SB Financial Analyst: Empowering People through Dynamic Videos

sourav singh

The stock market is a huge world. Different people have numerous perceptions about it. Many people have seen the changes in the stock market and have seen scores of people flourishing through trading.

The stock market is the most volatile, unpredictable, and elusive aspect of the modern world. The stocks are impacted by numerous factors, including the demand-supply ratio, Monsoon movement, international relations, company financial results, new decisions in expansion/collaboration, etc. However, there is no direct logic, as things change on a daily and hourly basis also.

The industry needs expert guidance with proper analysis of the market situation, enabling accurate production. In recent decades, the awareness of the enormous potential led to the demand for stock market consultants and experts who can guide prospective investors with the basics and changing dynamics of the same. One company of stock market experts, which educates, guides, and empowers investors and stock market enthusiasts, is SB Financial Analyst, steered by its young and dynamic Founder and CEO, Sourav Singh.

The company conducts deep market research and creates a comprehensive analysis in informative YouTube videos. Sourav has been a full-time trader for the past three years who have identified, explored, and successfully leveraged the potential of the YouTube channel. Free-to-watch videos, available anytime from anywhere, have empowered millions of viewers across the globe.

Simple and logical Beginning

Hailing from a simple conservative family that believed the stock markets were like gambling, Sourav chose to think differently. He read, researched, and was convinced of the stock market potential. He decided to spread positive awareness by beginning service to the people that educated, supported, and enriched through the right guiding videos. His vision was to provide knowledge about the stock market and enable precise guidance to the people.

Starting with the basic investment of ₹ 8,500/- only collected by borrowing from his friends, adding up to his savings of ₹1,500/- to support his initial instalment of ₹10,000/- which was part of the full trading fee of 50,000/-.

The initial period was a phase of complex learning with losses that happened through the mistakes like fear of missing out (FOMO), overtrading, and various others. Today, SB Financial Consultant has greater confidence achieved from numerous experiences amassed through its exciting trading journey.

Sourav started his YouTube journey on 1st November 2021. In this journey, his first video on Nifty and Bank nifty analysis made him excited and a bit nervous as well. The initial response was just 20 views which steadily increased. Soon by 12th November, the video crossed 200 views, thereby changing the course of the business as well. Sourav confidently reminisces those moments of achievement and is grateful for the same.


Sourav began creating informative videos on the findings he derived from the regular analysis of the companies in the stock market. SB Financial Analyst team built a consistent rhythm of video creation, handling current and newer topics, instructions, and advice on taking calculated risks.

Enhancing and Guiding Resource

Sourav elaborated on his YouTube channel and disclosed that the uniqueness lies in the fact that he never gave up and maintained a daily schedule of uploading the videos giving his 100% dedication to YouTube.

At first, Sourav plans to make a new video based on his chart analysis to observe and predict how the market reacts and works the next day accordingly. Then, he uses some price action techniques to look for more indications. So, with this type of planning, Sourav creates a video regularly.

Opening the Secrets of Video Success

Enthusiastically, Sourav gives an interesting revelation which is something different. He mentions planning the content, connecting with the viewers, and ignoring all negative comments. The next step he highlights is developing and uploading the videos regularly. Consistency is the key that building the company’s trust and credibility. Then the critical aspect is to promote the videos and smart engagement of the audience, thereby creating a network of subscribers with social media.

Sourav suggests that the YouTube channel can yield massive growth if these proven steps are followed. As the YouTube channel is created in the initial stage, it’s nothing more than an empty template on a page. Over a period, consistency gets developed by adding videos, making playlists, and creating a header with graphics, logos, and other information. The video content plays a big part in what makes the channel unique, and so does the channel’s look and feel.

Sourav pointed out the need to focus on some basics: –

  • Have people find your YouTube channel.
  • Provide them with a clear description of your channel.
  • Connect with your viewers.
  • Stay in touch with subscribers.
  • Actively upload videos.
  • Pay close attention to tagging.

Showcasing a Dynamic Vision

Sourav envisages his YouTube channel’s future to reach the next dynamic levels. He focuses on uploading more valuable content that the viewers like the most.

He opines on his YouTube channel as a great platform to grow the business and enhance his skills or knowledge. They give many kinds of audiences which enable making a video. It is possible to v with minimal video equipment.

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