Science and Fun: Explaining the Science Fundamentals in the Most Fun-loving Way

ashu ghai

Science could be immensely fun learning if taught with a non-traditional and modern futuristic approach. Learning science means learning about the world, the universe we live in and ourselves. Science compels you to ask questions, check, and recheck your answers after finding them until you can prove your hypothesis with surety.

Now, if you have been too much into traditional teaching and learning experience, then the earlier statement might scare you, as science, research, questions, answers, experimenting and testing hypothesis might sound to you very serious terms pushing you towards intellectual boredom.

Then do not worry. Ashu Ghai has found a way to bring Science and Fun together and Founded his Top-10-Ranked Fastest Growing Educational Channel on YouTube–globally–to make you learn science while having all the fun.

The best part is that you can learn, share, have fun, network, and interact with 4.03 million subscribers of Science and Fun. In an interview with Insights Success, Ashu elaborates on what makes his YouTube Channel so much popular amongst his audience and fans. Highlights of the discussion are given herein.

Ashu, please brief us about the journey of Science and Fun.

I began my journey randomly on YouTube. I used to teach my students personally and practically for a decade before it happened. Once sitting in my quilt, casually in conversation with my wife, I came to know about the new ‘Shorts feature by YouTube that had been recently introduced. My wife suggested putting video clips of my lectures on YouTube. She further recommended that I should put them on Instagram too.

And that is how it all commenced. Eventually, the viewers and subscribers’ base for our channel grew. And from one of my Short videos–Torque One–getting viral till now, where our channel Science and Fun is heading towards a family–subscribers–of four million, the journey has been incredible.

Please tell our readers about Science and Fun, its uniqueness, and what sets it in the spotlight on the YouTube platform.

I believe our channel ‘Science and Fun’s name says it all. I have this unique take when it comes to teaching. I teach science in a funny way by taking daily examples and performing activities or experiments that anyone can perform. In my opinion, this will never make a child feel bored while studying and will allow him to sustain what he has learnt.

I always believed that learning and teaching both should be fun; where instead of the teacher lecturing and students trying to remember it all, what if the entire approach should be mutually integrated so that both the teacher and students should have fun while they learn. Yes, I say they because while doing these video Shorts and preparing for them, I learn too. And then I pass on my knowledge the way I learned it, having fun. I think that’s what sets Science and Fun apart from other channels.

What were the initial challenges that you and your channel had to surmount in its early days?

Let me honestly tell you something. I was totally a newcomer to this platform in my beginner’s days. Thus, my initial challenges, I would say, were–and not are–to understand the norms of this platform and to be consistent with my content, which is now I have mastered.

And keeping the fun quotient high was easy, as I always keep track of the comments section. Audiences feedback is the best way to maintain, improve and add to the quality of the content. So, all in all, I would say we constantly overcome this challenge with the help of our audience.

How do you plan your operations to create a new video?

My USP is I stay fresh with my social media family just like I am in reality. I teach at my offline centres and just record them and put them on YouTube. Nothing fancy.

Again, this approach is appreciated by our online audience. Because they see that I have not prepared the video in isolation, but in a real live coaching centre class, where they see many students learning just like them. So they can easily correlate and participate remotely.

What is your opinion on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the YouTube platform and its users?

For me, personally and professionally, that time period was a game changer, I guess. As at that time, we all were free and could make a lot of content and creatives and upload them online.

Our viewer base too increased rapidly over that time, as most of the students were trapped in the confines of their homes. And when you wish to learn something alone, on your own, then you already know how boring and exhausting it could get.

What would you like to advise the aspirants who want to enter the YouTube video platform?

I am very small to advise anyone, but I will just say, bring something new or unique to this platform. And be as fresh as you can be. People love freshness. They hate formality. If you keep it interactive and interpersonal and form a camaraderie with your audience, they will love you and will come back every time hungry for your novelty, your freshness.

What was Science and Fun’s most notable achievement?

Haah! My channel got 8th position worldwide in the list of fastest growing YouTube channels. Also, Science and Fun was the only educational channel on that list.

How do you envision the future of your channel?

We wish to be under the top five on the Fastest Growing YouTube Channels list soon. And we are constantly working on that. Let us hope we will achieve that benchmark as an Indian Educational YouTube Channel.

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