and cotton balls. Under the exemplary leadership of Sangeetha, Flosee’s products are in high demand due to state-of-the-art quality with affordable prices.

Furthermore, Sangeetha and her team of women Agri-technopreneurs ensure to deliver these products to their clients timely. Through this, they have gained a huge clients base in the market. Sangeetha has already invested in sophisticated and fully automatic imported machinery.

Better Care and Better Understanding

We live by quality!” said Sangeetha when the Insights Success team approached her for its edition of ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena.’ She is very proud that Flosee Enterprise is the Indian leader in hygiene cotton – exporting products to more than twelve countries. It is also India’s largest manufacturer of cotton buds. And cream tops the cake with a nomination of ‘Leaders for Tomorrow 2020’ from ET NOW.

According to Sangeetha, her simple mantra is that a cotton bud should feel nothing but… cotton. At Flosee, they use the softest possible fibre of pharmacopoeia grade cotton. And cotton IP, made up of comber, is used…which gives the most soothing feel. She further claims that Flosee has a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled glue system, which no other company has, not even Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

She suggests comparing a J&J bud with their buds to experience why they are so fussy that all their eight million cotton swabs made every day…are equally soft! The reason she reveals is that microbiology testings are conducted for every batch. Therefore, purity is guaranteed, always!

Also, to ensure purity, they heat all the cotton buds through a tunnel which is maintained at eighty degrees.

Sustainability is their Responsibility

  • Flosee’s Vision –
    As the leading manufacturer of cosmetic cotton products in India and exporting primarily to North America, Flosee is dedicated to service, quality, and responsible manufacturing. Its commitment to waste reduction has allowed it to remain the only major manufacturer of organic cotton.
  • Flosee’s Mission –
    Flosee’s mission is to manufacture and market high-quality products that support and satisfy its customers’ and consumers’ needs. Productively promoting innovative products that adhere to its primary business principles is its promise.
  • Flosee’s Values –
    Sangeetha said their products are made with care and delivered to everyone for a healthy, hygienic experience. While progressing towards attaining economic growth as an organisation, they keep a check on their social responsibility.

She further said that their core values are,

  • Care
    Flosee aims to deliver the best products to its customers, ensuring that they are harmless for the customer and the touch delivers an experience they would want to stick to. Its quality checks make sure that its brand lives up to all the expectations.
  • Contribution
    Not measuring their success just by their monetary gains, they make sure that their corporate social responsibility is an integral part of their decisions as well as their actions. Their values are an essential part of their action plan, which is reflected in their guiding principles.
  • Consistency
    They believe in carrying out sustainable development and creating a lasting impact on their customers as well as their partners in measurable ways. With their rock-solid values and supporting team, they aim to hold themselves to high ethical standards and respect the country’s laws.

Sangeetha concludes by saying that her team is her asset and strength. She and her team believe in customer satisfaction. And they further believe in continuous improvement.

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