Convey: YouTubing Smart Investors to the Perfect Fintech Ecosystem


The internet is an incredibly innovative entity. It opened a pandora’s box containing the marvels of instant connectivity, real-time communication, seamless interconnectedness, and constant information availability.

In this tunnel vision of past, present, and future came a visually rich train of YouTube and transformed the world of information interchange, media, and entertainment. The informational treasure of knowledge, learning, and fun, which was earlier locked in the traditional bounds of self-propagated treasurers, had now been left bare open and doorless.

Accepted, YouTube’s parent Google has been already giving information and knowledge instantly, but before its prodigal son’s entry, all the info and knowledge were largely text-driven. It limited the content’s scope, reach and access for those who are habitual to televisual and interpersonal formats of info, know-how, and communication exchange.

The coming of YouTube has extensively bridged this divide. Now anybody and everybody with a camera recording device could develop and then post a video on this revolutionary platform. Soon it changed the entire scenario of the news, media, entertainment, and education industries.

Although most of the video uploaders and channel creators concentrated only on secondary entertainment content, rare gems of visionary leaders like Prasad Lendwe, Founder and Director of Convey – astutely grasped the power of this new technological kid on the block and with this unique YouTube Channel began connecting the dots across the FinTech ecosystem.

We Build Together We Grow

Convey is a product of IKASHI FINTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, the new standard in the fintech space with Value, Integrity, and Passion, building fintech products that help in making better financial decisions.

Prasad shares, “We combine in-depth research in finance and technology to empower investors with our products. We build and grow the perfect fintech ecosystem for smart investors.”

In 2014, Prasad started his YouTube channel. Because at that time, he was investing in the stock market, and he thought he needed to share his investment knowledge in video format on YouTube. So that people can understand it easily. “As I have seen in India at that time, people did not know anything about investing, and with this motive, I uploaded my first video on YouTube,” reveals Prasad.

Fascinating Video Making Guide

Prasad’s story of his first video uploading is fascinating. At that time, he had neither a camera setup nor a mic setup. He just had his own phone, a Nokia Lumia, where he found one app where he could record his voice, “Because I was a camera-shy person at that time,” informs Prasad.

After recording the audio, he was looking for someone who could make a video for him with this audio recording because Prasad did not know much about editing. “Fortunately, I found one person through my friend who could make the video for me for Rs.100, to which I agreed,” remembers Prasad. After that, the person took around 10-15 days for editing.

Then Prasad successfully uploaded his first video titled, ‘Basics of Stock Market’ on 13 Jan 2014. And you know what happened after that. Prasad just forgot about this video.

We Convey You Prosper

Then suddenly, after around one month, when he checked, Prasad saw that the video had garnered 14,000 views. Prasad says, “By looking at it, I was pleasantly surprised, and after reading the comments, realized that people wanted to know more about fundamental analysis and financial ratios.”

With that feedback, Prasad was further motivated and started making videos on fundamental analysis and financial ratios in the simplest way.

To explain the fundamental analysis and financial ratios, he needed whiteboard sketching. Through his friend, Prasad connected with one person in Nasik who did this kind of work. So then, with him, he started working at night for his video. “We worked like this for three years,” mentions Prasad.

Then in 2017, Prasad changed his strategy because his video frequency was very low; in 2014, he uploaded one video; in 2015, two videos and in 2016, he again uploaded two videos.

Guiding You Reach Your Financial Milestone

Changing his tactics, Prasad says that he and his team decided to increase video frequency in 2017 and shift their video to whiteboard animation from whiteboard sketching. Then due to Jio’s digital revolution and Convey’s continuous improvement in video quality, their subscribers started growing, “Now we have an ever-growing family of two million subscribers,” states Prasad.

Along with investment videos, today, under Prasad’s adept and exemplary leadership, the team Convey creates videos on business case studies, finance current affairs analysis, business history documentaries, scams documentaries and many more.

Convey with FinnovationZ

According to Prasad, their YouTube channel Convey’s uniqueness is that it provides the simplest and most data-backed videos, making the video practical and relatable to the audience. Not only this now, with financial videos, the team Convey also makes documentaries on business history, scams, etc. So that its audience’s watching experience improves, and they know all the facts in the most simple form.

Prasad further shares that acquiring talents in the initial days was the hardest part because, as theirs was a startup, the culture was different and was hard for the people to adopt. “But fortunately, we got an incredible team, and now they can manage their work by themselves only,” mentions Prasad.

Detailing team Convey’s operational plan to create a new video, Prasad says that they first select a good topic that people will get interested to see. Then their research work starts, where deep research happens regarding that topic. After that, scripting work begins with the research. “Then I shoot the video with the script, and then I send that raw video to the editors for editing,” conveys Prasad. After that, when videos get ready, the team Convey do a quality check and then uploads it on YouTube.

Connecting the Dots Across the FinTech Ecosystem

Regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the YouTube platform and its users, Prasad feels that COVID’s impact was a blessing in disguise for them because, at that time, people were at home entirely. And that is when more people adopted the habit of watching YouTube. “Which provided many YouTube channels, including ours, a subscriber base,” says Prasad.

Views and subscribers proliferated at that time, but after COVID, due to huge growth, competition also increased. For that reason, Convey is focusing even more on quality, “Because in this competition getting views and watch time is impossible without quality content,” says Prasad.

Conveying the Original Wisdom

Prasad’s advice to the aspirants who want to enter the YouTube video platform is very simple. He says, “Just show your uniqueness in the video, don’t copy anyone or don’t do anything which everyone is doing and most important follow the comment section always and from there listen to what your audience is telling you to do.”

Future’s Media Channel

As per Prasad, their channel Convey’s most notable achievement is that they have grown to a family of more than two million subscribers and have around 250 million views, for which YouTube awarded Convey with a Silver Play Button and Gold Play Button.

Envisioning the future of Convey, Prasad says, “We are transforming our channel from a finance channel to a media company where we will spread awareness of finance, business, and entrepreneurship through our content.”

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